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  1. He has no idea what he is selling. The native language of the woman who owns the home is Spanish so I'm sure she went with a Realtor who is Spanish speaking. That's his niche market.
  2. The mod next to me now has a for sale sign in front of it. The exterior has a great mod style. I've never been inside so I can't tell how original the inside is. The house is not showing up on the mls yet so I don't know the price range. I believe the address is 7838 Santa Elena. If you come to my Holiday Open House Sunday, you can at least see their house from the outside. I'll post an exterior photo later from home. My work system won't allow me to access photo hosting sites.
  3. I wish people would stop confusing the French Quarter, and only one street in the French Quarter, with all of New Orleans. Bourbon Street is not all that is in New Orleans or the French Quarter.
  4. Mod Holiday Open House 2:00 - 6:00 7834 Santa Elena (stolitx's place)
  5. I'm having a Holiday Open House. Sunday the 18th from 2:00 - 6:00 7834 Santa Elena in rockin' Glenbrook Valley. Please keep in mind that the house is a work in progress so don't expect a Dwell-layout ready abode. But there are tons of orginal fixtures. The house is easy to find, you can't miss the flat-roof just off Broadway. If you want specific directions, just shoot me a message at Shannon.McNair@ncmc.com
  6. 4. Metropolitantexan, if you would like to support a minority production, you should attend the Krewe de Esprit Rosaire parade. They put on a battle of the bands, (I even saw a priest dancing last year, lol). Jack Yates, Willowridge, B.T. Washington, Forest Brook, and many others participate. They even incorporated a traditional Mexican dance troop. The parade ends at Holy Rosary church, where they sell soul food, crawfish, etouffe, boudin, gumbo, etc... I'd consider attending Krewe de Esprit Rosaire parade. It sounds like fun. But as far as the $20 "Mardi Gras", I will pass. I used to g
  7. The night boat cruises through the city are an amazing way to see the city. Bofinger is a great restaurant. One of the oldest in the city I believe. There are great parks all around Paris that would be wonderful for a picnic and/or a proposal. Grab some cheeses, bread, fruit and wine from any shop on the street and enjoy a wonderful meal. One park I remember was in front of Victor Hugo's paris apartment. I can't remember the name of the park. But I do remember many great parks around the city. They aren't as touristy or crowded as the park around the Eiffel Tower. Only downside of being outsid
  8. thanks for posting this. Literally brought a tear to my eye. You can guess that yes indeed, I have been to New Orleans.
  9. I just returned yesterday. While the crowds in the Quarter aren't nearly what they were pre-Katrina, there are people there. Many places are still closed and those that are open have shortened hours. I can't wait to go back Christmas and New Years and see even more places open.
  10. Just reported another one. Why can't people keep their cigarette butts in their own car?
  11. Ok who was there? I was there and even bought a piece of furniture for my dining room.
  12. I'm a big anti-litter person too. I regularly report litterers to TxDot's website. At least weekly I spot some jackass throwing a cig butt out their car window onto the ground. So I keep pen and paper handy to write down license plate numbers. TxDot can't fine them, but they send a letter stating someone saw them litter blah, blah, blah. It's not much but reporting jackasses gives me joy for some reason.
  13. I'm sure the property owners around Richmond strip are thrilled that it's finally dead. Bill White didn't kill Richmond. Also if alcohol is not being sold in "after hours" bars, then they have changed since I used to go to them.
  14. Sorry Ed, I thought you meant the HoustonMod calendar. It's not on their calendar either as an event. But I would think any member could call to rsvp.
  15. It may not be on the calendar, but I got an evite last month and a reminder email today. Here's the info from the evite I got: Host: Houston Mod Location: Retropolitan Ballroom 3221 Milam, 2nd Floor, Houston, TX View Map When: Thursday, November 10, 6:00pm to 9:00pm Phone: (713) 444-1714 The board members of Houston Mod invite you to join us for cocktails, snacks, and conversations about the mod movement while lounging in mod furniture provided by Retropolitan Ballroom. Retropolitan Ballroom is full of available mod furnishings you can take a test lounge in, so bring your tape measur
  16. Is anyone else planning on going to the Houston Mod event on Thursday? I will be there, it would be great to meet you guys.
  17. I went by the open house at about 3:10 and no one was there. I didn't get a chance to go back since I had a civic club meeting. I don't know if the realtor cancelled or was just running late.
  18. I'll definately come by Sunday to see. Maybe I will see you and other HAIF people there.
  19. I'm always up for fajitas and beer in the East End
  20. Psycho Robbie, got out of the radio biz I think. I like Maria Todd, she's the main reason I listened when Sam was on with her on 104. I just tolerated him, I'm glad that she's still there. R&R never seemed to mesh to me. Mostly I listened to them and couldn't even tell that they liked each other's company much less thought each other were funny. Although I'm embarassed to admit that their "War of the Roses" captivated me from time to time. I do know someone who calls in morning shows regularly. He's just as much of an idiot as you would think. He's even been known to brag that he got on t
  21. This is great advice. I quickly slapped up tile in my guest bath. Now I regret that I wish to tear it down and start over. The old tile was falling off the wall but it's a bath that no one uses. But me, not known for my patience, jumped in and decided it had to be done immediately. What kind of delusion was I in when I picked the tile, I will never know.
  22. Well crap. Just what I didn't want, a chain restaurant that I don't even like. Stubbs Cycles will be happy, Hooters is known for organizing bike rides.
  23. How'd the open house go? I was sorry I was traveling this week and couldn't make it.
  24. I swear you guys could be talking about the grey monster next to me in Glenbrook Valley. If you've driven down Broadway, you've seen it. They must have the same "more money than taste" builder.'
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