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  1. I am thinking of protesting my property taxes this year for the first time this year. My neighbor recently sold his home for less than my home was appraised for and my home is less sqft, less upgraded, and has less bathrooms. I think it should be a fairly simple case since his property is a good example to compare to mine My question is - where do I find the official property sale record in a format that HCAD will accept? Is there a place to go for property sale records, or do I need to ask my neighbor to give me a copy of an official document with the sale price? Is there any other evidence I should submit? Thanks!
  2. Not sure if I ever posted this, it's kind of old but i thought it was cool at least (just going through some old photos and videos since I haven't posted much lately). Does anyone know how to embed a YouTube video? https://youtu.be/mAEx4PgRAW4
  3. damnit sorry that is sideways. I miss tapatalk. The mobile web browser version of haif isn't cutting it for me.
  4. Hey Nate, I think I see my office from your office! I was pumped when I saw the crane but I'm disappointed that it's only for the garage.
  5. Not that I know of. The builder is Fretz. The architect is Kirksey. Here's some more info: http://www.stthom.edu/Public/Index.asp?0=0&page_id=3618&Source_URL=%2FAbout%2FOnline_Newsroom%2FNews_Features.aqf%3FNewsScriptAction%3DAdvanced_Search%26AQ_Year%3D2014&Content_ID=104348
  6. Today they are razing the house at 4019 Yoakum Blvd. Nobody has any information about this project?
  7. I just noticed today that they are currently in the process of tearing the current Basilian Fathers house down, so this project is definitely going ahead. Has anybody heard anything?
  8. Jax

    Metro Rail Time Lapse

    Thanks guys! I was trying out the new time lapse feature in iOS8 beta!
  9. Jax

    Metro Rail Time Lapse

    Oops and thanks!
  10. I thought you guys might like this video I made.
  11. I heard a rumor that the Basilian Fathers at University of St. Thomas are about to tear down their house (Donaghue Hall next door to Hughes House on Yoakum between Branard and West Main), and replace it with a more modern 2 story structure. Does anybody know any details about this project? I heard that Kirksey architects were working on the project.
  12. I can't turn on the audio at work but what's up with the CN Tower (Toronto) in the background?
  13. That's how I felt about the Mosaic condos when they went up on Almeda. They've grown on me a tiny bit but still I think it would look better if the concrete was treated somehow, or covered.
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