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Greater Houston Now 5th Largest

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I'm not sure the Census has released official 2010 results for the Philadelphia MSA yet, so it's still a little uncertain. I'd certainly like to hear about it on this board as soon as they do release them though, if anybody's tracking it.

Technically, the Census has not released official 2010 results for any MSA's yet. Not sure why, but they do it this way every time. They have released the county numbers from which anyone can calculate the MSA numbers, but don't release the official MSA numbers until later.

The estimates are independent of the 2010 Census. I presume they start with the latest census estimates (2009).

Nevertheless, I too look forward to seeing the Philadelphia MSA numbers.

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As of the April 1, 2010 Census, Houston MSA was at 5,946,800, or 18,543 behind Philadelphia's 5,965,343. Considering that Houston grew 24% in 9 years, and Philadelphia grew only 5% in 9 years, it is reasonable to assume that 11 months later, we have passed Philly. But, there will not be official estimates confirming that until next year (July 2011 estimates).

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