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Man Injured In Incident With METRORail Train


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A man was injured this afternoon when he walked into the side of a Metro light rail train in downtown Houston, officials said.

The incident happened shortly after 5 p.m. on northbound Main at Lamar, officials said.

The man, 30, was conscious at the scene but was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital to be treated for minor injuries, officials said.


I've heard incidents happen a lot with the light rail, but are they all as severe (slight exaggeration) as this?

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I've heard incidents happen a lot with the light rail, but are they all as severe (slight exaggeration) as this?

I haven't heard any numbers in quite awhile, so it's hard to say.

But I just leave this up to a typical moron who wasn't aware of his surroundings.

WALK into the SIDE of a train? REALLY?

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Sorta like the car turning left at an intersection ends up as "motorcyclist crashes into car".

Reminds me of an English politician being interviewed in his car by the press before entering a gala party. One of the reporters asks him if he was going to get lucky that night. The politician gazed over to his wife lovingly and said "I came with a beautiful woman and I'll be leaving with a beautiful woman." The next morning the headlines screamed in big bold letters "Tory admits to leaving late night party with beautiful woman".

Appears not only was the ped blind, he was also deaf.

Question: Was the train stopped or in motion?

In response to this motor vehicle Destruction Derby, anti-rail, pro-automobile forces in Houston and elsewhere have seized the opportunity to crusade against ... the rail system! Thus they have resuscitated their attacks against Houston Metro's LRT expansion program (approved by voters last November). However, it's important to realize that every single accident has been the result of the implicated motorist doing something illegal (mostly illegal left turns into the paths of oncoming trains). The accidents have resulted in a flurry of a traffic citations for the drivers responsible.

Clearly, flouting of traffic laws – and traffic safety – is an epidemic problem in Houston. This is underscored by a Houston Chronicle editorial (28 Jan. 2004) whose headline admonished "No excuse for driving (or walking) into path of light-rail trains" ... plus an avalanche of letters laying the blame for these collisions squarely on the city's wantonly safety-oblivious drivers who are presenting a danger to everyone, not just LRT passengers and personnel.

Hmm...if an idiot will turn left in front of an oncoming train I guess there's not much hope left for us poor motorcyclists :(

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Does anyone know about rail accidents pre-1940 when we had lots of it?

I doubt there are records that detailed from that period. They probably jump blew off the accidents unless they caused serious damage or a death.

Of course, while they used a bell to ring out warnings, I am sure there was the occasional operator that yelled out, "Get the hell out of the way, you moron!!!"

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