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The $200 Micro House

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At about 24 square feet, the Gypsy Junker, made primarily out of shipping pallets, castoff storm windows and a neighbor’s discarded kitchen cabinets, is the largest of Mr. Diedricksen’s backyard structures. The Hickshaw, a sleeper built on a rolling cedar lounge chair (or as Mr. Diedricksen calls it, “a rickshaw for hicks”), is considerably smaller, at 2 1/2 feet wide by 6 1/2 feet deep. The Boxy Lady, two cubes on a long pallet, is the smallest: 4 feet tall at its highest point.

It doesn't look too bad for 24 square feet. It's like an old Fotomat booth. I used to know an immigrant from rural Europe who once said she'd be happy to live in a Fotomat, because it would be all hers.

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I take it that the eating table is outside? I understand the meaning of these micro houses but seriously...Could you be any more extreme? I am all for recycling absolutely everything and anything possible. reducing what we use, the whole nine yards. But this is just crazy. Definitely not a house for raising children in. Lord help them if they do unsure.gif

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There should be a charity for these houses for impoverished people.

Surely..if impoverished people owned land.

But I'm sure the land lords would be thrilled to death if they are able to squeeze in more people per lot. You'd have an upscale shantytown.

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