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  1. Preliminary mock-ups of Grateful Donut, 5909 Washington Ave. Designs by NHI Design (designed Kamp and Lost & Found)
  2. I think the name of this is still Grateful Donut. Last year, the name changed to Dripped. Amir Ansari linked up with Don Bowie of Taste Bar + Kitchen (he leases the space for Taste from Ansari) to open Dripped Donut at 5909 Washington Avenue. However, the deal was nixed after a lawsuit threat from Bowie's former business & former co-owner of Taste, according to Eater Houston's coverage of Bowie's lawsuits. I don't know if previous plans for Dripped extends to Grateful Donuts. Besides donuts, Dripped planned on being a dessert shop and art studio. Grateful Donuts had its pre-
  3. Homestead opens in June at M-K-T, 600 N Shepherd Dr. As reported, the restaurant is billed as a kitchen & bar. The focus is a blend of Southern, Texan, and Tex-Mex. I think this is the third restaurant tenant to open at M-K-T. Rakkan Ramen and Da Gama opened this month, as previously announced.
  4. Highline Park is opening this summer at MKT, 600 N Shepherd. According to someone associated with Highline Park, the group's other two food & beverage concepts for M-K-T, Picnic Supply Co. and Casa Nomad, will probably open in the fall. The website for Highline Park launched last month. https://highlineparkhtx.com There are also two Facebook pages https://facebook.com/Highline-Park-112543220615806 https://facebook.com/highlinepark.htx
  5. The Black Service Chamber has several large private Facebook groups dedicated to majority black-owned businesses in US metro cities. Someone in the Houston group shared a couple of images & linked to the listing on Transwestern. The admin, who also heads the Black Service Chamber, removed them. He asserted the renderings weren't an accurate portrayal of Houston Grub Park, despite the person citing it's a preliminary mock-up of a food park imagined for BayouTech Park in promotional materials. So, the food park may possibly have a different design altogether.
  6. Can mods merge the thread for Frost Town Brewing into this? This is the same brewery project from the same group as Industry Brewery. The owners changed the name to Frost Town last year. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/46059-frost-town-brewing-at-100-n-jackson-st/
  7. I don't know the complete roster for Railway Heights' food hall & marketplace Railway Heights Market. Since the start of the project, there have been changes to the lineup. Some tenants say the food hall & market will open in June. This is the latest timeline given to them by Railway Heights Market operators. A few of the food stalls within Railway Heights Market at Railway Heights: Mac & Twist - mac & cheese concept Heads & Tails - Cajun & Creole concept Churrazon - churreria Jani's Waffles - waffle concept Pierogi Queen - Pol
  8. No. Railway Heights is a mercantile development. Railway Heights Market is the food hall and marketplace within Railway Heights. Other businesses such as co-working offices and in this case, the Story church have signed on to operate in the Railway Heights campus. Plenty of people think Railway Heights is a food hall not knowing it's the name of the entire development that will include different phases & projects.
  9. It does. But Mosley could lease this to another business too.
  10. More about Houston Grub Park, 1615 S Loop W, from the Black Service Chamber: There are some distinct differences between HGP and other parks, the most noticeable being location. HGP is not tucked away behind any structure, it is centrally located and easily viewable from 610. The goal was to find a place that brought and sustained good energy. We believe this location does just that. We wanted the park to be a place where members could meet friends for great food while being casually dressed. You can sit under one of our tents or you can bring your own chairs so you can sit near your vehi
  11. A food truck park is going in here. It's called Houston Grub Park and is planned for the surface parking area of the former Sam's Club at 1615 South Loop W, across from NRG Stadium and the Astrodome. It's part of the BayouTech Hub / BayouTech Park project. The posted renderings previously shared above depicts upcycled shipping containers and possibly food trucks. The leasing brochure lists the following amenity: Container/food truck park with food & beverage outlets This is likely part of that planned project. Houston Grub Park was announced yesterday. It's
  12. 1221 W 20th St is the former home to Garden Expo, a garden nursery in Shady Acres. The property was listed on Loopnet. However, the listing is no longer available because the property is off the market. A country western-themed bar & dancehall is moving in. The honky-tonk bar is Electric Cowboy. It's a bar chain that previously operated on Houston's westside. https://www.loopnet.com/listing/1221-w-20th-st-houston-tx/11628542/
  13. 402 E 20th St is a 0.26 acre lot that includes a 5,733 SF structure built in 1950. Heights Upholstery is located here. According to Loopnet, this location has served as an upholstery & fabrication facility for over 35 years. The owner listed the property for sale a while ago. Recently, the listing shows it's under ccontract. County records recently filed a warranty deed with the current owner transferring the property to an entity connected to Gary Mosley. Mosley is the proprietor of Creek Group. The hospitality group operates several Austin-themed bar &
  14. Punch Bowl is no longer coming to 1818 Washington. Lovett is splitting the two story unit into several units. One of the tenants to sign on is Berg Hospitality. The group led by Benjamin Berg operates B&B Butchers next door. Berg Hospitality applied for a TABC permit listing a restaurant named Benny Chow at 1818 Washington Ave. I have no clue about the concept or an opening timeframe.
  15. The Loop, a California-based churreria, will mark its entry into the Houston market with a franchise outpost in the Rice Village area. The Loop will be located at Hanover Rice Village as a ground floor retail tenant. The address is 5216 Morningside Dr. This is the Instagram-famous looped churro & soft serve shop that inspired similar concepts such as Houston's Red Circle. The franchisee said he's hoping to open this summer. https://facebook.com/theloopchurroshtx https://theloopchurros.com https://theloopchurros
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