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  1. Drove past this last night. They have a very nice string of lights hanging above those large wooden spools. Definitely the makings of a nice food truck park. With Bloom to its south, the Drewery place retail to its West, this will have a great vibe at night.
  2. Oh lord. As if the gentrification of Montrose wasn’t bad already with pushing the gays out. This place is going to be ghetto! 🥴
  3. The old Shipleys/Future Stuff’d Wings has another fence up and have blocked the view of the inside of the building by putting paper on the windows. And I drive past this every day, so I know there’s been a fence up for months, but there’s a ‘different’ fence. Nothing dramatic. It’s just the small detail I noticed.
  4. Haven’t taken a picture yet, but the name is on the sides of the building as well as the center. They also are lit up at night. (Was concerned they wouldn’t be). I think if they could do something to the perimeter of the parking lot, this wouldnt be too bad.
  5. Carpet and tile? Is that feasible for an outdoor development? The first thing I thought of as a clumsy person is walking on that tile during rainy or damp days!
  6. I completely agree. This is coming from someone who not only lives in Midtown, but I try my best to bike and walk as many places as possible and that Fannin/Webster breeds dereliction. It's very frustrating because all of these developments will go under if they don't solve that problem first. And not to start a discussion on "where will the homeless go, then?", I just want to add that there is a LOT of drug activity being done out in the OPEN. At first glance they all look homeless, but trust me, 30% are not.
  7. What’s going up on Fairview and converse street? Right by Lola’s. Doesn’t look like residential from what’s up (could possible be) but it looks more commercial. It looks pretty big for such a small lot. Happy to see the infill. And it looks promising no matter what it is (no parking lot!) so whether townhouses or a new business, I’ll take it.
  8. After years and years of looking at this strip center in disgust, I will be in attendance at the demolition with a couple bottles of champagne!
  9. Drove by and there are these lights on the northeastern side of the building. Not sure if they’ll be covered or if they’re part of the final aesthetic of the building. If they will continually go around the building this will look beautiful at night.
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