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  1. Holy cow they are still messing around with this one. I won't believe it's happening until I see it. 7 years and nothing but some grass.
  2. Different already? I can't help but drive by our old house when I come in town, and other than them not trimming bushes at all, it's the same. I know they have made progress on I-10 ramps and such, haven't checked to see if the evil wal-mart went in. I might have time to explore next time I come. Or I can just scan the forums right now... I haven't made beer since I did for that haify hour at niche's place. Need to do that. Gotta stop having kids though, they take up lots of time and such.
  3. Well, I miss you guys. It's been great being back home in Baton Rouge but I definitely miss Houston and haif. I hope all is well. I'm in town at least 5 times a year, I'll try to keep up with all the good stuff going on there.
  4. They have adapters that let you run network signals through power outlets. Do that.
  5. Reverse jinx. Suckas! Ravens are beatable.
  6. Sort of fitting that the historically loser Bengals will probably knock the historically loser Texans out of the playoffs.
  7. That is awesome. Amazing that power lines didn't cause more issues. I spent my high school years doing CAP in LA. They didn't let me fly anything, but I got to go on some cool ride-alongs.
  8. I should go downtown more! I knew about one on Montrose and White Oak, not that one. At least it proves I am already right.
  9. They need to put a BB's there. Good food and fun.
  10. In general they think like conservative talk radio. Guns and freedom and what not. But I guess I was also alluding to the sports scene, where it is 100% LSU and Saints all the way. It's been fun here being one of the few pulling for them, but when I'm there it feels like it's totally overdone, all the time. I like walking amongst the aggies and horns, at least in recent years when we've had more success.
  11. Moving back to LA. Mixed feelings on that. We'll miss a lot of things about this place, but we're also looking forward to being home around family. Grocery prices and availability here are awesome. As much as we talk about it, the traffic here is heaven compared to Baton Rouge, what with the planned freeways and such. I enjoyed being a minority for a while, I know I will find it annoying to be among so many other Louisianians who all think basically the same way.
  12. Are those wishes or predictions? I'm kinda pulling for a few of them, even though I shouldn't be. Ah whatever, there's nothing wrong with hoping for the death of reality tv. Except Moonshiners, that's good stuff.
  13. 1. Lowest presidential voter turnout ever due to crappy candidates on both sides. Obama wins because the republicans fail to get organized and united, again. No one cares. Lowest ever ratings on new coverage surrounding the election. 2. Another super-major energy company splits up, a-la ConocoPhillips this year. Prime candidates: Chevron, BP, Exxon. 3. At least one death as a result of terrorist activity at the summer Olympics in London 4. North Korea becomes more and more irrelevant. Iran invades a weakened Iraq, but it ends up not changing anything. 5. The Washington Nationals make the MLB playoffs. WTF?!! The Astros are as bad as last year.
  14. Right, the danger is that now that the reference is out there it will stick. And it happens to be the thread title. I don't really care, I'm just waiting for the inevitable hot wings place right on Buffalo Bayou. So hot the rats won't even touch them!
  15. Why not go for a name not already known for another place? We could totally be famous for our own "Ditch-strict" or some other clever name. They need a bigger filter on that bayou before riverwalk style restaurants and patrons are eating right by the water.
  16. I had a hard time with the confidence this year. I kept moving every game farther down, to the point that ones I moved down earlier kept coming back up. I don't know if it's just good matchups, the fact that I've been more absorbed in my own team than usual, or the fact that it seems like every team this year isn't that great.
  17. I can't help but think this Sumlin to A&M thing is going to end badly. It reminds me of what LSU did back in the early 90's when they hired Curly Hallman. If you don't know, he came from Southern Miss (low profile school, they don't play anyone...sound familiar?). They had a pretty good run when they had 1 really good player, a QB named Brett Favre. Another similarity. Anyway, Curly Hallman single-handedly took LSU football from perennial conference champ contenders to a 2-9 team. Just warning you Aggies, don't overestimate a coaches "accomplishments" that were actually achieved by a good QB against a bunch of junior college competition.
  18. You knew it was coming. College Bowl Mania! Confidence style. This game challenges you to select the winners of each of the NCAA college football bowl games. You can play with a Confidence scoring system (assign confidence points to your picks) or Straight scoring system (just pick the winners!). Best of all, the game is FREE to play! Get in the action now: http://games.espn.go.com/college-bowl-mania/en/group?groupID=33966 Group: HAIF Bowl Pick Em Password: haif
  19. You jinxed it! There is a thread every year, and every year has ended in disappointment. So far so good, but we can expect downhill from here on out.
  20. Usually it's to give trucks room to turn, if it's a left turn lane to keep that lane farther back, or to keep people out of the crosswalk. I've seen lots of these in Baton Rouge. Drivers there are generally worse than here, maybe they need more tips.
  21. These night games are good entertainment. Ok state doing its part, and to help them out VT is losing big and UH lost. Please do not let bama into the national championship game. SEC champs! It's nice to only need to play 1 half and still blow decent teams out.
  22. Through 3 quarters, UH is looking like every other Houston sports team throughout history. They look like they thought Southern Miss shouldn't even be trying and are surprised they are. With so much on the line it's pretty pathetic. Don't expect UH to have another shot at a BCS bowl any time in the near future. Man up in the 4th!
  23. I have kids, and I hated that damn sandbox. Why the hell would I want my kid to get all sandy, ever, especially when going somewhere? I hate going out to eat when kids are rowdy everywhere. We take ours out sometimes, and sometimes they are good. When they aren't, I can't get out of there fast enough. That's only partially because of the impact to others, most of it is that I don't want to deal with it. Baby-sitters are awesome. Tomorrow night will reaffirm that.
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