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    I'm leaning towards VCT. I think it will hold up best, be true to the house, and frankly I really like it. And I can do it myself (with my brother's help). I'm probably placing my mosaic tile order soon for the kitchen backsplash. Just trying to commit to the color combination. Leaning towards a white/clear, green and black combo with black laminate counters. The only bad thing about ebay is I won't see it in person until it gets here. See you Sunday. I can't wait to see your place. I'll be at a Kinky fundraiser first. Hopefully I won't reak of cigar smoke. Shannon
  2. Amen. The problem is it's just plain tacky and rude to put in an invitation a cover charge to attend the party and the gifts to buy. Also adding where to send gifts if you can't make the party. I mean really. How Klassy. Maybe she should buy her next doctorate in manners and grace.
  3. Was anyone at the Kinky Harris County volunteer meeting last Sunday at Star? I was there and kept thinking I may "know" someone here from HAIF. There is also a Fundraiser this Sunday March 5th in the Clear Lake area. It's at the Smoke Ring on 17050 Hwy 3 in Webster from 2:00 - 5:00. It's just south of Bay Area Blvd. $30 includes bbq and entertainment. Kinky will be there. Bring your own beer. First 200 get a free cigar. Campaign items will be on sale also to help support the cause.
  4. I'm feeling the same way. Dwell came and I haven't even made time for it. Usually I stop and at least flip through when it come. I like looking that the pictures, but I don't find anything particularly helpful. Atomic Ranch, I worship and keep. Glad to make that renewal. And Atomic Ranch editors and readers were superbly helpful to me in finding more information on my light swithes and switchplates.
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    I found several sellers on Ebay offering great mosaics for the best prices I've found. This is one of the sellers, but there are several. http://stores.ebay.com/Glass-Mosaic-Tiles I'm planning to do my kitchen backsplash in mosaic and the kitchen counters in the traditional laminate. Keeping my original cabinetry. I like the tile you used Jason. I walk the same tight rope you do. I need new floor throughout the entire house. I'd love terrazo, but it's not financially feasible for me. I wish I could not have window coverings, but after a year, the Houston sun won.
  6. You need to make sure that Realtor holds an open house the day of your Housewarming/Oscar Party.
  7. I'm in the native Shipley corner. I never got the KK appeal, even hot. It was good, but not all-the-hype good. Give me a hot Shipley glazed any day. In fact right now would be good. Now that you got me hungry for a hot do-nut with all this warm, sugary, carb talk.
  8. Exactly I tried to keep this in mind when Delay kept getting elected.
  9. I love Idylwood and looked there too. Unfortunately for me there just wasn't too much on the market and I'm not known for my patience. Also what was in my single income budget just didn't fit my needs in size and too much work needing to be done. But there are some wonderful homes and a great park too if I remember correctly on MacGregor.
  10. I love this show and she is my pic to win, even before I realized where she is from. She is one of the few designers who is consistantly good and solid, if not outstanding. I've seen Lot 8 but never stopped in. It strikes me as a place where the XL is a size 4.
  11. Also if do you buy it, I will let you borrow my brother's power washer to help with the costs of taking care of that "honey do". He's a contractor so he has a nice one.
  12. It would be great to be neighbors! I understand completely about my neighbor's home. The potential is definately there.
  13. I can't speak to the schools since I don't have kids and didn't look into that when I moved. I do think I'm zoned to Park Place Elementary in my section of Glenbrook Valley. Honestly if/when I have kids in school, I'll probably enroll them elsewhere. The HEB on Gulfgate is huge. But I prefer to grocery shop by my office on my way home from work. I'm lucky that I work near a Whole Foods and a huge Kroger Signature store. The HEB at Gulfgate is too similar to visiting a Walmart for me. Too crowded. There is a Kroger in the neighborhood that I visit, but not being a Signature store it doesn't car
  14. I want her barstools.
  15. There were lots of artist studios near the East End, just other side of highway 59 from downtown. I haven't been around there in awhile. The Lawndale Art Center is in that area. With the stadiums going up around there I don't know what survived as some rebuilding goes on around there. danax is a resident east end expert. You should visit the Lawndale Art Center and The Orange Show while you are here, take a break from house hunting.
  16. There's a new mexican place, Los Campos, on 45 near Park Place. It's located kind of behind Kelly's, but right on 45. I've had breakfast and lunch there and liked both. Reasonable prices too. Not taquaria cheap, but not Donaraki's expensive either. It's appears to be a family-owned place and it doesn't have a bar. So no good if you're looking for a cold one after work with your chips and salsa. I hope it makes it because I'd love more local spots. And I'd hate to see an empty building or one of those rotating restaurants where the name changes every few months.
  17. I love country music, and I think the line up is boring. Seen it all before. Maroon 5 may not be country but they were one of, if not the, most popular shows last year. They may not be country but they sold out first last year. With George there this year, I'm sure he'll sell out first.
  18. This is key. When I lived in the Heights mass transit wasn't an option for me becaue I didn't work downtown. I work in the Greenway Plaza area, off Highway 59 between downtown and the Galleria. Metro could get me there, but it would have taken 90 minutes and several transfers. It was a 20 minute drive on a bad day. I live in Glenbrook now and love it. I do miss lots about the Heights. But I don't miss the rising prices for little land/house. The airport noise is not an issue in Glenbrook unless you are at the end of the neighborhood that actually borders the airport. And even then, not much no
  19. Have you called on the Trading Fair II on 610 South? I believe their upstairs is available to rent out. I know concerts have been held there by promoters in the past.
  20. I would have sooo loved for you to have been his neighbor. I heard that the city has been called about his backyard not being maintained, calls to 311 I guess. Other neighbors are concerned about the vermin that are likely making a home in the back yard jungle. I heard the city person who went to look was too scared to actually knock on the door. I've met him, he asked me out. Call me crazy, I declined.
  21. I already got my samples. I was planning to replace the kitchen counters this year with plain black. Now I think I will do part with the Boomerang in Charcoal.
  22. How does one go about trying to save fixures?
  23. I'm so sad. What a great building and landmark. Couldn't they at least save the great glass feature along the roof?
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