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  1. There were some nice houses in Downtown back then
  2. Barriers? Those are for plebs. When I lived in Doha, driving to work one day there was a disturbance ahead where some South Asian workers were setting up barriers to block one lane on the right. A Qatari in a Land Cruiser took exception to the barriers, jumped out of his car, berated the workers, then started throwing the barriers into the adjacent construction site, then berated the workers some more. The workers waited for him to settle down and drive off, shrugged, laughed, and put some other barriers up.
  3. I think Lochinvar has bent grass greens, but I'll never get to play there. The first time I played back in Houston on Bermuda greens after playing on bent grass for a couple of years in California, I manage to miss putts by 10 feet, as there was no break at all here. It was hilarious to watch. Unfortunately, bent grass just doesn't do well here.
  4. Shepherd was redone from Westheimer to Allen Parkway, including new storm sewers. Kirby was redone to a high standard, and so were a bunch of other streets. Keep in mind that the money for freeways comes from the State, and doesn't use City money at all. And, in a nice change from the past, the City has actually spent money on streets in a number of underserved areas
  5. Perhaps some anonymous letters with pictures sent to new residents might be in order, once these sell.
  6. There was no potential for that house to be flipped for non-demolition residential. 1,000 sq ft 2/1? Not going to survive, as no one wants to live in a house that small these days. There was also no potential for a flip because the owners didn't want to flip it to residential when they can presumably make a lot more money with less liability by turning it into a parking lot.
  7. Another good one is the Lock Picking Lawyer. If someone wants to open your lock, they will. The number of locks he opens in less than 60 seconds is amazing.
  8. Did you not read the part where that property has been owned by the Kowis family or their business since the 1960's possibly earlier(it was transferred to their business entity in the late 60's). The property hasn't been sold, but is being demolished by the entity that has owned it for over 50 years. They obviously have a different use in mind, and nothing you say or do is going to change that. There was zero chance that it would be sold to a residential buyer. And, it's not the Heights, period.
  9. Property has been owned by the owners of the building next door(K&K Food Market) since the late 1960's. It was never going to be flipped for residential. It's also technically not the Heights, but Stude's First Addition. Interestingly, the people who sold the property to K&K Food Market still own most of that block along Cavalcade, and a lot on Robbie. Hmm, after further research, K&K Food Market is an entity owned by the Kowis family that transferred the property to K&K. Which reinforces the fact that it was never going to be residential.
  10. Richard at Precision has done one build video that I know of. The builds take 4 to 9 hours, which means more editing, and tying someone up holding the camera instead of working. The car carrier videos are pretty good.
  11. Ross

    1223 W 11th

    Thanks! Well, it could be worse, it could be called Daddy's Chicken Ranch...
  12. Wife wanted some lamp parts, and sent me to Heights Lights and Things at 2515 Harvard. There's a few goin gout of business signs, and their stock is way down. I would not be surprised to see this sold and redeveloped. Anyone know what's happening?
  13. Ross

    1223 W 11th

    This is the NE corner of Shepherd and 11th. I noticed the Dry Clean Super Center was empty today, and drove through the parking lot. The place looked empty, and there is a sign directing customers to 2302 Bissonet to pick up their cleaning. The property was sold in April to BE Sawdust Realty, Ltd, and the managing partner is G J Braun Corporation, and Dan Braun is the agent. Waiting to see what ends up here.
  14. Much like the plaques in Saltgrass that say "In 1836, nothing at all happened here"
  15. Here's a link https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/housing/article/Houston-considering-rule-changes-to-fill-16347215.php
  16. This one wasn't on the map. I looked at the time - I've been a frequent user of the RRC maps for a long time, it's the easiest way to get a map of the land grants with abstract numbers I know of, and it's superimposed over recognizable landmarks like streets. Throw in the image layer, and it's even better. The RRC has done a great job of trying to record as many well locations as possible, but there are some missing.
  17. They are on Austin at Wheeler, NE corner, very close to the elevated portion of 59
  18. I didn't give a mix of oil vs water. Water wells are the most likely to be encountered, with potential flooding of tunnels if they are encountered. It's simpler to deal with the flooding issues in cut and cover than in boring due to better access and easier escape. The problem with oil wells is no on knows where they are or how they were abandoned, if they were abandoned with more than a metal plate welded to the top of the hole. An abandoned oil well near where I live was redone about 10 years ago, and it wasn' ton any of the RRC maps when it was found.
  19. I don't think so. Any tunneling would be done by cut and cover, not actual boring machines. Cut and cover is hugely disruptive. Tunneling in Houston also has the issue of not knowing what, exactly, is underground. There are thousands of unpermitted water and oil wells from 100 years ago, and no one knows where all of them are. Europe typically does not have that problem.
  20. Looks like Wendy's style windows. It was definitely a JitB before it closed.
  21. There may also be a timing issue with the census, given it occurs every 10 years. Depending on when the kids are born, they won't get picked up in the census. It might be useful to do an analysis based on ages.
  22. You might be surprised. We lived in that area from the end 1998 through mid-2004. Once our kid turned 2, we started looking elsewhere for a house with a bigger yard and fewer street people. I think that is the normal course of events.
  23. Wow, that sounds totally bogus. What next, pedestrians have to walk around the campus instead of through? If bicycles aren't allowed through the campus, then there have to be signs on every entrance to that effect, given it's public property. I had a conversation with someone at HCC when they were seeking public input on closing La Branch. Seemed like HCC didn't really give a crap about the impact of their activities on the surrounding community.
  24. It's the name of the German immigrants who developed the area.
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