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  1. http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/11-11-11-france-on-white-oak-new-french-bistro-sale-sucre-is-going-into-houston-new-restaurant-row/
  2. I don't really have anything to add, but I jog along this trail regularly without ID. Who jogs with a wallet or anything else for that matter? Houston drivers are crazy and this could happen to anyone. Of course this may not have been the drivers fault.
  3. Yeah, but Phil's BBQ sucked pretty bad.
  4. ToolMan

    Greatfull Taco

    This is correct. They either round up or down.
  5. Why is it every time a new bar opens someone claims its going to be filled with d-bags? This isn't going to be a club or hip place to be.
  6. I know gumbo and Danton's Seafood has pretty solid gumbo.
  7. This peeked my interest until I read "family friendly alcohol-free event". Perhaps I will goe to Warren's and then make it to the park.
  8. It seems like ot will be a nice place but I don't like the setup. There are too many booths; however, the patio is awseome.
  9. I call BS. They will screw everyone by turning it into valet.
  10. I went with a friend yesterday at 7:00pm. It was pretty crowded with a 30 minute wait. I had the buffalo chicken, but it really wasn't my thing. The spicy hot sauce didn't go well with all of the cheese; however, the big chuncks of bacon were perfect in the dish. My friend had the Rustic which I liked better. Both of our dishes came out luke warm. I will be back.
  11. Midtown is not dying. New bars are still popping up, just not the fancy clubs that tend to last only a couple of years.
  12. I'm not sure if there is enough going on at the moment to support only foot traffic because the area is still too spread out other than pockets here and there. Washington Ave. needs more bars, restaruant, or other entertainment if they truely want to shut down the street. It would be great to see street performers, food vendors, and art along the scene. I would like to see the area completely shut off from traffic at some point, but only if there is enough business to support the foot traffic. I do like the idea of allowing Pedestrian, Pedicabs, Taxi's, and Jitney's only. They just need to
  13. Add a few more bars and shut down the street from 9:00pm - 3:00am. I checked out 360 Spot Lounge Sauturday. It's a pretty nice sports bar - kind of an upscale class Buffal Wild Wings. There are three huge projection TVs and smaller tvs all around. My only conmplaint is the high ceilings don't make for good accoustics, making the game difficult to hear.
  14. Just scan through this list. http://www.urbanspoon.com/n/8/747/Houston/The-Galleria-restaurants
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