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  1. Pretty Liar and El Capi, both planned for 3030 Travis St are bar or night club concepts from newly formed Union Station Hospitality Group. Another concept named Anita is possibly planned for the former Midtown Shoppes property at 3030 Travis St. They have another Midtown bar planned for Milam named Hepburn's. Union Station Hospitality Group is also working on a bar or night club named Now or Never. I don't know yet if that project will be located at 3030 Travis, somewhere on Milam, or elsewhere in Midtown. The 3030 Travis St property (Midtown Shoppes) is owned by the Kirby Group (TKG Holdings). The group purchased the property this year. However, there aren't any plans to house a Kirby Group concept on the property. I think Kirby Group leased a few spaces to Union Station Hospitality Group for their upcoming projects. The future goal is a boutique hotel for the 3030 Travis St property. That could happen in the next ten years or so. CultureMap may have more on all the planned concepts in the coming weeks or in early 2022. Unlike Eater Houston, CultureMap does a good job keeping the public on top of restaurant and bar coverage, for the most part. Though reporting on rumors, alcohol notices, building permits, and so is where Eater Houston should reign but it doesn't. Moderators, please consider changing the title to the address only or the name of the property, Midtown Shoppes , 3030 Travis St. This isn't just one bar or club, as the title of the thread implies.
  2. I don't know if plans for 1221 W 20th St will include a country western-themed bar & dancehall. Initially, I thought is would be the honky-tonk bar Electric Cowboy or Rebel Honky Tonk, but not anymore. Cle Group is opening a bar concept in the Greater Heights, supposedly in Shady Acres. The hospitality group is known for its day and night clubs (Spire, Cle, and Heart) and its restaurants and lounge concepts (Bisou and Kiss). Last week, Cle Group formed the entity Heights Cle Group LLC (should appear in the state's taxable entity database this week, if it wasn't added over the weekend). It's rumored their latest concept may be a bar or bar & grill (restaurant) similar to Drift, Moonshine Deck, and others populating W 20th St in Shady Acres. Supposedly, Cle Group's bar in the Greater Heights is rumored to be located at 1221 W 20th St. The property was previously home to Garden Expo. More recently, it was the site of food truck park Heights Food Court Park. After the property was purchased in May, Gage Architecture submitted building plans in June for a restaurant at 1221 W 20th St. Here is a recent photo of the 1221 W 20th St property and construction so far, courtesy of a post on Facebook.
  3. So, I'm not entirely sure what's being planned here or who owns what. County records show Basilios Investments LLC purchased the 1221 W 20th St property in May. At the time, there were possible plans for a bar named tentatively named Iron Cowboy, as mentioned in my initial post. But a Collier listing shows 1221 W 20th St, 1217 W 20th St, and 1210 W 21st St as a collection of properties that were recently purchased in September. 1217 W 20th St and 1210 W 21st St were purchased by Heights West 20th Interests LLC. Members listed are different from Basilios Investments. Does anyone know if they're connected to each other? And whatever is planned for 1221 W 20th St will occupy the lots of 1217 W 20th St and 1210 W 21st St? https://www.colliers.com/en/properties/sold-greater-heights-±125-acres-redevelopment-opportunity/usa-1217-1221-west-20th-street-houston-tx-77008/usa1036119 https://colliershouston.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/land/W20thSt1221-Flyer.pdf
  4. Patterson Park updated the bar's website recently, adding a note that it will open in December. Maybe it will?
  5. Agricole Hospitality is building a neighborhood bar tentatively named EZ's Liquor Lounge in the former Blue Line Bike Lab site at 3302 White Oak Dr. Plans were submitted last year to the city's planning and development department. But some neighbors are opposed to the bar. The Leader reported this last year. I informed Eater Houston about it last year - since their publication reports on new restaurants and bars based on alcohol permits and other information - but they chose to sit on the news (not surprising since their overall coverage of Houston's dining and bar scene has gone downhill, even long before the Covid pandemic). The approved renovation plans has more details about the bar's patio, parking spaces, and other details if you want to look it up. https://www.theleadernews.com/real_estate/two-upcoming-bars-have-heights-neighbors-on-edge/article_d1a17fe8-5b45-11eb-9290-bbe2bad038f8.html
  6. The Leader interviewed Daddy's Chicken Shack Houston franchisee a few weeks ago. The franchisee anticipates the restaurant will open at 1223 W 11th St next year, sometime in February 2022. https://www.theleadernews.com/food_drink/daddy-s-chicken-shack-to-open-next-year-in-heights/article_59e7aca8-424d-11ec-afdb-ff95ea0d0f79.html
  7. From the Houston Heights Foodies group on Facebook: The landlords have a new tenant to fill the former space of Delicious Concepts' Tex-Mex restaurant Tres Amigos, 3402 N Shepherd Dr. A craft beer bar is moving into the vacated unit at Garden Oaks Center. Named the Upside Pub, it appears to be a concept from someone who's worked in the craft beer industry under several high-profile positions for regional craft breweries. I don't think the Upside Pub is a collaborative project with Delicious Concepts, but I could be wrong. But it's good seeing the space return to a familiar concept residents preferred over Tres Amigos. The Upside Pub has an Instagram account: @theupsidepub Also, moderators, please consider correcting the thread's title to reflect the name of the entire strip center where this business is located. The name of the commercial property is Garden Oaks Center, 3402-3412 N Shepherd Dr. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3402-3412-N-Shepherd-Dr-Houston-TX/11357659/
  8. Spotted this rumor in one of the foodie groups on Facebook: The Cle Group may have plans for a new concept in the Greater Heights, possibly Shady Acres. It's possible it could be a bar instead of the night club concepts they're known for.
  9. Real estate development firm Oxberry Group may have plans for 3800 Washington Avenue. It's the site of PrimeWay Federal Credit Union. A few weeks ago, Oxberry Group formed the entity 3800 Washington Avenue, LLC.
  10. I think that's possibly one of the reasons the business rebranded last year from the Salty Donut to the Salty. Part of the rebrand is a move to indicate they're more than just donuts. It's a cafe. Miami's weekly alternative publication reported about the rebrand last year in further details. From comments in various Facebook groups and conversations with friends of mine, the common sentiment is: "another donut shop?" Then there are the comments about there being Shipley, Voodoo Doughnut, Christy's, and other bakeries and cafes nearby with donut options. But what some fail to realize is the Salty doesn't serve your average donut, which I'm glad CultureMap's food editor pointed out in his weekly dining podcast. I don't think there is a bakery or cafe serving the kind of donuts the Salty is bringing to Houston. And that's part of the appeal and why this will be one of those places you see people flocking to and photos/videos all over your social media feeds. I think the new owners' plans for the property are ambitious yet interesting (creating space for the Salty, courtyard, and renovations to the former church). I am looking forward to see how the design and renovations turnout.
  11. I remembered there were posts in this thread about Dolce Vita at 500 Westheimer. I suppose those posts were removed? Regardless, a HAIF member shared news of what may be in store for 500 Westheimer. Here is the quoted post in case moderators don't merge the thread (being that it's regarding the same property, I think). "I was walking by and asked some workers, who was move to the Dolce Vita location at 500 Westheimer (Westheimer and Whitney)- Surprise, Osaka Japanese Restaurant is moving in from down the street!"
  12. There's an ongoing thread about 500 Westheimer here: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/4257-500-block-of-westheimer
  13. Biderman's, a Jewish deli from Austin, is opening in one of the street level retail units at SkyHouse River Oaks. Located at 2031 Westcreek Lane, Suite N1, Biderman's is taking over the space previously home to Inferno Pizza. If the Loopnet listing is any indication, Biderman's may have recently leased the unit. The leasing listing for the unit was updated October 21 and removed shortly thereafter. Hiring listings for various positions at the upcoming Houston Biderman's were posted over the weekend. So, it shouldn't be too long until the River Oaks location opens. This is the first of a handful of restaurants Biderman's is bringing to the Houston area. As reported by Eater Houston, an entity filing indicates a possible location in or near Vintage Park in northwest Houston. At least another is proposed for Cypress.
  14. Biderman's, a Jewish deli / restaurant from Austin, is opening in one of the street level retail units at SkyHouse River Oaks. Located at 2031 Westcreek Lane, Suite N1, Biderman's is taking over the space previously home to Inferno Pizza. If the Loopnet listing is any indication, Biderman's may have recently leased the unit. The leasing listing for the unit was updated October 21 and removed shortly thereafter. This is the first of a handful of restaurants Biderman's is bringing to the Houston area. https://loopnet.com/Listing/2031-Westcreek-Ln-Houston-TX/19089156/print Perhaps moderators may want to consider moving this from Going Up to the Inner Loop forum.
  15. From the restaurant thread linked in the above quoted post... The Tipping Point is opening their second location at 4721 N Main, Suite M, the former Morningstar on N. Main at Heights Place. Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere but they have some of the best coffee in the city so pretty pumped for another location. The Tipping Point Coffee held a soft opening last week. It's open for limited hours on the weekends until it fully opens.
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