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  1. Agreed. Given the high land value, I have to think a higher-density vertical development is most probable. It will really depend on whether Kroger is selling the site or not, and you would think the rumor mill would have been churning if they had a buyer in tow already.
  2. This was announced this morning: https://abc13.com/business/kroger-to-close-montrose-location/7860073/ I imagine Kroger had a plan in place for the property prior to this announcement, it’s a great piece of property. Has anybody heard anything?
  3. Problem number 1: the site won't load. I like the idea, though.
  4. Yes. I wonder when the tenants' leases expire. I think I heard Fiesta's is up in 2014.
  5. Yup. I wonder what the sale price/square foot is. I've heard $65 wasn't enough to get it done.
  6. I heard that Randall Davis purchased the half block at Fannin & Eagle St. last month (just north of Sears). Does anybody know what he plans to do there?
  7. The new owner of the property is typically a developer of self storage / industrial properties. I'd be surprised if they built a residential highrise. I think an upper-end self storage facility (like the Amazing Spaces site on Voss) is most likely.
  8. Really? I hadn't heard that. Didn't they just rehab that property a couple of years ago?
  9. Any update on this development? Is it a done deal?
  10. Does anybody know who owns that property?
  11. No, I'm thinking of Orion. ---- Project is put off for condo redesign Construction of a $425 million high-rise condominium project planned for a site on Buffalo Bayou near Memorial Drive and Shepherd has been postponed as the developers redesign the building to contain more smaller units. The luxury development, called Orion, originally was designed as two 37-story towers with a total of 360 units averaging 3,600 square feet in size and more than $1 million in price. "We found much more demand for 2,000-square-foot apartments," said William Friedman, chairman of New York-based Tarragon Corp., which is developing the project with Florida developer Robert Day. NANCY SARNOFF --- http://www.chron.com/content/archive/ysear...hview=2&dview=1 I believe this was also posted here somewhere. It appears the latest info is that the Orion plans are indeed being revamped for smaller, cheaper units. Does anybody have information otherwise?
  12. Actually, I thought the latest was that the plans were being revised and that the units would begin at a substantially lower price-point. What gives?
  13. Does anybody have an idea of what the market for apartment > condo conversions is (relative to "ordinary" condos or houses)?
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