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Warwick Hotel At 5701 South Main St.

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Would a franchised hotel do as well (is sense of classiness & destination) as a private hotel such as the Warwick has? I've always seen the Warwick as our "Waldorf-Astoria".

I could totally wrong in that comparison though.

It seems to me that the franchised or corporate big name hotels are constantly taking over the boutique hotels rapidly. In DC, you'll note that many of the big name boutique hotels, like Hotel Washington and The Mayflower are now taken over, rather acquired, by large chains like Renaissance and Hilton. Note that the Waldor-Astoria in NYC is actually a Hilton Hotel.

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Could the Warwick perhaps become a "Conrad" hotel?  I just read they were negotiating a location in Houston.  This is Hilton's new luxury hotel chain.

I can see it now.......all Palace Inns are bought by the Hilton hotel chain and will be considered "Paris" hotels.....how perfect :lol::lol:

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The Warwick has been part of a major chain before -- for many years it was the Wyndham Warwick (Wyndham Hotels has a very long history with historic boutique hotels) and was more recently owned by another company that operates hotels in smaller markets under the Park Inn name.

So who is this Hotel ZaZa? Is it part of a larger group? PLEASE tell me they are keeping the historic Warwick name and not calling it the ZaZa.

I'm kind of sad not to see Hilton pick it up as a Conrad -- that would have been great for Houston as Conrad, or the Starwood Group as a W. Houston is somewhat lacking in the upscale hotel market by not having either of those brand concepts here.

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:o I did not know that!

Well, I guess then that the new Hilton Warwick couldn't be much worse than the Hilton Waldof-Astoria then huh?  :huh:

Yeah the Waldorf has been part of Hilton for many many years. It doesn't have the Hilton name on it anywhere though. It operates just as the "Waldorf Astoria" and while you can book it through the main Hilton website, they actually have a separate website just for that hotel.

I almost stayed at the Waldorf last year while in New York for the weekend. I was in Connecticut doing employee counseling for an early retirement incentive offer for a client, and had the weekend off. Since I was just 50 miles away from downtown Manhattan I opted to go to New York for the weekend. My bosses were already in NYC on the same project and were staying over the weekend to finish up business on the following Monday before going on to New Jersey, so we had the client book arrangements for me at the same hotel they were at in NYC. We were supposed to be at the Waldorf but the reservations were booked fairly late and it was full, so we ended up directly across the street at The Barclay Intercontinental, which was very nice, but no where as well known as the Waldorf. However, had I stayed there, I wouldn't have been in the really exclusive Waldorf Towers section, where rooms include things like butler service and some other very exclusive amenities. I would have been in a room probably no nicer than what I had at the Barclay.

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Today's Chronicle:

March 30, 2005, 8:41PM

Warwick will get some extra swank

New owner might give a new name to famed hotel


The Warwick Hotel, a decades-old landmark in the Museum District, has been sold to the owners of the swanky Hotel ZaZa in Dallas.

[copyrighted material removed]


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I have no problem with a new operator taking over the Warwick, but changing the name to Hotel Za Za sounds absolutely horrible to me. I guess I have a special place for the hotel as my Grandfather used to work for John Mecom back in the 50's and 60's. My sister was also married there 11 years ago. I love that hotel and would hate to see it lose it's historical pressence.

They tore down the Shamrock and I did not speak !

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  • The title was changed to Warwick Hotel Museum District At 5701 South Main St.
  • The title was changed to Warwick Hotel At 5701 South Main St.

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