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Hillendahl Cemetery At 8325 Long Point Rd.


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Passed an interesting little place on the way to lunch today.

I'd never heard of it, but apparently it's made the rounds of Houston Press and Bayou History.

At the corner of LongPoint and Pech, There is a small (1300 SF) cemetery located in the corner of an auto repair parking lot.

Some history on it.

The children have since sold most of their land. All the rest of Hillendahl's land, except for about 11 acres, were sold for the present site of Monarch Oaks, a residential subdivision.
Part of the remaining land was leased to stores. Though stores, streets, and residential sections invaded the area, Hillendahl insisted that the family graves remain undisturbed.
The 25 by 55 foot cemetery at the corner of Long Point and Pech contains the graves of his parents, grandparents, an infant daughter, and 15 other kin.

From Flickr user cadillaccrack -


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Photo of Etta Hiilendahl in the Jan 2 2011 entry of Chron history blog

Watching a K-Mart going up right in front of your vegetable garden! That's gotta be tough. I remember going into that K-Mart with my grandmother in the mid-60's. She lived in Spring Valley (which wasn't as high-priced a piece of real estate then as it is today). In my rapidly fading memory it didn't seem to be too nice of a place and it was only a few years old then. My mother usually bought her sundries at Woolworth's or W. T. Grant. "Grants" was, at that time, in the Northtown shopping center at the corner of Tidwell and the North Freeway so it was just a few doors down from one of the earliest Randall's in town where, as I indicated in another thread, she preferred to buy her groceries.

I remember seeing the Hillendalhl cemetery as a child in the mid-60's. Even then there was enough commercial building around it to make it seem out-of-place. There is (hopefully, not was) another isolated family cemetery on a tiny knoll in front of Spring High School next to I-45: the Wunsche Family Cemetery. It looks like the latest burial was in 1959 - that of Juliane O. Wunsche.


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