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  1. I recently met an older gentleman who built his home on jackwood and fondren in the mid 50's. We talked at length about all the changes that area has seen over the last 60 years. What surprised me most though was when I asked him why he built where he did, he told me that at the time that where his house stands was still the "country" as the neighborhood sat outside the city limits (and even proposed city limits), and Fondren was still a two-lane, ditch-lined gravel road.I can only imagine similar scenarios played out along Braeswood, Beechnut, Bellaire, and Briar Forest, just to name a few. Most of the communities built on the southwest side between the 50's and 80's seem to have encountered this to some degree.
  2. According to this Disney info site, it has 26,039 spaces, and I think they're only counting theme park parking, and not also resort parking. I would imagine that number will keep growing as well, as they further expand across its 40+ square mile property.http://www.wdwmagic.com/facts!.htm
  3. Has anyone actually seen this since it's gone up? I'm not sure how they got 6 stories in the article. It doesn't look much taller than their existing three story building right behind it. It's barely noticeable - at least compared to what Sagemont put up.
  4. We ate there Friday night. Got there around 8, only took 10 minutes for a table to open up. The beer selection was nice. The food was good as well. We ordered about half of the menu between the four of us to share and sample. Everything tasted like it had been slowly and meticulously made with care, and not just grabbed from the freezer and nuked before plating. The gator fritters stole the show. We ended up having to order extra of those. The burger was advertised as ground fresh daily, and it certainly tasted that way. No d-bags to be found. Mostly young couples doubled up (like us), a few bottom-end corporate parties (think cubicle farm crews), and hipsters. Lots and lots of hipsters!
  5. I do this with Facebook now. I have blocked friends who can't see anything I do unless I choose to allow them to see me posts, as well as have them hidden from my feed. Google keeps trying to re-invent the wheel. Myspace failed because it became too personalized and a disaster to navigate.
  6. I mean the original poster to which I had replied directly to.
  7. I think my overt sarcasm to the o.p. eluded you.
  8. You have every right to jaywalk. It's not a real law and they can't arrest you. Tell them this next time and make them apologize to you for their insolence.
  9. Didn't a lady get curbed stomped by an HPD mounted patrol last year at the parade? Whatever happened to that? And how in the hell is *** such a derogatory word that it must be censored? The most harsh way I've ever heard it said was on Anchorman when he accused his friend of "sound like a ***".
  10. Thank you. I know that he couldn't get the death penalty for what he did. It was just frustrating to see a family man die over something so stupid. Something, that in my opinion, would have never even happened, had he been kept out of the country in the first place. I know there are good "hard working" illegals, but all I keep seeing are examples of the bad.
  11. Would you have a problem with someone getting drunk then accidently shooting someone with a gun? Pretty much the same difference in my opinion. Someone intoxicated doing something they shouldn't be doing while intoxicated, affecting another party with death. As for the illegal angle, I'm all for a program to convert what we've got here, but only after a wall, with a moat, and alligators, and sharpshooters, and whatever else that smart ass President so wisely suggested during his recent trip to Texas is built or installed so that we may finally take control of this epidemic. It's all a joke to people like him, he'll never understand death and tragedy - which is so painfully ironic given his elected position.
  12. I guess no one wants to touch the illegal angle. Don't want to offend anyone, right?
  13. Not sure what you're asking. You did look at the link?
  14. I think the worry is that this ruling will allow more unscrupulous police officers to lie their way into homes, much the same way some have lied in the past by planting evidence.
  15. I can agree with that, but when you play the IF game all day we're left with total law or no law. There has to be a gray muddy middle with some things that seem pro-citizen and some pro-law enforcement.
  16. Red, I'm no lawyer, but I read the ruling to state that the court simply clarified that a person has no right to resist to an illegal entry of the police into their home. I thought the idea was that if the police did so, that it would just be thrown out in court, as protected in the 4th amendment. Why would we want to empower the ignorant (and even the stupid) to think they have the right to shoot police on site, just because they thought they might have been infringed of their 4th amendment right? Allowing so would have only opened Pandora's box, and done nothing for the justice system. Here's another example of a similar case, in the news: http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_ec169697-a19e-525f-a532-81b3df229697.html
  17. I completely agree with you. I was using the word "want" simply to describe those who fancy mixed-use with no real need to use it. But yes, I think you can have both desire and need that function together. This is probably true, but it would be interesting to see if actual neighborhoods are growing in population (Midtown, Washington, etc).
  18. Most importantly, for mixed use retail to LAST - it has to be organic. As in it has to be needed in the first place - and not just built to be built for the sake of urban development. I know that seems an overly simple idea, but it's amazing how hard some will push for mixed use in this town when there's no need for it. (Not want or desire - but actual need).
  19. I've always enjoyed when you two do all the leg work. Cheers!
  20. I thought the Midtown TIRZ falls under the city, which is also who I thought we were talking about.
  21. I-10 was intended to be more convenient to Greyhound, but I understand your point. Is either group appeased now?
  22. I still don't see the correlation between the effort to retain sales of luxury boats in state, to that of laying off teachers. Perhaps if enough tax breaks and incentives are given to businesses then they will be more inclined to keep their business here in Texas, allowing Texas to have the funding to keep teachers from getting laid off?
  23. Not sure. Just throwing out ideas. It seems that the one common complaint from everyone when talking about Midtown is that bus station.
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