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  1. Found a cool resturant located in Pasadena. Anyone ever been to this or have memories here?
  2. Can anyone tell me where I can find pictures of old amusement parks? I was looking for Hanna-Barbera Land, Fame City, and Games People Play. There has got to be pictures somewhere. Also I was curious about pictures of teen hang outs around Humble. For example, Fun Factory, Golf and Games, and 2 movie theaters that are no longer there. Thanks for any help anyone has to offer!!!!!
  3. Does anyone remember the name of the old hospital that used to sit close to the corner of Red Bluff and Pasadena Blvd.? People in Pasadena used to refer to it as the "horse hospital." Also, a Dr. Burkhalter used to practice there.
  4. Does anyone remember Dr Powers jumping off the bridge after killing his wife?
  5. This afternoon I was researching the hospitals in Pasadena, Texas and came across a historic website that featured Pasadena. http://www.earlytexashistory.com/Pasadena/histime.html The website lists the year 1937 as the following: - Presbyterian church organized. - Feb 14, Champion Paper mill opens. - Jackson Jr. High built. - First hospital, Pasadena Clinic & Hospital opens (Dr. E. E. Conners). - First movie house (Rita/Pasadena Theater, now Norman Furniture). - Methodist build new brick sanctuary ($12,000 with 400 members). Does anyone know where I can get more information on Pasadena's first hospital? I tried searching the libraries, and Google, with no luck. I'm guessing the hospital name is incorrect, which is why I cannot locate any information. I did find a few articles containing the person E.E. Conners (without being a professional Doctor). E.E. Conners was apart of USMC it appears. Thanks HAIF!
  6. I was reading the newspaper The Baytown Sun dated August 26, 1990 and came across a business advertisement for Pasadena General Hospital located at 1004 Seymour Street. The hospital was located off of Pasadena Blvd. which used to be named Tatar. A Second Look... Cosmetic Surgery Services of Pasadena General Hospital-- Call us if you are considering comestic surgery, give us a call at 473-9028. Because you're worth A Second Look. Pasadena General Hospital 1004 Seymour, Pasadena, TX 77506 South Belt Leader dated July 14, 1983: Pasadena General adding new nursing tower, ICU Work has begun on a new three-story nursing tower and intensive care unit of Pasadena General Hospital. In addition to the 35,000-square feet of new construction, there will be 24,000-square feet of remodeling work. The $8.2 million industrial revenue bonds were underwritten by E.F. Hutton Company. Steve Claiborn, first vice president, handled the transaction for Hutton. The issuing agency was the Pasadena Health Facilities Development Corporation. The bonds are guaranteed by Huntington Health Services, Inc. (owners of Pasadena General Hospital) and by a letter of credit from Bank of Southwest, National Association, Houston. Jason Frye and Associations, Inc. the architect, has unique “contemporary” exterior that focuses on a large three-story arch. W.J. Mechura, Jr., hospital administrator, says construction is part of plan envisioned by their owners to offer more efficient, up-to-date nursing care. The new building is due to be completed in May 1984.
  7. Was this hospital also known as Southmore Hospital (or Southmore General) in 1970? That's where I was born - I was looking at my birth certificate, and the attendant's signature (there was no printing, type or hand, displayed) - a person named M. A. Richardson. It seems like it has been closed for a while (due to hauntings - from what I have heard from family members) and bought, sold and renamed a few times ... My gosh, reading all of the previous comments, how scandalous ... very wild, knowing that's where I was born, oh my goodness
  8. I was reading the newspaper South Belt Leader dated December 3, 1980 and came across an employment wanted advertisement for Pasadena Bayshore Hospital located at 4000 Spencer Hwy. Specials for Special Nurses Pasadena Bayshore Hospital is looking for a select group of full-time and part-time RN's and LVN's to join our progressive health care facility. We recognize that nurses are special people and we offer you the opportunity to develop your skills and grow with us. Current openings include-- Pasadena Bayshore Hospital 4000 Spencer Highway * Pasadena, Texas 77504 * 944-6666, ext. 1230 An affiliate of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) e.o.e.
  9. I'm teaching out at San Jacinto Community College right now, and there are a few big things rumbling. I figured it was close enough to Houston city limits and big enough a building to satisfy the tacit requirements for threads here. This is the building they're currently at work on.
  10. This race track had me confused for a month. Some of the historic race track books and databases list the wrong thing! Wouldn't be a first. I remember the misspelling of "Almedo Speedway" for Almeda Speedway. South Main Speedrome located on Eagle Avenue and South Main Street. I went to Google Earth and couldn't find a track there in Midtown by The Ion. I then, mistakenly, typed Main Street at Eagle Avenue and it took me to Pasadena, TX! South Main Speedrome - Houston - 1/5 mile dirt oval (4/07/46 - c. 7/10/47). (AKA South Main Track) / located at South Main & Eagle Ave. Another false, or mistaken, track listing: South Main Track - Houston / possibly Arrowhead Park Speedway. 1/2 mile dirt oval (c. 1929) (1937 - c. 5/25/41 (1946 - 147). The above would be the South Main Speedway located on Old Main Street Road, across from South Main Street. Circa 1929 is right. I have a map from 1930 that verifies it. Arrowhead Park Speedway is not close to the South Main Speedway as they suggested. The race track, if it's even called South Main Speedrome, is located closer to Shaver Street & at the end of Main Street. Also located on the feeder road of Highway 225 / Pasadena Freeway by the Shaver exit. Google Earth views from December 1944:
  11. I was browsing an east end newspaper dated January 1, 1970 and came across an article about skating centers. Did anyone ever go here? I'd love to see some pictures or here any memories about this place. I also noticed a lot of these skate centers are called "Ranch". Interesting! Maybe because the venue was big and shaped like a ranch stable? Looks like J. Norman Malone was the owner of both the Skate Ranch at 1107 East Broadway St. and the Skate Ranch at 10750 Almeda-Genoa Highway. The Skate Ranch, located at 1107 East Broadway in Pasadena, phone 473-0343, and the Almeda Skate Ranch, 10750 Almeda-Genoa Highway, phone 941-7000, are the placed to go when are you in need of good, clean healthful, recreation. They have afternoon and evening seasons.
  12. I'll never forget the Halloween in the mid 70's in Houston because a guy named O'Bryan had laced some candy with poison and gave it to both of his kids for the insurance money. Luckily the daughter did not consume the fatal treat, but the son did. I think he was from Deer Park or Pasadena (Houston Area). All of this sucked because of the unrightiousness of O'Bryan, the death of his son, the marks for life for his daughter and family, the fact that O'Bryan received the glorious nickname "the candyman," and the fact that O'Bryan was The Man who killed halloween that way it used to be. What hit me the hardest was O'Bryan's son was one year younger than myself.
  13. https://www.costar.com/article/971837798/dallas-developer-wants-to-redevelop-60-acre-houston-area-mall-into-mixed-use-project https://www.russellglen.com/portfolio
  14. The hospital was named Pasadena Memorial Hospital. It changed to Beltway Community Hospital, then to Tricity Regional.I worked there. http://tx.findacase.com/research/wfrmDocViewer.aspx/xq/fac.19821028_0041957.TX.htm/qx This is a link about Dr Burkhaulter
  15. My apologies for posting on the same topic in two different forums, but I thought there might be people on this forum who, like me, missed the original discussion on this in the Real Estate forum. As others of you already know, GHPA added the West Mansion to their Endangered Buildings List. Links to articles and other background information have been posted here, on the other forum, but I'll include some links again here for those interested: 1/13/07 Chronicle article 10/25/06 Chronicle article 12/6/06 NYT article re Hakeem Olajuwon's real estate investments GHPA Endangered Buildings List Texas Historical Commission write-up
  16. 4-story mid-rise on Lovett’s website, exact location unknown. https://www.lovettcommercial.com/
  17. Our Pasadena Clinic is growing! With our new 17,000 square-foot expansion, the Pasadena Clinic will grow to over 50,000 square feet.⁠ https://www.instagram.com/kelseyseybold/?hl=en
  18. I remember going to the Parkview Twin Theatre on Spencer Hwy. (at Burke) in Pasadena as a kid. It was a "Dollar Movie" up until (at least) the late 1990's, and I always remember it being as such. It was kind of gross and dirty with mildly greasy floors. It's now a Hancock Fabric store. Sadly, they gutted the place out and leveled the floor; all remnants of it ever being a theatre are gone. I also remember an old bank being on the opposite corner, as well as an old Wyatt's Cafeteria. They were both torn down in the mid 90's to make way for a Walgreen's and Eckard's (now a PetCo). Anyways, does anyone ever remember going there? Did they ever show first run movies, or was it always a dollar movie theatre? Does anyone have any pictures of the theatre, Wyatt's, or the Bank?
  19. I drove by the El Capitan theater in Pasadena today. A few years ago it had been refurbished on the outside. Today the neon appears to have been taken down and the marquee dismantled. Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks.
  20. Does anyone know when construction of the section of Beltway 8 that runs between Red Bluff and 225, northbound, in Pasadena was started? I know that in 1966 or so, there was a road (travelling north) where the access road to the Beltway now sits. I was only a child then, so I didn't know the name of the road. I left Pasadena for a while, when I returned the Beltway was only partially completed. This was about 1975 - 76.
  21. Does anyone know where I could locate medical records from the old Humana Hospital / Southmore Medical... The one on Tatar and Southmore back in 1990's?
  22. http://cgi.ebay.com/ORIGINAL-GILLEYS-URBAN...bayphotohosting
  23. http://www.citywideofficespace.com/tmaps/A121080-013mt.jpg 1001 East Southmore Avenue Pasadena, Texas This is Pasadena's only skyscraper and it may be in danger. It has a chainlink fence around it and looks empty. Does anyone know its status? According to Stephen Fox in the AIA Houston Architectural Guide, it was designed by MacKie & Kamrath with Lloyd Borget and Doughtie & Porterfield and built in 1962. It is described as a distinctive 12-story tower consisting of a glass-curtained shaft that appears to project forward from a brick-faced spine containing the stairs, elevators and toilets. It would be tragic for Pasadena to loose this landmark. It is the only positive image I have of Pasadena architecture.
  24. Southmore Hospital was on Southmore near the intersection with Pasadena Blvd, formerly Tatar Street. It's still there under the name Pasadena Health Center. Pasadena General was about a mile north of there on Pasadena Blvd (Tatar) a block north of Thomas St. It has changed hands several times over the years, most recently in 2012 when Pristine Healthcare LLC bought it with grand plans. Here's how the Houston Chronicle reported it in August of 2012: "Pasadena city officials are celebrating the arrival of Pristine Hospital which is set to take over the old Kindred Hospital building located at 1004 Seymour St. (a street that crosses Pasadena Blvd) City officials indicated the renovated 110,000 square-foot hospital facility will bring 150 new jobs to the city within six months and another 150 over the next three years. The deal for the 32-bed acute care hospital was inked after Pristine Healthcare LLC met with the Pasadena Second Century Corporation (PSCC) Board of Directors. The board eventually offered a $150,000 incentive to win the development away from the Texas Medical Center. The incentive will be paid based on the completion of certain job creation benchmarks and will be used to fund building requirements mandated by the American with Disabilities Act and asbestos removal. The healthcare company is planning to invest $7 million to renovate the structure. Pristine Healthcare currently operates two outpatient psychiatric facilities in west Houston but plans to headquarter at the new Pasadena facility, which has been vacant for two years." It appears that 7 million and all those hopes went down the drain. Google Maps Street View taken two years ago shows Pristine Hospital is closed and boarded up again, probably for good. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7031862,-95.2011789,3a,60y,139.31h,86.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCXtFQT8c6ukulBd6rPjVvQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  25. Anyone heard about the new "luxury" garden style apartments in Pasadena called Hawthorne at Crenshaw located at 4811 East Sam Houston Parkway South?
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