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  1. Pitch 25 will only put soccer on if it's a big game. Like Euros or World Cup. They don't really put on premier league, bundesliga, serie A, etc unless you ask.
  2. That strip would be ok for a farmers market on the weekends. Just a long row of stands.
  3. There is still 2 buildings at the corner of Sampson and Garrow. One is an old bar, another a home that is occupied.
  4. It is open. They have been passing out fliers with their menu, and free delivery in the surrounding area. They were still working on the interior when I stepped in a couple weeks ago.
  5. How much influence does Midway have on decisions such as this? I would imagine it's not in their interest for low income housing to be located next door to this project.
  6. Personal opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. Pitch 25 doesn't really have an identity. I say this because it's supposed to be a soccer bar? But it doesn't show the English Premier League matches, or any soccer matches, unless you specifically ask to put the matches on, and don't even think about getting game sound. Anytime I've been there it seems like a street market has opened up in the outside portion?? The space is HUGE. It always feels really empty, or really crowded. And it's only really crowded when the Champions League Finale is on, or the World Cup matches are being
  7. I do hope for a bar with a couple good screens for sports. Sigma will throw a game on their projector on the weekends, but a little sports bar would be really nice.
  8. If you search for ATT fiber you can check to see if the fiber is run to your property or not. If it isn't, what I did was check local business addresses. I found one across the street from where I live, so I placed a ticket and in the ticket I told them the business across from me already had fiber.
  9. I had to find out which properties had ATT fiber in my neighborhood, and basically do all the research to schedule a technician to come out and run fiber to my property.
  10. Is it normal for so many low income housing options to be located in such close proximity? 78% of those units are low income, and if you remove 2222 pierce from the list (because its physically not as close to the other three) then its 87% of the units. Also, New Hope Housing is located just down the street from the Harrisburg and York location, so add another 175 units of low income housing.
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