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  1. Teeth are a very important characterisitc, in the business world and in your personal life. In the business world, people won't take you seriously if you don't have nice teeth. It's true. Have you ever seen a powerful executive with bad teeth? No. Success and looks are a stereotype that goes hand in hand. I can remember a group of people I once over heard talking about how gorgeous this girl was but when she smiled it killed the whole thing. I think that's sad so I say whatever makes you feel better you should do. Just like when women start to age, they feel less attractive and the men their age start looking at younger women. Self confidence is so important and whatever avenue you take to get it is each person's personal choice. Just do your research and go to well-known doctors.
  2. Drive around River Oaks. Some of the mansions have spectacular lights. You will give them the WOW factor with the houses and the lights. The neighbors on Robinhood Street in West University used to get together and have every single tree that lined the street lit up with white lights. Not sure if they still do it. And there's always 'Lights in the Heights.'
  3. Had a gas line moved by them Torres Plumbing Luis Torres 713.695.8046
  4. Does anyone know of any blog sites or forums on Urban design strategies, planning & development, etc? I would really appreciate the input.
  5. Actually there are more residences closer to Bayou Place. I lived at the Rice Lofts and walked to the movies at Bayou Place among all of the other places around that part of downtown. There are other lofts within blocks such as Hogg Palace, Sabine Street, Franklin Lofts, St. Germain, Keystone Building and several others on nearby streets. I just wanted to point that out. I'm not sure how the Pavillions will do, I guess we'll have to wait and see. I work in a building one block from the Pavillions, so I can tell you that there aren't many restaurants in this part of downtown. We have the Park Shops and a few little quick casual restaurants in the tunnels, but there are only 3-4 actual restaurants to have lunch meetings or take clients to. We usually have to go to the other side of downtown. Some decent restaurants in the Pavillions are much needed.
  6. Yeah they are fundraising machines, too bad they seem to do that more than interesting exhibits. One of their last shows featured dog portraits. How interesting...
  7. I just got back from Dublin, Ireland and definitely felt the weak dollar. It was expensive. I met a girl who is begging me to ship her some things from here, she was discussing this whole topic in depth. Very interesting city in terms of the economy. I talked to a lot of people, particularly cab drivers about it:) Almost the whole population of the city is like an average age of 30. It was so young, it was crazy. Companies are locating there and recruiting yound people from all over the world. Every business (particularly restaurants and pubs of course) are busy at all times. Most of the older people I talked to said they bought a house like 12 years ago or around that time frame for around 30,000 to 40,000 pounds (former currency before switch to euro). Their homes are now worth 850,000 to 1.something million! This is very notable. Just thought I would share.
  8. Yeah it should be interesting to see what kind of crowd this place draws. Nonetheless, it's good for this area and businesses like Corkscrew who were pioneers in that part of Washington. All of this activity should clean things up a bit down there. Another place that's basically the same format (lounge) called Pandora's is opening in December down the street in the former Rhythm Room location on Washington.
  9. Have you ever been there? It's a circus, but it's entertaining at least. Anyway, I think we are all being amused by this thread, but no plan is being made. Just decide people.
  10. Exactly, so why would you want to hang out with a bunch of HAIFers you've never met while the guy next to you is doing a line? It's not exactly a scenario for conversation, especially given the rhetoric some of you guys like to carry on with. I envision a Saturday Night Live skit:)
  11. This place is owned by the same people that own The Red Door. It's across from the Corkscrew, close to Houston Ave. The actual entrance is on Center street which runs parallel to Washington.
  12. Lol, and how does your imagination see someone on HAIF? And who the hell is talking about meeting at La Strada? Why would anyone want to do that? I can't imagine anything weirder.
  13. I wasn't really a fan of the old Sherlocks, but the new and improved location is pretty good. It's nicer with a little better crowd and it is really big and they have pretty good food and happy hour specials. West Gray is accessible and right between downtown and the Galleria. Just a thought. I probably can't even go. Have you guys picked a date yet?
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