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  1. What was the building in the background?
  2. So are you- A. Guy with button up B. Guy with blue shirt C. Woman with white top D. Woman in dress E. Other
  3. Hmmm from that location you would need a supertall tower.
  4. Future of the Astrodome? Implosion please
  5. We need someone to spill the beans here - high-rise residential? Any office or hotel use? Any retail besides HEB?
  6. A residential mid-rise/high-rise with retail taking over the entire corner (including the Dillard's parking lot) would be ideal. Are we sure soil testing at the Shell is related? No news articles mention the gas station as part of the sale.
  7. Soccer mom heading home after taking her kids to the Houston zoo. Fancy cars being driven by rich surgeons.
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