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  1. This breaks my heart. There goes a historically black neighborhood.
  2. From this thread, it seems like there will be numerous of bars within this project. Did I analyze this correctly?
  3. So, Midway isn't going to do anything with this, since y'all talking about an amusement park?
  4. I would be so happy if ROD can just tear down Target and build another phase in its place.
  5. MCM is ALWAYS crowded. Parking is horrendous just like CityCentre and Town & Country. MCM is going through some type of renaissance in which it's becoming more like Galleria II.
  6. Isn't this in the 59 ROW? Aren't blocks adjacent to 59 going to be included in the expansion?
  7. Does any know what is being built next to The Grove at Wilcrest? The property that is being developed is west of the apartments next to NTB.
  8. OMG! I can't take it. This and the Perennial need to get built! Do you all realize what type of impacts these development are going to have on an already impressive skyline??!!
  9. Don't forget about the gray apartment tower off Richmond and Sage! Yuck!
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