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  1. Westpark is getting a mix of protected bike lanes and 10 foot wide shared-use paths from Dairy Ashford to Wilcrest, along with utility work https://www.engagehouston.org/westpark-paving-and-drainage
  2. no this doesn't really change anything, from my understanding the decision at this point is only in the hands of the mayor
  3. Looks like the bike lane on heights blvd might be protected/buffered now after the repaving/restriping from 20th to 14th st.
  4. next meeting at 6PM on may 4th
  5. studemont has the new metro boost thing so I think they are trying to spur more medium/high density development along it, but I agree, yale/heights would make more sense IMO
  6. Shepard/Durham is about to be a fire area in 5 years or so
  7. yea they've got like 10 projects in the planning phase on the houstonbikeplan website so hopefully all them start being built soon
  8. Would love for them to eventually also make the bike lanes on 20th street actually usable, that way it would be a nice network going south/north and east/west everywhere in the heights
  9. yet another meeting for this redesign tomorrow at 6:30 PM. Hopefully this is the last one and construction actually starts soon, this thing has been in the design phase for years now https://www.letstalkhouston.org/11th-street-bikeway zoom meeting link ---> Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85857117178?pwd=OWtzTVMxM0w2eGp0aDZKeGFhVW5WUT09
  10. hopefully it eventually just becomes permanent, this program adds vibrancy to main st. IMO
  11. believe it or not you can have dense development without large amounts of noise pollution, also the amount of cars passing thru an area does not mean more noise pollution if cars are driving at slow speeds. About your point on the danish study, I'm gonna go ahead and trust a team of scientists instead of some randoms on a forum.
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