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  1. If it's a power pole, call Centerpoint. The City doesn't fix Centerpoint's stuff. A friend worked there., It was Exxon Production Research, later Upstream Research. I think the Chemicals research part of Exxon is in New Jersey or somewhere up that way.
  2. That part of Midtown flooded during Allison in 2001, but I think that was due to the overall huge amount of water that fell. Once the freeway filled up, there was no other place for the water to go except into the townhouses.
  3. 1500 Gray and HCAD agreed to value the property at $3,865,000 for 2020. They also sued in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021. I look this stuff up at the Harris County district Clerk's site, which is free, and ahs all of the available documents. The suit basically says that HCAD over valued the property, and 1500 Gray wants it reduced, along with attorney's fees, yada, yada, yada. Looks typical for an appraisal lawsuit, but I haven't read that many of them. I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I also did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, preferring to sleep in my own bed.
  4. The course on Witte was pretty much on the corner of Witte and Old Katy. The course on the map is up near Gessner and Hammerly. On the 1953 Google Earth aerials, there is a golf course on the SW corner of Gessner and Hammerly. There was another course, Pine something, at Gessner and Clay, built between 1989 and 1995. It's essentially gone now with houses being built there. The par 3 course at Witte and Old Katy is now a Citibank processing center. A friend call Citi after the building opened to ask if they had any jobs. The Citi rep asked him how he knew about the location to which my friend replied "there is a big ass Citibank sign on the building, is it lying about what's there?".
  5. I have no problem with requiring detention so that runoff from a development doesn't impact others negatively. I don't think developers should get to harm others, and requiring detention that retains 24 inches of rainfall on the property seems reasonable. What I've objected to in the past is telling property owners that they can't demolish their buildings because others find them attractive, or trying to force someone to include space for GFR when it's not likely to be economically viable. I found the historic districts to be an abomination because it changed the rules in midstream, and also require some really stupid stuff, like being able to return the building to it's original state. That one is completely ridiculous. The key is to not get emotionally invested in property you do not own.
  6. The old western wear/porn theater building is gone. Looks like the strip club owner sold both properties last June, but the sales had not been recorded when I made the post I am quoting. New owner is Mecca April, Inc of Richardson, Texas. No clue what's planned for the site, but it has to be better than the old building with its acre sized mosquito breeding facility and fake air conditioners on the roof - they were all just empty metal boxes. That's humor folks.
  7. 2021 tax rates in Houston, with no TIRZ or special taxing entity: HOUSTON ISD 1.094400 49.96% HARRIS COUNTY 0.376930 16.17% HARRIS CO FLOOD CNTRL 0.033490 1.44% PORT OF HOUSTON AUTHY 0.008720 0.37% HARRIS CO HOSP DIST 0.162210 6.96% HARRIS CO EDUC DEPT 0.004990 0.21% HOU COMMUNITY COLLEGE 0.099092 4.25% CITY OF HOUSTON 0.550830 23.63% HISD and the Hospital District are 57% The City of Houston rate keeps going down, since the revenue cap prevents general fund revenues from property taxes from increasing more than a certain amount. Sales taxes can't go up because they are at the statutory maximum. The City of Houston has a tough balancing act, since revenue can't really increase, and almost 60% of the General Fund goes to police and fire.
  8. Why is not having a coffee shop a problem? Coffee could disappear tomorrow and it would have no effect on me, other than all of the coffee addicts wandering around like zombies. Bwahahaha.
  9. Westheimer and Elgin were originally separate streets, with the Eastern portion of what is now Westheimer named Hathaway Street. This thread has some links that show this I just noticed on the 1955 map that Montrose stops at Westheimer, and North of Westheimer, it's Lincoln Street. Here's a block book map for Hyde Park, that shows Lincoln Street on the far right, West of Grant Notice that Grant runs along the railroad, which was the separation point between Westheimer and Hathaway(as far as I can tell) And, it looks like Waugh was named Euclid in 1905 when Hyde Park was platted. There is a Euclid Street in the Norhill/Woodland Heights area now. I wonder when that got changed.
  10. I guess that will be a spineless site one of these days.
  11. You are vastly over-optimistic. Who is going to pay for the $500 million plus the park will cost, including the cover. It's a very stupid plan created by very stupid people.
  12. I would rather have the businesses and forget the entire stupidity of burying 300 lanes of I-45 and 59. There is nothing at all wrong with the current alignment. Especially since no business ever really gets compensated fully. But that's just me.
  13. The developers are doing that because they can make a known return building what they know how to build. Sure, they could build apartments with GFR and all that jazz, but they don't know for sure if it will make them money. Developers tend to be pretty low risk types. None of them want to build 500,000 square feet of GFR and have it end up empty, or have to find new tenants every 6 months when the restaurant concepts fail.
  14. Must have been a used car. Chick Smith Ford was incorporated in 1975, and I can't find any evidence of a Chevy dealership. In those days, dealers were a single brand, not multiple like we have today.
  15. The ability of counties to regulate development is minimal. Many of the areas that flooded were not in the 100 year floodplain, and were therefore not subject to disclosures or prohibitions on development.
  16. No permits for demo yet. Last permit was in 2020 for emergency repairs.
  17. The Addicks and Barker reservoirs are Federal projects, not City. The Corps of Engineers had to fight for years to get the land in the 1940's, and there was no thought that more land would be required. The City has never had enough money to buy more land out there, and probably couldn't get Federal approval to do so. In general, it's the County and the Feds that control what flood control projects get done.
  18. Same corporate entity owns the parcel where the gas station is going in, which is lot 4-6 Block 272 Baker NSBB. The other parcel is Lots 7,8 Block 272 Baker NSBB. No clue what's going to be built there.
  19. Probably replacing the old hall. The property is owned by the Hyde Park Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, and was replatted from Lots 11, 12, 13, 14 Melrose Place to RES A BLK 1 HYDE PARK CONGREGATION OF JEHOVAHS WITNESSES in 2017. There's a quitclaim deed filed in 2015 where ownership was transferred from several congregations to the Hyde Park congregation.
  20. Cables made of metal are going to be the means to transmit electricity for the foreseeable future. There aren't any real options. Then the choice is are the cables in the air or buried.
  21. No one wants to pay the $5 to $10 million per mile it costs to bury them. Center Point is not going to do it for grins and giggles, they are a regulated utility and get to recover all of their costs.
  22. For HCAD, the entire property is a single parcel. For addresses, though, it's more than one. Here's the HCAD interactive map:
  23. Here you go https://cohweb.houstontx.gov/CampaignFinanceWeb/CFRwebsiteSimpleSearch.aspx
  24. 2730 is the former Exclusive Dance Club site that's in the North part of the building. Luby's was 2726, the South part of the building. The trust filed a lawsuit to evict the dance club.
  25. Jesus guys, I did those calculations in response to someone who asked why a pipeline the same size as TAPS couldn't be used to send water to the bays or the Gulf. I know that any tunnel is going to have to be extremely large. TAPS as an example helps people understand just how much water has to be moved during a flood event. The San Antonio River tunnel is 24 feet 4 inches, and has a flow rate of 6,700 cubic feet per second. The combined Addicks and Barker maximum release rate is 16,630 cfs according to the Corps of Engineers, but Buffalo Bayou can't handle that rate without downstream flooding unless significant channelization is done, which won't happen because powerful people don't want that to happen. I may have missed it, but what happens to tunnel discharge if the tide and wind raise the water level in the ship channel and the bays?
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