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Red METRO Trains!


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I rode into work today on a red metro train. I think they just covered the old train with some red film of some sort but I'm not totally sure. I also noticed there was text on it that said "Stop, think..." and I didn't catch the rest. Anybody know what the deal is?


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From the METRO website:

Media Alert: Metro To Unveil Wrapped Rail Car Promoting Safety

January 14, 2010

WHAT: The NEW METRO will unveil a rail car wrapped in a bumper-to-bumper decal promoting safety along rail lines.

WHEN: 9 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011

WHERE: METRO’s Rail Operations Center, 1601 W. Bellfort St.

WHO: METRO Board Chairman Gilbert Garcia; METRO Board members Judge Dwight Jefferson and Allen Watson; and, METRO President & CEO George Greanias. Joining METRO are special guests Houston City Council members Brenda Stardig and Wanda Adams, and Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland and other local law enforcement representatives.

WHY: Safety is one of the seven operating principles of the NEW METRO. This wrapped rail car encourages motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution along METRORail tracks and freight tracks throughout the region.

Funny. They don't even tell us what the slogan says.

EDIT: Actually, that's all it says...

Stop. Think.

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I still wouldn't be surprised if this red train still manages to get hit by one of our fine motorists.

You could paint it in neon stripes with stobe lights, and some soccer mom texting in her SUV would make an illegal left turn into it because she thought the rules don't apply to her.

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I thought it was mostly Metro buses that hit the trains. Since they own both vehicles I would think accident avoidance is just a proximity auto-shut-off fancy device. Or at least something that blasts "STOP! THINK" through a loud speaker at the bus driver when they get near a train.

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I first saw it Tuesday and rode in it Wednesday. There is a Houston Chronicle picture of it Wednesday I think. Even with this big, red box sliding across the street, two cars still won't sotp and think at the Fannin/Braeswood intersection. The train had to go really slow to avoid the cars that choose not to stop behing the level crossing signal. O how I wish those two get cited.

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Regardless I like the idea behind it. It definitely makes it more noticeable and I like that its also a spiced up version. Nice to see some color on those things besides silvery gray. I like it! :)

This line, after all, is called the 'Red Line'. There's also an image of a traffic signal on the side of the train. I rode it last week. You can't tell anything different from the inside of the train.

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It's funny how so many of the crashes with Metro trains (including the first one) involve people turning left on Main Street in front of the train. Even before the train line was built, it was illegal to turn left on most of Main Street downtown. I remember having to always take a roundabout route home from work because of it.

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