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  1. Just drove into the parking garage. Security promptly asked me to leave
  2. Any news or photos of the interior? Can't wait to see in there. What does it look like!
  3. From today Staff member has a perfect view of this. One it starts rising I might get some good photos
  4. More and more equipment going in. The space for this project doesn't seem like a lot. Is the empty lot behind it HEBs? Their Kirby Crossing plan. Believe it takes both AD Players space and this lot.
  5. The contractors were in the road picking up something. Looked like a broken piece of plastic
  6. Driving through the neighborhood off W. Alabama. Nice area, and I've love to see this everyday
  7. Decided to take a photo at a new location today. Across the street at Total Wine.
  8. From today Look at this lawn. So clean!
  9. What's the deal with the land next door? PMGR is selling it. Couldn't find anything on their website. http://pmrg.com/
  10. ^ Nope, I do not know anything. I've been wondering the same for years. For one, there could be a lawsuit regarding the height of the development blocking views from the 3 other residential towers. Just like the proposed tower drama at San Felipe & Post Oak. Could also make a nice green space or small park. Maintain the grass. That costs money though.
  11. oh wow, that's where this is! I've been confused for a week Project seems to go a long with the expanding Upper Kirby.
  12. Trump was staying at St. Regis a few days ago. The freeways were shut down for his motorcade. Spent nearly an hour on the 610 feeder! Took this photo during the hour long wait.
  13. These O&G companies leave such large pieces of land behind. All seem to be consolidating into a new campus in a single location. Hopefully Fournace will be widened. You cannot place a large development in the current traffic zoning. The City of Bellaire is planning huge changes over the next 20-years. I believe this (area) will be a park and mixed use. I looked at the drawings but was confused
  14. Any idea how many cranes are currently located in the Uptown district? Seems to be only one at the Hanover BLVD Place?
  15. Slightly off topic, but healthcare is always increasing. There are so many major healthcare projects in the works.
  16. Medical institutions are taking over West Loop in Bellaire. Memorial Hermann, UT Physicians, Methodist, and Texas Children's. Keep it coming!
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