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  1. Hess Discovery Tower sounds 1000 times better IMO. Oh wells...
  2. Whats going on all over downtown? There is scaffolding on the tops of several towers like 1500 Louisiana & Continental Center. Are they replacing damaged windows or lights from Ike? I noticed the band of white neon which is lit sometimes on top of Wells Fargo Plaza appears to be broken in several places.
  3. My guess is the blue lighting was damaged by Ike. Possibly lenses that got blown off exposing the white sodium floods underneath.
  4. Wedge still does light the very top borders from time to time, but the whole thing hasn't been lit up in years.
  5. Hmm Was it after midnight when you saw it? The beacon usually comes on right at dusk & shuts off exactly at midnight. Maintenance maybe?
  6. I'm glad to see efforts continue to keep trash out of the bayou.
  7. I never knew bayou's were supposed to be clear...ever been to Louisiana?
  8. Theres been a fairly large Vietnamese community around Veterans Memorial & Jersey Village for quite some time now. Those are the two oldest Asian areas on the NW side of Houston. Many of those who lived there are moving to newly developing areas like Cypress on the far, far northwest side. I have a friend that moved to Cypress from the Veterans Memorial area back in 2002 when Cypress was really just starting to take off.
  9. What ever happened to the Van's skate park off I-10? Was that thing just a flash in the pan?
  10. I personally like The Woodlands better than Sugar Land aesthetically speaking with all the tall pines & natural beauty, but the sheer amount of diversity in Sugar Land & all of Fort Bend County for that matter is worlds away from The Woodlands.
  11. Although not associated with the "W" Hotel in any way, form, or fashion, will Houston's "W" have the trendy Ghostbar like the ones in Vegas & Dallas?
  12. One of the more anonymous "box" buildings in Houston's skyline. The black glass facade looks very 80's ish.
  13. Exactly where is this temple located? With the east end of town being predominantly Hispanic, its very out of the ordinary to see something like this.
  14. The old Club Blue is now called Club Cirque, its been remodeled on the inside & is an improvement from what I've heard.
  15. Theres a Ferrari dealership in Plano...so why would The Woodlands be such a bad place to open one? I mean both towns are obviously filled with rich people that have more money than they know what to do with.
  16. I thought Party 104.9's motto was "All Hip Hop all the time"?
  17. The question I have to ask is, who really cares? Doesn't Houston have enough of that Hip Hop/Rap crap already? What about us folks that actually enjoy listening to other kinds of music besides that ghetto ass stuff Houston is so filled? When are we ever going to get a station that plays the old school 80's & 90's hits like "Movin 107.5" in DFW which is now my favorite station up there, we just now finally got JACK FM here in Houston which is a good station, its been in Dallas for several years already.
  18. The Ghost Bar clubs atop the W Hotels in Dallas, Vegas, & Chicago have nothing to do with the hotel itself, from what I understand, they (The Nine Group) just lease a floor.
  19. Plant Bar Rio on Richmond has been hosting some pretty big Electronic Dance Music acts the past year or so with Oakenfold & Sasha being the most recent headliners.
  20. Club Habitat with long time Houston Dj, Michael Degrace every Saturday night from 2am-? 1415 California
  21. So I've recently seen where this building is getting new black glass windows placed in front of what appears to be the railed balconies. Anybody know whats going on? Have they sold to another hotel chain, or are they just updating the over all look? Is it for safety reasons, has something happened to make them to block off the balconies like this?
  22. No one, nor this article has ever mentioned the Trammel Crow building, which has recently illuminated its pyramid like spire with green & white lights visible in the far right side of the picture.
  23. Just because a skyline is lit up Vegas or Hong Kong style at night doesn't necessarily mean its buzzing with people at street level such as with Dallas. Houston's downtown is much more developed & filled with activity than Dallas' is IMO.
  24. Cause Houston isn't the flashy, glitzy city that Dallas tries so hard to be... Simple enough answer right?
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