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  1. i saw it coming since day 1....the original location is always busy due to location etc...

    this one was empty every single time i went (which was pretty often) to get their cranberry shortbread cookies and egg tarts etc! 

    RIP...montrose didn't know what they were missing 😪

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  2. So today they have the entire expanse of the old Masraff's fenced off...they currently have a crew doing something to the entire facade of the building that faces Post Oak Blvd currently...not sure if this is part of the entire plaza remodel or for something moving into the space...


    edit to add: i just drove by and looks like there is work being done on the inside AND the outer facade is being ripped off so maybe this is both a remodel and an outer renovation to the plaza.  


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  3. Well i guess it's okay to announce now but it's a sad day when i have to say goodbye to Tommy's Grill and their freaking amazing breakfast tacos. Story is they are closing at the end of this month (July). I have been going there for over 20 years and everyone there, especially the owner, is super nice. They will be so missed. (Apparently with the almost 2 year covid closure and then most people not having returned back to work in these towers specifically is what helped push this along sooner than what was planned...)

    On another note there was another restaurant eyeing this space, so let's see if that comes to light sometime soon. 


    edit to add that yes, they now have a large sign on the window saying: Goodbye and thank you for 30 years of patronage or something to that effect...there was a rumor that a "not so common" establishment was looking at the space but not sure if that was just a rumor or not ;) 


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  4. everytime i drive by here i think about what a dang missed opportunity this was to have something really cool or at least more original for montrose than just another ugly plain low rise strip center...and to keep that mobile store on the corner is just............ 💀

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  5. i know! it is sad! the original Berry Hill on Revere is still open...it was supposed to close long ago but for now still open. (and the little cart they originally used is still out front by the street...)

    but i thought that plaza was still possibly being redeveloped? who knows...


  6. wow just noticed this morning but Berry Hill is now permanently closed with signage saying as much on both entrances, the large signs are removed from the building and they have already begun hollowing out the space as well!


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  7. yeah love the Hotel Granduca and with all that is popping up in Uptown Park it is becoming more and more popular!

    i will say that i truly love Hotel Saint Cecelia so i was hoping for something more along that vibe in design...but this is cool. 

  8. On 5/21/2022 at 6:47 PM, dbigtex56 said:

    According to HCAD the owner is Dr. Anosh Ahmed.
    Google him - seems like an, ahem, interesting character. 

    good lord! 💀

  9. got invited last night to go to Uchiko as part of their soft opening and wow was the food good...and since i am not the biggest sushi fan, i had to try their appetizers: Brussel Spouts (and omg just freaking incredible)...and the Karaage (incredible as well!)... the service was great, people were super nice, chris loved the sushi (as expected as he frequents Uchi) and he had a couple of cocktails he said were made perfectly. I recommend sitting at the full bar for quick service...or if not in a hurry, ask to sit at one of the handful of booths in the main dining area...those were awesome. 

    anyway...super fun to be able to walk here last night and see the place buzzing! you CAN definitely walk in tonight or tomorrow and chance getting getting a table or a seat at the bar without an invite or reservation...they are closed sunday to take a 1 day break before the big grand opening. (IF you get in tonight or tomorrow they are doing a Soft Opening discount so our tab was about half...so we left a nice tip of course!)


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  10. i think the main problem is the access to that lot and the way it is configured to be honest but yes i will say that more often than not the streets are packed with parked cars as the lot is full...especially thurs to sun. 

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