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Waterhill Patio Homes At Navigation Blvd.

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With all the new construction going up in the area, its a good idea to do your homework. Drive around, ask people who have bought units about

their experiences with their builder. They have nothing to gain or lose by telling you their complaints or praises.

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I went and looked at these recently. The site seemed OK...large enough so that it will have its own sort of gravity. It isn't, however, up high enough so that you'll be able to see any of the surrounding scenery. The buildings themselves were disappointingly cheap in feel. The kitchen cabinets were by far the worst part of the parade of cheap....cheap fake woodgrain plastic laimnate over particleboard. The granite countertops looked cheap and unattractive, as did the tile floors in the bathrooms.

As far as actual build quality goes (not percieved quality)...I noticed several spots where they had to tear into the drywall because they forgot to do something before the drywall went up. Not only that but they just hacked in those repairs as quickly as possible in the smallest hole possible instead of tearing out a larger section and doing it right. I also noticed that they were using a tub in the master shower/bath that didn't have a tile flange. MAJOR problem...water will get all down in the wall in a year or two because there's no flange on the tub to stop it.

One would think that they could have put a bit more time and higher quality materials into these units as much as they're charging for them. The land had to have come cheap since it is in a rough area, and they're stuffing as many units as they can onto that parcel. Ohwell...cutting corners in the name of profit is the rule rather than the exception.

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I'm a newb here and I just wanted to add a comment about Waterhill. The people in the office are very nice and polite but the townhouse I am living in right now is pure garbage. Everything was just slapped together and the fit/finish just isn't there. My roomates and I were the first tennants in the townhouses near Rusk @ Dowling and I had to fight with the Waterhill for a couple of weeks to get them to put a mirror in my bathroom. They kept arguing with me that the plans for the townhouse didn't call for a mirror in my bathroom. It's a 3 BR/3.5 Bath townhouse and it just seems logical to me to have a mirror in every bathroom. I finally got my mirror but we still don't have one in the half bath. By far the worst thing of all is the cooling. The air conditioner blows all day and night and we can't ever seem to get the thermostat in the living room/kitchen on the 2nd floor to read below 78 degrees. We've played with all the vents trying to force more room into the area where we spend the most time with no luck. Most all of the cool air from the air conditioner goes to the 1st and 3rd floors so it will be 58-59 in our bedrooms and 78-80+ in the living room. We've had an AC guy out twice with no improvement. This has resulted in $450-$500+ electric bills last summer on top of the $2,000 we're paying for rent. The first month we were in the townhouse we had someone out almost every day putting the finishing touches on the place. It's livable now but I still think we're paying too much for rent. I've been in a couple of neighbor's townhomes and they've complained about similar problems. Bottom line is that from what I've seen, Waterhill builds crap!

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welcome and thanks for the info clint....i'm sure some of our members will benefit.

driving by while they are being built is the best way to determine if the structure is made of quality materials. if you see stuff like presswood or flex duct sheetrocked in the walls.....move on. things like this will only cause problems down the line.

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