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  1. I read in an earlier post the garage will only be for a 24/7 valet service. No self parking.
  2. The Scallywag is made from Cap'n Crunch

  3. They should have taken the smaller lot, I mean, it just makes more sense. That is going to be such a skinny building.
  4. I do think it is unfortunate that McDonald's got the larger end of the plot. It really does look cramped. McDonald's ruins everything...
  5. It was between this or the Regal Beagle

  6. Marathon packet pick-up for the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon & Aramco Houston Half Marathon Race Day#iRun4JPDunn

  7. Marathon packet pick-up.#iRun4JPDunn

  8. I have almost 500 friends on Facebook and yet Mark has single handedly delivered 19 consecutive status updates on my main newsfeed…until Mahan came out with the combo breaker.…congrats?

  9. Tortilla, meat, cheese…repeat

  10. A holly jolly workout

  11. Hey everyone! I am working on converting some old tapes, does anyone have a working Hi-8 camcorder I can borrow?Send me a PM.Thanks!

  12. Someone pass @swtsig a Snickers please. He's not himself when he's hungry.
  13. ᗅᗺᗷAmania!

  14. and a very vocal Hunter

  15. Right next to the Burlap Barrel Pub

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