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  1. So far, that honor seems to belong to another team at the other end of I-45.
  2. I'm surprised that a 6-story building is being built without a tower crane. Of course it's all wood framing.
  3. They should not be losing to the Twins at home.
  4. Figures they'd put it behind a paywall. It's going to be a nice building, but it will completely obscure West Ave.
  5. Until the permit shows up in HBJ, it's not really underway. Given reports of labor shortages and escalating materials costs, I would not be surprised if the project has had trouble starting. I just hope whoever bid the project built in the extra costs.
  6. Actually, Hanover sold that property to AMLI, so the name is once again available. Sarnoff's column has a nice big white space. What do you suppose was supposed to go in there?
  7. I would guess Montgomery County can support a A or possibly a AA baseball team. The reference to the hockey team intrigues me, though, as Houston lost its only minor league team after the Rockets kicked them out of Toyota Center (Hockey? Shoot, there's money to be made selling tickets to Miley Cyrus and Disney on Ice!).
  8. It's supposed to be 757'. Hard to tell from the renders, though...
  9. Acute labor shortages. It's already a given that you have to clean up their addictions, but that would be true whether you put them on a rig or left them on the street. Getting them a steady income and a skill makes it worth their while to go straight. And maybe they'll become reliable tenants, which is what anyone who owns apartments wants.
  10. Curiously, the competing 40-story tower is missing. That's Hines for ya.
  11. The latest HBJ says the community colleges are offering training courses for $10K or less. Compared to the salaries being paid to welders and roustabouts, it seems like it the trainees could pay back the cost of training pretty quickly - if the employers themselves weren't paying to train them. And anyone making a welder's salary can afford something reasonable. The rehab's the tricky part. But it takes care of two problems - unemployed homeless persons and companies looking for people to work on the oil rigs.
  12. A different tower is going to be attached to the Marquis garage. Development in the area is eventually going to surround Discovery Green with highrises.
  13. Well, you see, Al Jaffee's original design called for a giant fly to be squashed onto the side of the building...
  14. Shh, if any of you Aggie engineers worked on this one, I won't tell. Actually, the A&M bonfire is the only one I'm familiar with.
  15. The FAA's a bit miffed, though. It's the Wild West for drone operations out there, and people are bouncing them off buildings, airplanes and other things. If another one hits the Seattle Space Needle, you might see a crackdown.
  16. My guess is demand should still be good. With very few homes on the market and lot shortages affecting even the exurbs, this town can't build residential fast enough to meet demand. Only labor shortages and soaring materials prices can stop the developers. Besides, the City's paying them to build.
  17. One can blame it on a welding accident, but the fire should have been contained and should not have burned down the entire complex. Fire walls would have confined the blaze to one section, preserving the rest so that it didn't become a gigantic A&M Homecoming Bonfire.
  18. The guys at Pegstar reacted like they got outed. But it should have been expected.
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