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  1. That would be huge. The whole Hempstead corridor inside the loop is bound for massive redevelopment. You can already see it with Sommerset Green and the Intown Homes developments adjacent to this plot. Connectivity is a bit wonky, with all the train tracks and street name changes making it a bit difficult to navigate if you're unfamiliar. But I feel like this area has so much potential to be another quality neighborhood with lots of great amenities. Fingers crossed the new owners push for the hypothetical MKT to Memorial Park extension. A bit wary of the McNair name though. From what I've seen they've promised a lot on prior proposals but have never fully delivered.
  2. I wasn't a fan of them tearing down that house when there's 3 large parking lots adjacent. You'd think they could negotiate some sort of parking agreement with the owners of those lots.
  3. I bet they're trying to utilize as much of the existing building to keep it as a reno and grandfather in the setback. It's pretty close to the street.
  4. Found a render of the team store. Looks like most of the structural changes for the final product are complete. https://invictatech.com/bim-projects
  5. It looks like the Virgata posting might be for 2808 N Shepherd, the little retail center just off the 610 feeder.
  6. Agreed, I think it would be much better to orient that 3rd tower E-W along Allen Parkway, and maybe limit it to 12-16 floors. Something like a taller Alexan Memorial that faces and engages the bayou.
  7. Press release on it actually verifies the 2850 sqft per unit, they're gonna be pretty spacious apartments
  8. Almost certainly a single family home. The CMU front part of the house was an existing structure. The lot sat on the market for quite some time, I suppose it took awhile to find a buyer that had a vision for it.
  9. 75k square foot tenant… first guesses are a City Target or a Trader Joe’s?
  10. Yes! We've been wondering when the trailer park would be redeveloped. Cedar Creek is one of our favorites. Hopefully it's another restaurant and not just expanded parking.
  11. Amazing! The neighborhood could really benefit from a good boutique hotel.
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