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  1. City of Houston has applied for federal funding to reduce driving lanes to one on each direction as well as protected bike lanes on West Gray. From Shepherd to Waugh
  2. What’s this website that shows property lines and owner info?
  3. The Uptown TIRZ and Management District has been working with Memorial Park Conservancy for several years to advance this project forward. Personally, I don’t have any intel on the state of the progress, but individual people can make a difference. Bayou Greenways was once a proposal. Now there are hundreds of miles of trails along the bayous. It takes people like you and me to push the needle. Make connections, contact our politicians and let them know these plans exist, that they are possible, and that the community wants them
  4. Houston Parks Board released this document called "Beyond the Bayous" a few years ago. The idea is that while we have a great trail system along 9 bayous, we need to connect them using rail trails, utility corridors, on-street bikeways and neighborhood streets https://houstonparksboard.org/about/beyond-the-bayous Extend MKT Trail Westward to Hempstead (and toward Northwest transit center) Bend around the railroad junction and across I-10 Join Memorial Park trail adjacent to railroad New Buffalo Bayou pedestrian bridge Trails along utility corridor all the way to Westpark Connecting to Newcastle trail south
  5. Spoke too quickly looks like Ryde is going in there Project Details Project No: 22051447 Date : 2022/06/28 00:00:00 USE : 4,593 SF CYCLING EXERCISE STUDIO BUILDOU Owner/Occupant : *2B INVESTMENTS LLC Job Address : 402 W 11TH ST 77008
  6. Looks like a two story structure is going up in here. Anyone know what it will be?
  7. Is it me or does that corridor along the railroad look really lush on the renderings? I wonder if these developers are aware that there are plans to lay down a hike and bike trail along this corridor that will eventually cross into Memorial Park. And if they aren’t, would they put any skin into the game (funding) to make it a reality faster?
  8. So no retail? Please God, don’t let it be another drive through like Common Bond
  9. Great bike racks, great food, great pecan pie
  10. Building under construction along the Nicholson St bikeway. Does anyone know if this will be residential or commercial?
  11. Building under construction with sign from Michael Hsu architecture firm. Does anyone know if this will be a residential or commercial development?
  12. Along the trail there are now two e-bike shops, dozens of restaurants and bars, multiple specialty shops and gift shops, jewelry stores, upscale retail but one still can’t find everyday items like a bodega in many other cities—produce, pantry essentials, over the counter drugs etc It takes 30 minutes to round trip walk from this location to the Kroger on 10th. Kroger’s location is not designed for trail users or to welcome people arriving by foot or wheelchair users. Frankly I believe that entire block of Merchants Park is way overdue for a redesign and densification
  13. Does anyone know what is the deal with the corner Unit at the corner of Shepherd feeder and the trail? Perfect spot for a grocer!!
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