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  1. There is about 18.5 acres(about 900,000 square feet) to develop there. Being next to the lake should bring a premium price for the developments.
  2. The post where Colonial Park was 1/2 mile south of the intersection of the GH&SA railroad would put it East of the Mecom Fountain. Using this map https://www.harriscountyarchives.com/Maps/imgZ.html?img=houston1913_4 and this 1913 directory listing it appears that the park was just South of Southmore. I think the Main Street Park item was the predecessor to Hermann Park, since that land was owned by George Hermann.
  3. Apache is moving its HQ to Westchase https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/12/02/apache-corp-to-move-hq-to-westchase.html It looks like they are moving to space that part of the company already occupies “We are excited to move our corporate headquarters to Briarlake Plaza,” said Mark Maddox, Apache’s senior vice president of administration, in a statement. “The customized space we will build out at Briarlake will facilitate employee connection, reduce drive times for the majority of our employees, and enhance the employee workplace experience.”
  4. The Legislature does the heavy lifting on this. You can look at the Wikipedia pages for all of those institutions and see how they started, when they joined a system and changed names, and other useful information.
  5. As many as it takes to put UT and TAMU in their place, with the end goal of diverting all PUF money to UH, since anything Houston related is superior to anything else in Texas.🤣
  6. North Forest doesn't exist any longer. All of the kids are in HISD now. There was an agenda item in 2018 regarding settling the lawsuits in Federal court brought by former North Forest employees. What other issues were you wondering about?
  7. Heights 26th, llc has the same registered agent address as Property Commerce. https://www.propertycommerce.com/ Property Commerce, and the registered agent for Heights 26th, is the Mayor of Bunker Hill, among other things.
  8. That's not the Heights at all, it's Shady Acres. It's also currently a trailer park that sits next to a body shop with lots of parking. The proposed development hardly ruins the character of the area.
  9. That was very typical of the time. Lots of dark woods and heavy cloth.
  10. A lot of that was actually done by the owners, many of whom moved to new houses farther away from Downtown, and turned the old house into a boarding house, or sold it for another use. When I get a chance, I'll see if I can find when the CG Pillot house was demolished.
  11. There was a memorandum of sale to Toll Brothers recorded in July 2022. This isn't too surprising, since the property is valued by HCAD at $8.5 million, which would be tough for a pre-school to cover unless it's a non-profit and not subject to property taxes. Taxes are about $210,000 for this year. I can't find out the price paid to HISD for the property in 2010, the deed, as usual here, only says $10 and other valuable consideration.
  12. I think it was farther East, since it was on the corner of McKinney and Hamilton. The block number is on the Sanborn map as Block 158. Here's the entire Sanborn Map page:
  13. What would you do with the traffic that uses Spur 527? It doesn't go away, even if Brazos and Bagby weren't reconnected.
  14. The Pillot house that's at Sam Houston Park was the house originally at 1803 McKinney https://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/2010/10/then-now-25-the-pillot-house/
  15. Looks like 1817 McKinney at Hamilton in the 1907 and 1923 directories Sanborn map from 1907. Block 158 is under the GRB now. House was probably demolished by the 1950's. 1803 McKinney was owned by Teolin Pillot, Camille's Brother. Their father was born in France, their mother in Louisiana. 1930 Census lists value of CG Pillot house at $100,000, Teolin Pillot house at $125,000. Camille Pillot in 1930 is shown as living there, but the head of household is his son Norman. Camille Pillot died in October 1953 at age 92, and is listed as living in the Shamrock Hotel. His son Norman died in 1947 at age 54, and his address was listed as 1 Briarwood Ct, which looks like it may still be around.
  16. 1911 directory shows him 2.5 miles beyond city limits on Main. Other city directory entries over the years show him living all over town in various rooming houses Buried at Forest Park Cemetery https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/182131929/samuel-lewis_williams-hain
  17. Once again, how do the people using Kirby, Montrose, Shepherd, etc to get from TMC(and other similar places) to the NW quadrant inside the Loop make their journeys when those streets cannot carry the traffic load? There are only three bridges across Buffalo Bayou between Downtown and the West Loop. The Waugh Drive bridge isn't connected in any good way South of Westheimer, which leaves the main North/South routes as Shepherd/Kirby and Montrose.
  18. So, you guys are essentially arguing that Montrose and Kirby should be rebuilt to be one lane each way with a turn lane in the middle? If so, how do people get from the Medical Center to, say, the Heights? Every city has main streets that are 2 or 3 lanes each direction and move lots of traffic from one part of town to another.
  19. One reason for retention is to ensure the as builts are done and approved. There's always some unknown thing in old buildings. That generator is a great example.
  20. All of "these people" have been there from the start, getting railroaded by TxDOT's really poor desire to cover the planet with concrete.
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