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Boating On Buffalo Bayou

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OK I guess this might be a dumb question, but I'll ask it anyway. I was wondering-- what if I wanted to take a Zodiac type inflatable boat (with an outboard motor) and just put it in Buffalo Bayou downtown? Is this legal? If it were, how far west could you go?

The Buffalo Bayou is considered 'navigable' according to the State, meaning that property owners cannot place access restrictions on the stream. There may be wake restrictions or something to that effect, but I somehow doubt it.

Though I've been meaning to for some time, I haven't yet kayaked the Buffalo Bayou; however from trip reports, it seems like you may face some challenges with boulders noted in the vicinity of Beltway 8. Otherwise, you could probably make it as far west as Highway 6, beyond which is a dam.

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You will have no problem until you get to the ship channel - Turning Basin. At that point you will have armed coastguard, sheriffs and Homeland Security all over you. Going West - you will run into problems in the villages and BW8, depending on the water level. Watch out for cables stretched across at various points.

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