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  1. If it's just Houston that's getting expensive, it will hamstring some of the buildings being proposed downtown. However, if Chevron gets done spending on that $60 billion Australian gas plant, they might start looking at Houston again.
  2. Well, it's something, but then we've seen dates busted before. I'm guessing nothing until Q2 of next year.
  3. Are they kidding? US GDP figures just came out at 4.2%. The latest Texas Labor Market Indicator showed Houston has created 110,000 jobs YOY. Shouldn't a 2016 crash be a concern some place like Dallas?
  4. 10%? I've been hearing costs have gone up almost 50%. And there are labor shortages. I wonder if any of those kids from Honduras know how to swing a hammer.
  5. This one started life as 2x12. When the renders came out (shown on Page 1), it looked like 8. I'm not sure who got the idea it was 21, but it appears that the idea all along was for 8 stories - possibly in one monolithic building spanning two city blocks. Oh, well...
  6. Only that JLB is responsible for the apartment complex that went up like tinder in the Montrose back in the Spring. They seem keen to rebuild that one as well. I can't imagine that financing is hard to get in a town that absorbs 21,000 apartments in a year. What's $30 million among friends?
  7. Speaking of which, there's a tall crane over by the Medical Center. Which project is that?
  8. Well, the article says it's started. Now if this were DC, that H-E-B would be on the first floor.
  9. I don't expect more than a five-story wrap, myself. That's about what 216 units becomes in this town.
  10. Geez - everyone's looking for progress on building proposals that were announced in January. Considering some projects often don't start for years after announcement, a project doesn't die if it hasn't made any progress in 8 months...
  11. One would think, but not everything out there is suitable. I see empty auto showrooms on the North Freeway, but nobody's in a hurry to redevelop them. But that could change.
  12. The second time was before Skyhouse River Oaks was announced. But yes, this has made the rounds.
  13. HBJ is reporting from other sources that Houston is on a pace to build 30,000 homes this year - a record. Add that to the 18,000 apartments and it's still not enough.
  14. Allen spent $60 million on it. And it's got engineering defects.
  15. This is probably one of the biggest projects since Heritage Plaza, and there are a whole lot more amateur photographers documenting this work than there were in the '80s.
  16. Those people look too old and too neat to be students.
  17. I'm hearing rents for a lot of the new buildings are $1.50-2.00 a square foot. The cheaper properties are all outside the Loop.
  18. It seems it would also be too expensive to be running out of developable lots. But that seems to be the chief lament of the developers from Downtown to Conroe. Not only that, but land and materials are getting expensive, and labor is in short supply.
  19. It's becoming more and more of a problem, as highlighted by recent articles in various publications stating that Houston is getting more expensive and less affordable overall. That's quite a reversal from ten years ago, when Houston's attraction was its affordability. And it's going to spread. The wards that used to have some of the cheapest real estate in town are now starting to attract a lot of gentrification (just ask the folks on the Northside, where Pegstar plans to put its new concert venue). The reaction of the middle and lower income population has been to move farther and farther out. The word is they can't develop lots fast enough to meet the demand for housing, and the demand for apartments absorbed 21,000 units in the past year. Houston is turning into New York.
  20. Nancy Sarnoff at the Chron asked a similar question and came up with: AmREIT Camden Property Trust Weingarten LGI Homes Whitestone REIT http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/08/stock-snapshot-houstons-publicly-traded-real-estate-companies/
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