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  1. I'm going to try. Unfortunately I didn't dress for a party to work today. But I'll try to go anyway. Shannon
  2. Deed restrictions are useless in a city that won't help neighborhoods enforce them.
  3. By the way since I see this building every day, I don't know what Phase 1 even included. There is no difference in the building. No paint, no non-sagging roof/balconies/floors/walls, nothing. And if anyone has a lead on where I can find magic paint that will fix structural problems, let me know.
  4. Maybe. I noticed several chains doing this lately. I see the commericals (for Friday's I think) and think well that wouldn't be bad for a quick dinner. But I haven't actually gone yet.
  5. Apparently there is a huge difference between these situations. According to the new Houston Press article the city believes that all the vietnam condos need is paint, flowers and new railings. Maybe city inspectors don't have the same photos I'm looking in this post.
  6. It's a shame that 2 kids had to get hurt first. It's also a shame that people are willing to live like that or feel that it's their only option. My understanding is that the Mayor is having meetings with several groups concerning our Vietnam Village issues. It's a little different than the issue on the news as those are apartments and the village are supposedly condos (I say supposedly since they weren't legally converted from apartments). But hopefully he and others are gathering up govt and non profit groups together to help with relocation like they did with the folks in the apt complex.
  7. in addition to dpreview I also like cnet.com
  8. you might want to post this in the Houston Mod section of this forum. There are several folks there with photos of all kinds of mods. They might not have exactly what you are looking for, but maybe close.
  9. I don't know the date of the next General Meeting after the one this week on Thursday at 7:00. They aren't monthly (I think we do 6 per year). I'll see if I can find out something. You can certainly attend the General Meetings, you just couldn't vote on any matters the board brought to the meeting. But there are often guests from surrounding neighborhoods in the area. Also you might want to consider joining the Hobby Area Chamber of Commerce. It's a joint business and residential Chamber. Many area reseidents from variety of subdivisions and civic clubs are members along with area businesses.
  10. I wonder if they think it would revitalize their neighborhood? Blank stares are what all the city employees present at the Town Hall meeting had. I wonder if they go to seminars to learn that. My boyfriend is working today (Station 26) he mentioned there was a fire at Bellfort & Lenora. I'll have to drive by to see. There are apts at both intersection. Apparently Don Stampely is coming to the Glenbrook Valley civic club Board meeting tonight. I'll prepare for blank stares.
  11. Why would he tell a resident of the neighborhood and not the President of the Civic Club directly about the program? That doesn't make sense. I don't know if he did or didn't, it's just stupid that he would communicate (or not) in that manner. When I need to talk to a client/vendor/etc about a program that impacts them, I don't relay the information through a random employee in the breakroom. I do it.
  12. thanks for explaining what the copters were looking at. I was heading in town for dinner on 45 around 5:30 and noticed 3 copters hovering over a single area.
  13. That is strange. I've wanted to call but haven't gotten around to it yet. I do see the levels of dirt change since I drive passed it everyday to and from work.
  14. There is a fenced lot filled with dirt on 45, near Wayside maybe. On the lot is a large sign that says free dirt and a phone number. It seems to be a pretty permanent place for free dirt as the sign never comes down and dirt is always coming in.
  15. rps would know what the difference between 1 and 2 are. Also keep in mind that the realtor listing the property might not get the sections right either. But like already stated, north of Bellfort is considered more desirable and the homes and lots are much larger. Of course the prices reflect that as well. There are some lovely homes & streets south of Bellfort but that is the general difference.
  16. Only place I know of where they are regularly is ebay. Problem is sometimes the shipping is more than it's worth.
  17. Interesting. I'll have to take a drive over since it's so close to me.
  18. He's got to put unemployeed Katrina folks somewhere when FEMA cuts the bloodline, New Orleans isn't taking them back.
  19. Exactly why the neighborhoods (any of them) have trouble getting the city to back the neighborhoods in their fight on deed restriction violations. 3 attorneys can't handle the work load for a city as large as Houston. But like mentioned this specific property isn't part of a deed restriction, it's the city's building codes that aren't being enforced. We'll have to get pictures to post. I know the civic club has some because we gave them to the mayor. As for the fireworks, there is no permit issued to them. But every year they shoot them off. And I don't mean a few here and there like we migh
  20. Congrats, it's a great looking house! I look forward to updates on your progress.
  21. I couldn't agree more. Apparently there is chatter that there are plans for the Hou-Tex Inn to be used for this.
  22. I can only answer the last question. It's a Best Buy going in Gulfgate. Their Almeda store will shut down and move to the new space they are building at Gulfgate. The Circuit City at Almeda built a new store in front of the new Walmart at Almeda.
  23. Not necessarily true. This issue has been brought up to all the past mayors for ages. Mayor White is just the latest to not do anything. They all hand it off. They've already started shooting off fireworks tonight for Chinese New Year. "NO Fireworks in the city limits" is another city law that doesn't seem to apply to them. Tomorrow night will be a freakin' nightmare, the noise will be obnoxious, the smoke will be thick enough to literally block cars from driving down Broadway, police will be called, no one will make them stop the damn fireworks all night long. However I'm sure if my neighbors
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