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  1. Got my answer in case anyone is interested. The tiles are $7 per sq ft
  2. YAY, I smell a mini price war coming for flights to New York. I love just having another airline option out of Hobby.
  3. Anyone looked into using these tiles? I'm trying to decide on some flooring. I have the sample Floorazzo tiles that I like but didn't get information on the actual costs of the product. Has anyone had experience buying and/or installing these tiles?
  4. Rumor has it that Wolff is looking at Almeda and it is for sale. Hopefully Wolff will do something similar to Meyerland. Mostly I hope Macys/Foleys stays either way. Going all the way to Baybrook for some department store retail is too far.
  5. I'm on Santa Elena near Broadway. The water appears to have come up from a crack in the foundation in one of our rooms. The street in front of our house was completely passable during the storm, the water in the house didn't come from that. So at least the water in the house was fairly clean. Now we just have to see if the Flood policy covers it.
  6. We got water up through the floors. Not flood water but had about an inch or so in a good part of the house. Spent all day pulling up padding and carpet in 3 rooms. Luckily I wanted to replace the carpet and flooring anyway but still not how I planned to spend my day. Rob tried to get to work since he's a firefighter but he flooded out his truck on Glen Valley. Not sure why he tried to leave since there was a gentleman parked in our driveway who had tried to get to work at the airport. He told Rob that we're surrounded and you can't get through. But Rob tried anyway.
  7. We enjoyed it. Not too crowded either. It was nice just being at the museum, I haven't been in ages and forgot that I enjoy it. The exhibit is interesting, not particularly disturbing to me. Mostly we found it hard to realize that it was all real. It was interesting and educational to see the organs that had effects of disease and/or abuse like the smoker's lung, cancer in the body, etc. Mostly the whole exhibit makes you really think about what a wonderful, amazing thing the body is. I'm so not into anatomy, but enjoyed it overall.
  8. Anyone have tips for going? We were hoping to go today and I saw online that I can buy tickets for a certain time. Does that mean if we're running late we will not be able to get in? We are hoping to go today around 3:30 ish depending on how early I can cut out of work today. We're hoping at that time the afternoon crowds will be heading out and we'll beat the evening crowds.
  9. I've lived in GBV for 5 years now and there aren't planes overhead at Glenbrook. I'm on the northern end of GBV. Garden Villas and Pecan Villas have more issues with it. If you want information on the Hobby expansion there is a free meeting @ Hobby on Thurs May 25th at 6:00pm in the Cloud Room. The room is beyond security but you just tell them you are there for the meeting and you will not have to show a boarding pass. You still go through security but I'm not sure if there is a special line set up or not.
  10. Interesting. I work for them. I'm not a loan officer though, I work in the corp office. I'm curious who you used and what happened.
  11. We went Friday to the Preview Party. Great stuff. My boyfriend even feigned interest.
  12. Karen is definately active. She's been on the civic club board last year and this year with me. I think she took a break at some point. She's very involved with the deed restriction violations.
  13. I'm almost as predictable as Danax and rps, as a resident of Glenbrook I'm here. I personally haven't had any problems or felt uncomfortable in the area. Do I like the apts on Broadway? No. But some of them are coming down since Hobby bought them for parking structures. There are problem spots and houses most places. When I lived in the Heights there were regular car break-ins on my street, not so much in Glenbrook. I don't think one's any safer than the other. One definately has a better rep. Like it's been said, it can happen anywhere. But the neighborhood is getting better every day. The
  14. I love that they highlight the rich wildlife in the pitch. Then when such wildlife tears up gardens and eats domestic animals, it's no longer a selling point.
  15. I highly recommend any mod fan seeing Jason's home. I probably can't make this one since I'm committed next weekend to Kinky Friedman's campaign. Have fun! shannon
  16. See "mod listings" thread for links to mods all over town. Also there is an open house this Sunday in Glenbrook Valley on Lakewind. Not in the loop but close.
  17. Glenbrook Valley on Glenview. I'm going to have to walk my great dane by there. When she craps in the yard I won't pick it up. I'll consider it her personal statement. She'll stop crapping in their yard when they stop crapping on the house.
  18. Sorry didn't mean to imply it was a planned flood control project. Just my smarta$$ way of saying that when a city that floods regularly builds a freeway under street level, it's going to flood. I don't let anyone in either Subdude.
  19. The purpose of this construction was to ensure that as much of 59 will flood as possible.
  20. Uggh. Well no matter the price of gas, it is worth the trip to the DSW at Baybrook. rps - I don't think Payless has Highlights anymore. They were to Klassy for Star Jones.
  21. Congrats. It's a beautiful home!
  22. http://latino.msn.com/finanzas/hipotecas/default.aspx
  23. I can't wait to see the inside of this one on Sunday. I've loved it from the time I move to the neighborhood back in '02.
  24. I think I saw that house. If it's what I'm thinking of, I went to an estate sale in the house next door a couple of weeks ago. I remember telling my mom that I would like to see that house. It has some great lines outside.
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