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  1. Any plans for regent square to start developing the larger piece of property on Allen Parkway at corner of Dunlavy? Quite an eyesore, and now graffiti on the fences.
  2. Is the new building residential? Apartments or condos? Where exactly does it sit on the property - on West Dallas or on Allen Parkway? Is it 42 stories?
  3. Question for the group: This building is at the southwest corner of Waugh and D'Amico. I am wondering about traffic flow. If you are traveling north on Waugh you cannot turn left (west) on D'Amico. There is no where to u-turn beyond D'Amico on northbound Waugh. Is there a way to see if the city is planning to add a turn lane to northbound Waugh at the corner of D'Amico. Otherwise, they will be directing. a tremendous amount of traffic into the neighborhood west of the new building.
  4. Ok, hopefully some will be interested in getting back to a discussion about Regent Square (and maybe Hanover). My wife and I visited the leasing center for the Regent Square apartments yesterday. Folks have moved in. Very helpful people in the leasing center with years of experience with Regent group. In addition, they have a model in the lobby you can review. Couple of interesting facts: Hines has purchased the Southwest corner of W Dallas and Waugh (The Woman's Center space) and is planning a high rise. This will block the views from the existing Regent highrise on W Dallas and Rorchow. This is in addition to the highrise Hines has under construction at Waugh and D'Amico. Regent has done the groundbreak for the next piece of property bordered by Allen Parkway, Dunlavy, West Dallas and the street in front of the residents on the west side. They have two 15 story rental properties planned - one on the Southeast Corner and one on the Northwest corner. NW corner will block the downtown views of the new Hanover high rise. All this in addition to the lower level build out including the corners looking like the Chris Shepherd corner. Regent says not to worry about the plans for the space where the Allen House apartments still stand. That piece is 10 to 15 years from development. We asked about a Starbucks. They are opposed, but plan to bring in an alternate coffee shop and an ice cream/froyo shop. Chris Shepherd restaurants are still being advertised as coming very soon, but peeking in the windows shows months of work left to complete.
  5. The Regent Square construction team worked overnight Friday night. We listened to the trucks backing up all night. What can be done to stop this? There are posted work hours for these types of projects.
  6. Are there any regulations around work time for projects like this development. At least 20 trucks arrived between 4am and 6am this morning (Saturday). If there is a regulation around work time - who enforces it and how would i report on it? Thanks
  7. Hello, Is anyone aware of a development project to build a residential high rise on the foot print of the clock tower building on Allen Parkway? I am trying to confirm rumors of a twenty story high rise coming to the neighborhood. thanks Jim
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