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  1. El Rey's is great and cheap. Is Cha-Cho's still open on Westheimer? I didn't go often but when I went it was cheap and I was full.
  2. I feel relatively safe. One of my neighbors has had his garage broken into. But that happens lots of places. I'd be much happier if all the apartments on Broadway were gone. Some I'm not sure how they haven't been condemned. There is no way they are safe to live it or follow any building codes.
  3. Exactly, I'm just glad its not empty space any longer so I will definately utilize it. The other space will open soon too. I can't remember how to spell the name of the other store going in. I call it Mexico's Weiners. Mostly because they took over many of the old Weiner's stores when Wieners closed and it has the same type/style of merchandise.
  4. I popped in yesterday. It's good for basics. Most of the items are off-brand. But even the brand stuff was priced great. Not huge selections obviously since it's a fraction of the size of most full grocery stores. I'll probably be there often for basics since it's practically in my back yard and it's easier to get in and out of than going to Kroger if there are just a few items you need. (Coca-cola product are current $1.97 a 12-pk) Frankly I usually just go to Kroger for a few basics anyway since the nearest Kroger is pretty half-ass. One interesting thing, the cashiers don't bag your grocer
  5. So far I got one bid for around $9,000 which includes replacing the tile, replacing the coping, increasing the size of the steps and resurfacing. That price also included estimated repair/replacement of the light fixture and pool motor which also weren't working. I have a list of people to call for other bids, but life and work got in the way. I think a basic resurface with the tile & coping replacement would be in the $6000 range. But I really want my current steps extended so that adds to my bids.
  6. The trucks don't have names either. Just what they are and the station number. Engine/Pumper 29, Ladder 29, and Abulance 29 all live together at Station 29. On the side of the truck it would say E-29, L-29 or A-29.
  7. Thanks T, sometimes those are the best recommendations, the don'ts. Thanks to all.
  8. I need some work done, mostly on my exterior lights/plugs. I have an older home (late 50s). Anyone with experience with relay systems would be preferred but not required. Most of the items on my list are to have some exterior light fixtures removed and others added. I think some circuits are overloaded with too many security lights and plugs added through the years.
  9. My mom and I can also vouch for the yummy pecan pie. Also the Italian Cream cake. We enjoyed our sandwiches too. Nice place.
  10. Best plan I heard so far. And surely cheaper than a stupid fence, yeah people never figure out how to get over a fence.
  11. I'd love to know how to kill this too. We ripped it off the brick it was growing on and have tried a variety of vegitation killers. The crap keeps coming back. It's like the cockroach of the plant world.
  12. It's on the online edition of the chron under Entertainment/Restaurants. But based on the opening comment on the Whine & Dine page, it must have been missing. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/dining...ne/4252259.html
  13. That's how I feel about Perry, except he's got better hair.
  14. I agree he's no racist. He actually participated in civil rights movements in Austin when restarants were still segregated. He may do and say things that people don't like, but he's not a racist. I'm not surprised he's the only one who has put his foot in his mouth. You actually have to talk to people to make mistakes. If I hear Grandma tell me she's gonna shake Austin up one more time, I will scream. She's had plenty of time to shake it up and instead focused on changing political parties so she could move up the line.
  15. Anyone know how the ratings are doing since the change at 104? I personally tried to listen to them, but I just couldn't do it.
  16. The 2 Dillards in Baybrook, and maybe First Colony?, weren't duplicate stores though. Didn't they split out the merchandise so all women's was in one and men's was in the other. I remember it was like that when they first split into 2 stores in one mall. I hated it too.
  17. Exactly why I support a true independent. It's ridiculous that it takes million in a war chest to begin to consider running for office.
  18. Anyone going? I'm going to try. Details if you hadn't heard yet - Monday, 9/25 Milby HS Auditorium 1601 Broadway 7:00
  19. Can't wait to vote for him actually. While Rick Perry was cheerleading in college and Chris Bell was being potty trained, Kinky Friedman was picketing segregated restaurants in Austin to integrate them. He's far from a racist.
  20. Casarez on Edgebrook is good. Also recommend Del Sol at 45 & Broadway Circle.
  21. It was just citations because of the number of people on the bus. He wasn't the only one cited, just the only one named on the news. The news report I saw said that if one person would have claimed all of the stash, then that person would have been charged with a much harsher crime. But divide that stash between all the people on the bus and you get a bunch of minor possession tickets I guess.
  22. Peruvian Cocobolo. Now that you are getting specific, my memory of the old mls description is triggered even more. I belive that is it.
  23. ding, ding, ding I think we may have a winner. I believe Cocobolo was the wood listed in the mls listing when this house was last on the market. I'd still check with neighbors, but that triggering my memory. I remember that it wasn't something I had ever heard of before like the other woods.
  24. rps, in the mls listing from the sale before the wood type was listed in the mls description. Unfortunately I don't have the print out of it around any longer. It wasn't teak and cypress doesn't really sound like it either from memory.
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