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Texas Liquor Store Laws


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My brother is coming over for Spring Break, and I thought during that time, I could make a tirasimu from a recipe I have. Problem: it requires vodka, not a lot, but some. But as you may know, I'm under 21 (but not by a lot), and even though the liquor store is not that far from the local H-E-B, I can't go into Spec's, much less buy anything. The solution is to get my brother, who is about 25, to go with me, but even accompanied by him, is it legal for me for even enter the store?

Doesn't the Texas liquor store law allow for someone over 25 to bring someone under 21 into a liquor store? Or is that other states?

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Liquor laws are totally bizarre. Not only here, but in other states as well.

Jeez. I remember going to Michigan in the '70s. The liquor stores were more like banks. Everything was behind the counter and something like a withdrawal slip had to be filled out and handed, through a window, to a clerk.

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