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  1. spot on. you beat me to it.
  2. "Moving I-45 to other side of downtown being called 1 of nation's most wasteful projects" https://abc13.com/5353574/
  3. seems like this is becoming a thing lately. downtown lights up a night with rooftop outlines.... i dig it.
  4. horrible design to build in historic 3rd ward. just my opinion.
  5. Google Fiber coming to dallas. As a Houstonian, I'm extremely jealous. http://googlefiberblog.blogspot.com/2016/06/exploring-dallas-for-google-fiber.html#gpluscomments
  6. students, parents, teachers, . . .
  7. But howsoever will we move around the city once we get to Austin now that Uber has packed it's bags?
  8. Didnt know where to post this. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/05-18-16-10-million-game-changing-makeover-for-h-towns-ultimate-gourmet-grocery/#slide=0
  9. wish they would revamp the entire store. i hate the suburban feel of that place.
  10. Unfortunately, a young lady passed early monday morning as she went around the barricades on her way home. Sad story.
  11. both of those ideas work for me. not that discovery needs it, but it would be nice to keep current with all the new things popping up around the park.
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