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  1. Remind me, this is going to have an attached tower with it, correct? I am just referring to the title of this thread.
  2. Growing up, my generation was promised many things. I most look forward to hover cars ( magnetic or otherwise) and a livable Earthlike planet discovery. I have since added one more bucket list of destiny. I want to see a 90 storey tower in Houston. Completed. Not imagined, not a proposal. But a bona fide 90 storey tower erected in either DT or UT. That's my dream. I am 46 this year. I still have hope.
  3. You know, I was definitely part of the supertall clan for years. But, I must admit, I am enjoying seeing the infill in all corridors of HTown. If a 1000 plus footer was announced, of course I would be frothing at the mouth, but I am content with 40/60 storey towers with distinct design merit being built at this time. The older I get, the more I lean toward iconic over height.
  4. A rant I am sure, but unless one dines at a decent, newer Lubys, the chicken franchise has declined noticeably. KFC, although having good tasting chicken, skimps on the portions and the biscuits are too bitter ( ease off the baking powder folks).., Hearts is way too greasy along with Popeyes. Churches is decent and the biscuits are good, but sometimes the breading outweighs the chicken. Probably nostalgic, but Tinsleys was wonderful. For me, I applaud any franchise who can still maintain classic tastes and portions. I understand the bottom line is profit in a changing food driven global society, but some franchises are more successful than others. But I digress. Sorry, should be for another thread.
  5. For years, I have often wondered what the best use of this land would be. My wishes for this space are as follows; too bad our commuter transportation is not, say 20 years, ahead of now. This would make an incredible hub for either light rail or that bullet train we keep hearing about which will connect HTown with Big D, Austin and SA. OR, a vast recreational center, ie, pools, gym, tennis and racquetball courts, rock climbing venues, etc., with a parking structure on which a 15 to 20 storey multiuse hotel/ residences would sit. But I do think it prudent to wait until construction is completed, and then perhaps present it to potential buyers as one of the few blank slates left in inner Houston.
  6. Absolutely beautiful. Sorry about the marital unbliss. I just bide my time. As great as this rendered shot is, it just begs for developers to add a 1200 ft or higher to the backdrop. Hehe. Excellent, (mr burns like).
  7. Cool rendering, never the less. I am impressed how urban HTown looks in that shot.
  8. Now you are just being a sadist. How many times must you rip the bandaid off this collective wound?! LoL. Fine fine. In my alternate fantasy reality, this tower exists along with like, 10 others that should have, but never happened.
  9. Sort of glad because if 40 becomes the norm for infill, perhaps it will prompt other builders to blast the 60 storey ceiling to create a signature tower. I am hoping.
  10. The biggest What IF in HTown History! I try so Hard to get over the fact that it wasn't to be in DT HTown. I think it is, undoubtedly the most remarkable supertall slated for Houston. I was moved away from Houston in 1980 to a small rural community. ( the why isn't important ) thank god my parents continued to watch channel 13 news. My view of Htown's boom was through their lens. I tracked this via Franklins library. So sad it wasn't to be. And yes, like earlier posters, I wonder if the ship has sailed OR if we could revamp the design and have it built when space will allow.
  11. Omg!BEST marketing video for Houston ever! Again, I will say, I wish it was spouting a 60 something storey tower, but am happy when this really becomes a tangible building. You know, Penzoil Place wasn't a supertall, but still was an acclaimed structure, so I am learning HAIFers. Size isn't all there is to architecture. For me and my house (lol) , 609 is going go be a gem in Htown's cap.
  12. I like it better when a developer creates several SIMILAR buildings in a grouping like this project and those around Memorial City instead of creating exact duplicates, like those across the fwy.
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