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Concrete And Demolition

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I can't recommend who "to" use, but can caution you about using Wooten House Movers. If you do, make sure the finest of details are in the contract they provide, although they still do not abide by the signed agreement.


Rent a dumpster for a weekend and go find some $10/hr day laborers. You'll be able to do it for 1/4 the cost of what any demo company would charge.

Alternately, just borrow a trailer and take the remains to the city dump. I demo'd an ancient 2.5 car garage and was able to fit all of it on a 16' trailer.

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15 minutes ago, ekdrm2d1 said:

Today I went down Holmes Road to explore the area. There were so many concrete plants. I visited Argos, Cemex, and Allied Concrete! I enjoyed my day














My wife worked for Cemex a number of years ago. Ever since then she has a tendency to correct anyone who calls these cement or concrete plants, saying "that's a ready mix plant!". Apparently the industry is picky about the term.


That's a good location for them, since it's reasonably close, but there's not a lot of people out there.


You might consider a drive along FM2234/McHard Road. There's some of the same stuff, plus the antenna farm, and oil field areas.

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