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  1. You can watch the Republican pundits all day try to spin this away from Craig and toward the Democrats. The next time McConnell is on the news note the permanent look of panic etched on his face. It's a far more telling sign than some lame diversion tactic employed by an amateur Republican Senator caught with his pants down in a public restroom. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. As with the pedophile Foley, why would the Democrats raise a peep when the Republicans are so adept at destroying themselves? It's a time-proven winning strategy. Now I'm going to go watch Thompson make an ass of himself on Leno..."Security Unity Prosperity"...'SUP, dude?
  2. Public restrooms are frequently patrolled by under-cover officers because of scenarios like this..." Mommy, I gotta GO!!!" Billy is too old to go into the Ladies room between flights and mommy can't go into the men's room to keep an eye out on Senator Wide Stance. So suspect restrooms are regularly survieled to cut back on the occasional closeted gay Senator, Congressman or Meth Preacher hitting on Billy. So no, the under-cover cops aren't deviants. The Senator who claims to be straight and publicly bashes gays to get re-elected while cruising for gay sex in public restrooms is the deviant. Someone the other day told me the guy was really straight and just got caught...I had to stop him and ask, so he's just a straight guy soliciting men for sex and that's not gay? Huh?
  3. ...and why don't they have every sign in Stupid so you can get around a store that is not in the Heights? Wouldn't that work better for someone like you who can't distinguish between race and ethnicity and the location of a business that is not in the Heights? Perhaps a hook-up with Miss Teen daIraq might give you a leg up. I'm betting she has a map written in Stupid made just for you.
  4. Thank you for the opportunity to agree. Yes, I think you are an uninformed imposter; i.e idiot-your word. Again you have choosen to prove yourself to be the fraud you introduced yourself as: someone with little or no knowledge of the neighborhood you claim to live in; woefully lacking in any facts regarding ballot process and a consistant pattern of immature lanquage that makes even the most simpleton among the HAIFarati question your verasity. The only thing more pathetic is the credibility given you by some of your enabelers. Reply or not-I don't subscribe to forums any longer.
  5. Lenders are apt to take a harder line on refinancing. You are going to have to have an impeccable credit history and desirable property for starters. It looks like the fast-and-loose days are behind us-thank God. I'd suggest patience until more responsible people inhabit the Fed. I'd bet that in the next 20 years you'll have plenty of opportunity to re-finance under a more responsible Fed and administration.
  6. So once again musicman has pasted from the Chron with no comment. Any of us could do that all day long...but most of us don't unless we have a publicly expressed thought or opinion to follow the paste. So does eating up bandwith by posting from a source most of us already access add to the value HAIF already offers? Does it ever occur to you that this forum doesn't need your prodding by way of a second hand public paste to generate thoughtful discussion? There is little worth in taking up bandwidth via repitition. It's a practice that thankfully most of us don't practice.
  7. Houston Fence for quality and reliability. I'm sure there are others-just no one I trust. We've used them seven times and seven times we've been satisfied. Call them: 281.499.2516
  8. Of course you're not. Why state the obvious...again? Not too shabby for the 14th largest US municipality to have only 5 less than the 4th.
  9. Visit Pennzoil. Don't just look at the spectacular exterior-go inside and see how the interior is integrated with the exterior. It's brilliant. Check out the Menil: Look up and see the light baffles Piano designed then look down at the art illuminated by them. Visit the MFA's Mies addition on Bissonett. It's a great piece of architecture misplaced-IMO. Inside are two great galleries-his original Cullinan Hall and his added Brown Pavillion. Skip the Hobby unless you'r going for a show. The ceiling is lovely and the acoustics are great. BMC is great. I worked on that project originaly and I can tell you the opal-glass elevators were spectacular and the boardroom was decadent in the best sense of the word. Unfortunatly the closest you'll get is a spread in AW. The Woodlands is what it is: a glorified suburb you can find anywhere. If you are closer to Sugarland, it may be just as good a place to travel to if you want to see a replica. The Rice is an old favorite of mine. I saw JFK and Jackie there on Nov. 21, 1963 and had my high school prom there in 1971 in the Grand Ballroom (Now a parking garage). Unless you know someone there, you'll be restricted to the lobby unless you can talk yourself into the Crystal Ballroom. It's one of the best rooms in Houston and my experience has been if you tell that to the powers that be, you'll have no problem getting up there to see it. Green in Houston? What a comedian youe are!
  10. No. But it was topical because musicman injected the "eyecandy" crack regarding Pecan Park.
  11. US illegals are just that: Illegals-not guests. They have the freedom to come and go. They have the freedom to not live in labor camps. They have the freedom to assimilate if they so choose and to become citizens if they so choose. Of course those in Dubai could have choosen to not enter into what amounts to indentured servantship...but they did. Shame on them. It's stupid to compare the two groups as equal regarding rights.
  12. Were you just born mean and bitter or just so deep in the closet that you have an irresistable need to vent your skank? Get a grip, gayboy and get some help. Please put us out of your misery. (escaped from MD and posted from Reliant in the 2nd as our Texans lead (barely)...
  13. I just took him off ignore last Friday because I'm layed up in the hospital and because at some point the diversion that hospital TV provides just doesen't live up to nicheTV. Besides, you can't avoid him in the response mode so what's the point? That's not winning. That's just the grown-ups turning their attention to issues more important.
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