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  1. Did you go on the tour? How was it? I have seen them is Seabrook in the 1990s and more recently in Friendswood at FM528 and West Bay Area.
  2. Just FYI. UP is in the process even as I type of nearly finishing a complete rail upgrade on the line at east out to League City with plas to rehab the entire line to the UP yard on the Island. The rail is now modern, continuous welded rail. This line sees 6 to 10 trains a day plus a local that services the handful of industries along the subdivision. It was stated on an industry train forum that UP desires to minimize trackage rights on the BNSF Galveston sub through pearland-Alvin-Santa Fe, increasing freight commerce on their own Glaveston line makes the most sense. Speed should increase a
  3. Digging up an old thread because of new images in Google maps historic views confrms what I remember seeing. The old Sears warehouse on Allen Parkway was served by a spur from the north that crossed the bayou, I remember the bridge back in the 80s and have a photo of it somewhere with its Southern Pacific emblem. Rail service seems to have ceased long before though. There is little evidence that the spur was ever there.
  4. The record store in the mall, across from Susie's Casuals, was Hastings. I worked there for a few months in the mid 80s between many years working at Penny's in package pickup and credit. I loved working at Pennys. My grandmother lived in Almeda Chateua across the street so I virtually grew up in Almeda Mall and at the Target and the library and Best...wow, memories. I remember all the things you all are speaking of. There was a Burger King across from Best (by the Almeda Chateau) that failed, became a Blimpie, then a Ron's Crispy Friend Chicken, then a veterinarian. I don't know if that build
  5. Hmmm, that looks like it, after a major redesign to take advantage of its inherent retro look. I don't recognize much, but enough to say that it is probably the same place. Thanks for the link!
  6. I stayed at the old Tropicana hotel on the riverwalk around 1982, I remember it being rather dated even then, but I can't find any reference to the place at all. I believe there is a new one, but was the old hotel demolished? It had 1960s style features if I recall.
  7. There are huge gar in Clear Creek and Clear Lake, saw one last year while boating in the creek, 5 to 6 footer just hanging out like a log. Spotted gar are more common and like the clear water upstream from I:45 bridge and past Challenger Park. Alligator gar don't mind living in mud. Sims Bayous had alligator gar in the 1990s, we used to hang out at MacGregor park skipping class at UH occasionally in the late 1990s (that is Sims, or is it Brays?) Anyway, Buffalo Bayou has lots of catfish and gars as well, while metal detecting near the Shepherd bridge where the land was backfilled with debris f
  8. I have some more, I was fascinated with the crumbling area at the time. I will see if I can dig out the negs and scan some more.
  9. True, in part, but Clear Creek and the various bayous that empty into Clear Lake are not full fledged rivers and their watershed is mostly black gumbo soils. Before sprawn and industrial fishing, pollution from oil drilling in the Clear Creek Watershed, it was a greenish color but clear. In some places upwater of the tidal zone the water is still green and clear. In the reports given by early settlers, clear lake was clear to 6 ft depth (I can look up the reference if you like, if I can find it). The presence of grasses throughout the entire bay system kept is clear of most silt, once fishing
  10. I used tp play ball there too, for 9 years. I remember when the Brio site was Dixie Refining and in operation. The part on the north side of Dixie Farm/Choate Rd. was the "storage" facility, we used to sneak in over there and throw things into the open storage pits that seemed to stretch for 100 yards. They had a huge ruptured storage tank on its side there too, and the whole place was wierdly cool. Southbend was razed and today it remains undeveloped, I pass there once or twice a week. There is new development across from the site on Beamer, south of San Jac. A low cost housing place sprang u
  11. I took these photos in one of my Photography classes at UH, 1989 or 1990. Mostly just things that I found fascinating, and brick buildings are fascinating to me, as well as the contrast between old and new. Don't know if these will be worth posting, for I am not an architect but a designer, I figured I'd share anyway. Click for full size
  12. Hey I dated a girl from that church! I used to attend Park Place Lutheran accross the street from Methodist and remember thinking that their church looked much more cool than ours.
  13. My family used to drive from teh Sagemont area up to Loma Linda restaurant, it was somehwere off Telephone around Park Place, maybe. Is the building still there, and if so, where is it? I used to love that place as a kid, I remember they had velvet dresses on the walls and the staff knew our family as regulars. I'd love to go look at the place and see if it is what I remember - 1950's styled brick and angled glass.
  14. B-29s were converted to B-50s and flown more commonly as KB-50 takers. They flew well into the 1950s IIRC. There are very few B-29s that are preserved, most being scrapped or converted to the KB-50 role. The B-29 that the CAF has ("Fifi") is the only one flying today. It didn't get flightworth until 1974 and wasn't anywhere near Houston then, but flew from China Lake NAS to Harlingen TX. Not saying it wasn't a B-29 you saw but getting one of those down in Houston would be a pretty hard feat unless it was a major airfield. PB4Y-2 Naval Bombers (Naval version of the B-24) had a glass nose and th
  15. When they were putting in the metro station where the old theater used to be, I was saddened. But being an opportunist, I asked for permission to metal detect where the hill used to be that we kids used to roll down toward the feeder road. They were teraing it out and leveling the thing. I had a day before they put up the fences. I found $15 in silver coinage from the 40s thru 60s, lots of clad coinage, and some miscellaneous junk jewelry, one hotwheel, and a high school ring from 1966, Jones I think, it was bent and the stone was missing. Tons of pop tops and pull tabs as usual. It was one of
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