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Jackson Place Condominiums At 505 Jackson Hill St.


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Heh, I am currently living at Jackson Hill Apartments!

Anyway, let me shed some additional light on the situation after having read the public notice that is stapled to his newly installed fence (apparently installed in response to complaints about the blight). The man who is occupying the house is not actually the owner, who is listed as some other woman who I don't believe lives there. I think both his house and the adjacent one are owned by the same person.

Anyway, the motivation for condemnation is not due to blight (according to the paperwork). Under reasons for pursuing condemnation, there is a check box for blight that is marked NO. Instead, they are pursuing it as a structuraly unsound building and have levied daily fines until sufficient repairs are made or the building is torn down.

As for the legality or moral rightness of this act, I am torn. You would be hard pressed to find someone who found the junk strewn across his yard to be attractive, and I became concerned during Rita that much of that would become airborne missiles. However, it is not illegal in that neighborhood to do so. I am glad to see development of the scale of Jackson Place Condominiums, but I think natural market forces would have caused him to relocate eventually without having to resort to dirty games.

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So, let me get this right....the developer of Jackson Place Condos is trying to get the property across the street from his project condemned because said property is allegedly structurally unsound??? Or, at least, said developer started the condemnation process and now the city of Houston is using said reason for condemnation proceedings?

If so, what business is it of the developer whether the property around his project is properly built? I don't remember voting for Scott Breitweister (sp?) (the developer) as city engineer in the last elections. And at what radius does he believe that any alleged poor construction impedes or disturbs the soundness of his new project? Will he go after Jackson Hill Apartments next (after all, I do have a bathroom door that sometimes "sticks")--or how about the new Perry development that went in down the street? Surely they have some structural issues..

Oh...as a side note, I too was a little concerned about said property owner's trash flying through my (er...the apartment's) windows during Rita, but I realized that if any damage occurred, I could sue the guy (or his landlord) under several theories to (probably) recoup any losses incurred. I find it intriguing that Breitweister wishes to be so proactive...but something tells me he isn't doing so out of the sheer charity in his heart.

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It's worked that way for years.

What do you think the Mayor is doing running around demolishing abandoned and unsafe houses.

It's been a way to remove blight. Also, since the people living in these houses are renting, the landlord will probably sell before it gets condemn.

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Wow--- I just clicked to see if there was a website for the Jackson Place condos and stumbled onto this "forum." It is actually the first time I have ever engaged in any kind of public email or chat type situation, but I wanted to set the record straight about a few things I read in some of the emails so far. I can see how all this is definitely how rumors get started!

I am living at Jackson Hill Apartments and have been super happy here. I have a gorgeous place overlooking Memorial and the bayou.

From the day the land was staked out and the sign went up I have watched and wondered about the property. Finally, about a month ago I stopped by the office and stumbled into the developer and the architect and sat down and had a long chat about the things that are important to me. After doing my due diligence and satisfying myself this was the right thing for me, I committed to buy what I think is the best unit in the complex. The architect and the engineers who designed it focused on water leak prevention, roof design, energy efficient design, sound absorption. The building is really two separate buildings right next to each other-they call them "pods." There are two elevator banks, one side has 6 units and the other side has 7 units per floor, total of 4 floors. Fewer people share the elevators and it gives a secluded, private ambiance to the complex. The garage is built so that SUV's can enter without worrying about scraping the paint on their car roofs.

I am extremely impressed with the developer, the architect, and everyone involved in the project and look forward to living there and being very happy. The developer has a strong, forceful personality, but he is good at what he does, committed to building a quality project, and he has spent countless hours going over each and every little detail as this structure goes up. I know this because I went through all of the plans and discussed many details with him before I purchased. I want a detail oriented, hard-working developer.

As far as the place across the street everyone is talking about, I am happy to know that someone is doing something to clean that place up. I would not be surprised if the person who lives there has serious mental health issues. While I empathize with someone with those kind of problems, I don't think it is his right to trash the place out like he does--what he does inside his home is his business but, what he does outside is an eyesore and having to drive by that place each day gives me the creeps. I did not know the developer was tackling this issue, but I applaud him wholeheartedly, no matter what angle he takes. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

I heard that many people from Jackson Hill Apartments are buying there and if anyone who reads this goes over there and buys one, please use me as a referral because I will get $500! (Why not?)

I think it is going to be a wonderful, close-knit community and one of the things I am most looking forward to is not having to park in the garage here at Jackson Hil Apartments! What everyone says about it is true. But, I think we all agree this is a great location, a great complex with wonderful management and employees, and the neighborhood is really becoming fun, sort of a blend of old and new. I have lived right in this area since I moved to Houston in 1979 so this new development is right up my alley. The reason Jackson Place is so perfect for me is because I have no desire to live alone in a three story townhome--I hate stairs and I want a beautiful pool where I can relax. I'm glad that residential units to fit all sorts of lifestyles are being built in this area.

The developer owns the two lots on Jackson Hill, across from the junk man. And, he owns the property adjacent on Feagan. As sson as this project is finished, he plans to build another building, just like ours, right next door. Those units will cost more and will most likely push my property value up. Yeah!

I have heard good things about my future neighbors and I look forward to August 31-when it is supposed to be finished. I encourage anyone who reads this to form your own opinion about the place rather than listen to me or anyone else. Thanks for reading my thoughts.....

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I saw the plan for these when I was looking at the Perry Townhomes that are directly across the street.

The Townhomes were selling for ~250k and had great views of downtown from the 3rd floor. However, seeing the plans for these condos across the street made me realize that the views would only last a year or so and traffic on the street would increase considerable.

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Anyone know the pricing on these?

go to the website at www.jacksonplacecondos.com-- I think the prices are there. They are going up as the place nears completion. The one bedrooms are sold out. The twos are from high 200's to high 300's.

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As for yet another post on school zoning:

These condominiums will be zoned to:

* Memorial Elementary School - http://hs.houstonisd.org/memoriales/

* Hogg Middle School - http://ms.houstonisd.org/hoggms/

* Reagan High School - http://hs.houstonisd.org/reaganhs/


* Memorial - http://dept.houstonisd.org/profiles/Memorial_ES.pdf

* Hogg - http://dept.houstonisd.org/profiles/Hogg_MS.pdf

* Reagan - http://dept.houstonisd.org/profiles/Reagan_HS.pdf

Keep in mind that Milam Elementary School was closed and the students at the school now attend Memorial Elementary. For some reason, Milam's profile is no longer online.

Again, if you aren't satisfied with these schools, Houston ISD has transfer options and programs.

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