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  1. The Kirby Group is building another beer garden and bar at 3905 Washington Avenue in addition to Emma Jane. A Bank of America drive-thru was previously located there. The beer garden is called Buffalo Heights Bier Garten. It's on Instagram as well at @buffaloheightsbiergarten. I don't know if Emma Jane will be an all day cafe, but it will house a coffee shop and bakery.
  2. McIntyre's released a new rendering of it's forthcoming downtown Houston location, the site of the former Spaghetti Warehouse at 901 Commerce. The rendering was posted to its downtown Houston Facebook page this evening. The new visual includes the bar's name on the signage and the Desel-Boettcher Building. https://facebook.com/McIntyres-Downtown-10359816441684
  3. CultureMap announced the news yesterday afternoon and has additional details. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/01-17-20-underground-new-food-hall-downtown-daut-elshani
  4. I shared the name two months ago a couple of posts above. I'm also the one who passed that along to Eater Houston after H-Town Restaurant Group was issued an allowance to trademark Urbe last month. I'm going to bet the name is Urbe. H-Town Restaurant Group isn't ready to divulge the name or anything else related to this new restaurant. So, of course their response would be "it's a working name". I highly doubt Ortega and Vaught would hire a trademark attorney and go through the entire process if it weren't the name.
  5. Another food hall is moving into the subterranean space vacated by Conservatory, 1010 Prairie St. I heard about this prior to Company of Nomads' big announcement, but didn't believe it. However, social media pages created this week cements the rumors. The food hall replacing Conservatory in the McCrory Building is Underground Hall. https://undergroundhall.com https://instagram.com/undergroundhalldowntown https://facebook.com/undergroundhall
  6. The Sugar Room at 5120 Washington Ave is open. This is a dual concept with a bakery operating on one side and a speakeasy bar on the other. Contrary to the posts above, there isn't a donut shop. Instead, So Clutch Group partnered with Sweet (Tour Suite). Sweet is a dessert shop and coffee shop. The Washington Avenue branch offers an abbreviated menu. The cocktail bar and lounge is known as Sugar Room. It's a completely transformation of the bar before it. https://facebook.com/SWEEThouston
  7. More details on what's in store for the former Liberty Kitchen Garden Oaks restaurant in Houston at 3715 Alba Rd. The group behind Savoir and La Grande Rue in the Heights will open a casual, family-friendly restaurant. A bakery will also be incorporated, according to a comment in a Facebook group. Source: https://twitter.com/chicchickeats/status/1218017626103873541
  8. There was a thread for the McCrory Building in downtown Houston ( 1000 Prairie St -1010 Prairie St ), but I am unable to locate it. It may have been one of many threads from C&G wrongly deleted. In any case, I hope it's fine if I create a new thread for the McCrory Building. As many of you know, Company of Nomads announced the relocation of its downtown restaurant the Oyster Bar at Prohibition and burlesque venue Prohibition. The news also included the relocation of the subterranean food hall Conservatory. The food hall, along with the other businesses are relocating to East Village in EaDo, replacing Chapman & Kirby which will close sometime in February. Here is the link to the Houston Chronicle article with the announcement and further details: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Ambitious-new-food-hall-projects-slated-for-EaDo-14937598.php
  9. Good evening to all! I don't know if there is a thread regarding this property, so please forgive me if this isn't the right thread for this: Another whiskey bar is on the way to the Heights. Permission Whiskey & Service is landing at 2920 White Oak Dr. It's from a former manager of Federal Grill. It's also one of several new food+beverage concepts opening on White Oak Drive next year. I shared this on Twitter in November, but didn't find a reference about it on HAIF. https://twitter.com/chicchickeats/status/1196840120072228865
  10. I hope you don't mind I shared your finding elsewhere. According to a warranty deed in the county clerk's database, the husband and wife team behind Savoir restaurant and La Grande wine bar are linked to this.
  11. Salt & Pepper Restaurant Group (Pub Fiction, 3rd Floor Bar, Irish Cowboy, Beer Market Co., The Moonshiners) has abandoned plans for Heights Deck. The bar was slated to open at 1214 W 19th. I don't know why this never moved forward, but the company filed to terminate the entity for Heights Deck LLC in late December. Last January, the group closed Irish Cowboy. Pub Fiction and 3rd Bar closed over the summer (I think). All three properties were put on the market last summer. I saw a Loopnet listing last month for their Beer Market Co space in the Washington Corridor, but have no idea if there are plans to close that location. Plans, however, are moving forward with a Heights location announced 2 or 3 years ago (there's a thread about it in this sub).
  12. Confirmation from Houston Chronicle regarding the food hall inclusion to 53 West, the former Yorktown Plaza undergoing renovations at 5353 West Alabama St in Houston's Galleria area. CrockpotandGravel posted speculations of Company of Nomads (Conservatory, Bravery Chef Hall, Railway Heights Market) were possibly the operators of the food hall shown on the site plan. Both the posts and updated site plans from this summer were deleted when admins removed every post and thread from CrockpotandGravel -- a move that was petty and vindictive IMO, being that he provided a wealth of information, posted clear and large renderings, and made sure to include archive links when the original link become inactive. "The first is a project called Conservatory 2, modeled on the original Conservatory, that will bring 11 food vendors and three bars into the Galleria neighborhood. The 12,000-square-foot site is the former Club Roxy space at 5351 W. Alabama. The target date for opening is September 2020. Mai and Ross said the company is already looking for vendors, who as in the original Conservatory, are smaller operations looking to start a new business without the risks and expenses of opening an independent brick and mortar restaurant." https://www.houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Ambitious-new-food-hall-projects-slated-for-EaDo-14937598.php
  13. The renderings for Post Oak Ice House (5610 Richmond Ave) have been online for a while. It was uploaded to the bar's website last August. At the time, the opening timeline projected was spring 2020, but that was recently updated to summer 2020.
  14. The Houston restaurant group involved with Moku Bar, Casian Asian, the Pho Spot, and Bird Haus have plans for an omakase concept at 53 West (5353 W Alabama St). There were several posts in this thread last summer about the ground floor retail planned for 53 West, Braun Enterprises' renovation of Yorktown Plaza. I suspect the posts were deleted when every post and thread created by Crockpotandgravel were removed. The posts included two updated site plans, a food hall from Company of Nomads (the group behind Conservatory, which was confirmed last week) and more. One of the post showed Moku Bar on the site plan. I think Crockpotandgravel wrote of Moku Bar expanding here too (Please repost those if you can C&G). But that's not quite accurate. The people behind Moku Bar will instead debut a new concept: Hidden Omakase. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HiddenOmakase Instagram
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