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  1. i don't mind it toooooooooo much but the art work/photographs on that wall are horrendous so hopefully they have something better planned. they need a statue of Mr Clean and that will look like his soap suds/bubbles all swirling around...heck, they could have even painted the floor to look like a toilet bowl!!!! 🤪

  2. omg funny conversation just now with Uptown Houston staff...they said they PROMISE that the rings/ufos will be back...the first one was supposed to return by end of year but now pushed to February. they said that having to completely rebuild them so large has been a major feat and unfortunately just taking a lot longer than they even imagined. so there ya go...

    i did tell the office that i will bring them a box of donuts the day they are reinstalled so that practically guarantees these will go up asap 🤪🍩

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  3. 56 minutes ago, mkultra25 said:

    @gene I wasn't able to catch it either, but you'd think that it will eventually get a wider release (streaming and/or additional theatrical screenings) now that's it's completed. I've wanted to see it since the teaser trailer was originally released when the film was still in development. 

    I know!!! Me too! I am sure I will get to see it eventually, i just wish it was sooner than later. #'s was such a huge part of my teen and young adult years!!! can't wait to see it @mkultra25

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  4. 1 hour ago, kennyc05 said:

    I thought this strip center was in the process of clearing out for redevelopment? 

    no something happened where Dick's at one point told me they were moving out this year...then months later they told me they renewed their contract.... kooky as i was excited about this possible redevelopment. I am sure it will eventually happen...just not sure when

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  5. update on Sugar Factory Express in that there is no update...something has definitely happened to slow down progress as i was able to see through the construction door and it looks like little to no work has been done AT ALL! craziness...

    also what in the heck is going on next door with Pot Belly Sandwiches always having that sign that says Temporarily Closed for the past year or so?


  6. dangit...i missed it...been waiting for over a year to see this. i did run into Bruce a couple of weeks ago on the new Norwegian Cruise ship Prima which was amazing btw...WOW...

    he was a co-owner and also the owner of Record Rack! I forgot to ask him if he is in this! 

  7. On 10/28/2022 at 7:13 AM, Highrise Tower said:

    The West End located at 5320 Westheimer Road is on today's demo report issued by Cherry. 

    seriously sad this dud of a business couldn't get it's act together...poor management, horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible service and more led to it's demise. For those of us that lived walking distance, I truly wish we could have had a cool more casual place to go like this that worked...RIP.  

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  8. it still boggles my mind that they didn't do something bigger or cooler here but whatever... it is looking pretty good for what it is...now i just need them to work on that connecting portion with the dumb T Mobile store 😑 as you know, my ocd is acting up 🤪

  9. Pro Tip:

    Don't google it on the work computer 😮


    and back to the subject at hand (no pun intended...) any more news as to when it will be demolished and what is replacing it? a parking lot for sure? 

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  10. But Montrose is no longer what it used to be so yes they could have still been off Westheimer but either lower or upper Westheimer would make more sense...especially where they are now (east Elgin) makes more sense in it's proximity to downtown/bus station and cheaper i am sure...so I understand the argument. Back in the day Montrose made more sense because it was a place known for embracing all and a haven for those displaced or abandoned or looking for acceptance and a new start or those just really LIVING their authentic life and self...(i mean that should be the world in general but you know what i mean...Montrose was just cool like that!)... BUT i will say, wow to the new larger nicer facility...somewhere they can be proud to call work/home/etc...IF they were going to stay i am glad they are getting something incredible. 

  11. haha i understand that...but yes they are keeping all the back trails like behind the running center etc and (for now) the picnic loop to keep that woodsy feel... i like having the best of both worlds nice manicured parks and amenities and then untamed woods/forests....so lets hope they keep some of that feel... on the outskirts anyway...

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  12. i don't know if sterilized is the right term but i do want the parks as nice as possible...and i think we began to get that when Eastern Glades was created.... now with these new elements we are on our way to becoming one of the best city parks in the country! In fact i hope they go into the existing picnic loop and redo that to make it nicer. They could start with doing all new LEVELED cement pads for every picnic table set up...and hopefully get rid of all the broken down ones and maybe all new matching ones to help my slight ocd 🙃

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  13. upon passing the pier last night i noticed that thing is super raised from the ground...which means the water level is either going to be high or this isn't a pier but just some kind of raised platform which would be odd...

    could it be that it is mostly water that makes up the south side of the land bridge? I am so confused haha! 

  14. *no comment* 😮🤪

    On 10/15/2022 at 12:34 PM, dbigtex56 said:

    I hope that the new owner is familiar with the concept of edging. That area between the street and the sidewalk is a mess.


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  15. yes, amazing to see that from above!!! thank you @cityliving !!!

    those images are from awhile ago maybe (?) which if you look at the top image on the upper left of the green group of trees, that darker brown patch is where they have built the pier, so that must be the pond(?)... i am just speculating but dying to see this all finished...i know it is going to be incredible.

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