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Staybridge Suites Houston Medical Center Hotel


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Well, I looked some but didn't find much.  Demo permit is as follows:


Project No: 15118681 Date : 2015/12/08 00:00:00 USE : DEMO RES/ SEWER DISC Owner/Occupant : *ASHWIN PATEL Job Address : 9000 MAIN ST 77025 Valuation : $ 0 Permit Type : SD FCC Group : Demo; Single Familty Dwelling Buyer : *DENNIS WILLIAMS & COMPANY, IN Address : 1748 OAK TREE 77080 Phone :

(713) 465-7231

Searched for Ashwin Patel and per Linkedin it looks like he works for Staybridge Suites.  Never heard of it but apparently it's an IHG brand.  Here's an article about one they opened off 249 last year in which he is quoted:




So yeah...unfortunately not all that exciting, but sure beats what's there now.  I thought I noticed they had done some improvements at the Medical Inn and Suites so I'm wondering if they are going to somehow rehab the existing property or really demo the whole thing.  It's a pretty outdated design, though




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I think there should be some kind of regulation that requires that old signage and old rusting poles be taken down if not in use. They add to the clutter and usually are eyesores. I see them everywhere for businesses that have been gone for years. If its a classic sign put it on craigs list or give it to a architectural resale shop.

Jus get them out of the way. Theres enough bad signage up and it would really help make for a nicer view.

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I hope the get rid of that big freaking sign post.  The Starbucks down the road never did and its just an eyesore.


My understanding on the reason they wont, is it is difficult to get a new sign permit/license. I've heard that with some of the much taller ones, the city classifies them as billboards, and won't issue new permits. That's second hand however.

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  • The title was changed to Staybridge Suites Houston Medical Center Hotel

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