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Miami or Havanna?


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Well, i was wondering what everyone thought about the possibility of Havanna rising again as the Southern hotspot city it once was before Viva la Revolution! Miami has exploded in urban growth (at least skyscraper-wise) in the past decade, so that would obviously compete with H and i know a mountain of $$$ would have to be poured back into Cuba before H. would make a huge comback, but still, i look at Panama City and think, who could have guessed? Do you all think any sort of rebirth will happen in that area in the next 20 or so years? Let me know your thoughts. And again, Miami, OMG...a sub tropical Manhattan!

m. B)

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Even if they became democratic over night, and we weren't in a recession, Miami has made a name for itself over the last few decades. And it's still in the United States, which has enough say right there. You don't need a passport, currency exchange, or to know a different language (Lazy excuses, I know). But you can still drive to it!

Well no one can predict the future, but I don't think anyone can top Miami as a worldwide "hotspot" for a long time in that part of the world.

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Three reasons.

1) Cuba isn't democratic, and won't be for a long, long time.

2) Miami is in mainland America. Unless they built a bridge from Key West to Cuba, which also won't happen.

3) Havana definitely has a worse reputation than Miami.

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It would be nice to see Havana return to its glory days, but would take a long time to overcome the effects of being a backwater for 50 years. I know people who have been there on vacation and they haven't been terribly impressed.

i think it depends what you're looking for. some friends went last yr and liked it so much that they are returning this yr. they said the europeans were really evident esp with more modern hotels, etc.

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