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Construction Waste/Heavy Trash?

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What is city policy on heavy trash and construction waste? Seems to me that contractors are not supposed to leave their mess at somebody's curb for city.

Who do you call when some enterprising folks unload in your 'hood? 311? 911? Three letter agency? Fugghebaboutit?

These guys were unloading, for this weeks pickup.....


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Assuming that is not the residence of those people, what they are doing constitutes illegal dumping, a misdemeanor, as long as the total dumped is under 1,000 pounds. If they are contractors, and the construction debris is from that property, it would constitute a city ordinance violation.

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Looks like you're not going to have to worry about him. But, you are correct about his impact on the carry community. Cases like Rodriguez and Zimmerman have caused several state legislatures to begin looking at the various 'Stand Your Ground' and 'Castle Doctrine' laws to determine whether they cause more violence than they prevent. While I do not believe that any will be withdrawn, I believe some tweaking will occur to make it clear that one may not cause the confrontation while invoking 'Stand Your Ground'. And, Castle was not involved in any of these high profile shootings, so I think it is safe.

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Good points. the law should be written for the uninvolved citizen minding her own business and not necessarily to someone who starts something or escalates.

"Carrying responsibly" ironically turns you into a wuss, because you have to affirmatively avoid any kind of confrontation. Running away is always option #1.

Good Cato discussion from April here, esp about Florida, if anyone is interested.


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