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One Houston Center At 1221 McKinney St.


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I work in this building, and the inside is awesome, too. Texas pink granite covers the entire elevator lobby area. I'll try to snap some photos one day. I wish they'd do something more interesting with the top of the building, though. Maybe a Memorial-Hermann style crown??? lol ok maybe not

I love the 4th photo down in the original post. HC looks pretty dense from that view

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One of the more anonymous "box" buildings in Houston's skyline. The black glass facade looks very 80's ish.

True enough, but I have to admit that I have always really liked One and Two Houston Center. The black glass, while dated, gives them a very restrained elegant look imo.

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Another skyscraper name change to note. As noted by the Chronicle a few months ago, One Houston Center is now the LyondellBasell Tower. It's not exactly the "new" in "news," but it's worth noting here on HAIF for those who don't get over to the Houston Center very often.

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  • The title was changed to One Houston Center At 1221 McKinney St.

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