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  1. Oh man, imagine Skanska's block at Westheimer, then Hanover/LColombe D'or, this, and St Thomas' new building all spaced out by 2 blocks. Montrose will all of a sudden have a skyline!
  2. Is it related to a montessori school? Doesn't seem like an ideal location for something like that. https://www.montessoridowntown.com/shipra-shadow-creek-campus/
  3. Wow that’s sizable. Makes you wonder what may come for the huge Sears tract adjacent to it.
  4. Pick up a used car while you're in the area!
  5. I had plenty of friends who went down this route to establish in-state tuition at UT just 10 years ago. Their parents would buy them a cheap condo in West Campus and get in-state status the next year. UT clearly outlines this on their admissions website. "Requirements If you are independent for tax purposes, you may gain resident status if you establish domicile in the state. If your parent(s) claim you as a dependent on their federal income tax return, they must establish domicile in the state for you to claim residency. To establish domicile, you or your parent(s) must meet the following criteria: Live in Texas for 12 consecutive months; and Establish and maintain domicile for 12 consecutive months, as evidenced by: >Gainful employment in Texas; Note: Student jobs do not qualify as gainful employment. Sole or joint marital ownership of residential real property in Texas by the person seeking to enroll or the dependent’s parent, having established and maintained a domicile at the residence; Ownership and operation of a business in Texas; or Marriage for one year to a person who has established domicile in Texas."
  6. Also out-of-staters can use a purchase like this to prove residence and get in-state tuition
  7. Do we know if this is for the deconstruction, or are they starting to rebuild?
  8. Sorry to bump this, but just found it listed on Zillow. It can be yours for the low low price of 3.9mil. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/829-Yale-St-Houston-TX-77007/2107146782_zpid/
  9. That's awesome info @Jimmy Bob, I think that's the first we've heard of concrete info on that parcel. If you look at the updated master plan on the Regent Square layout you can see that the northern portion matches the 3d model. https://regentsquare.com/#Masterplan
  10. You could definitely fit a 2-story HEB there, even just on the northeast parcel E of Live Oak and N of Commerce. Heights HEB is 330 x 630' (208k sqft) across 2 stories, that plot is 520 x 520 (270k sqft).
  11. "The Car Wash" sign is still on the old building facing Shepherd. Two bungalows behind it were recently torn down, but it doesn't look like they've done much else to the property. It would be nice if they added another restaurant concept. There's a spot for a third business name on their big sign advertising Burger Joint and Taco Stand.
  12. Lmao of course they blocked the part of the building with windows but let the totally blank wall remain exposed.
  13. WOW! I've been waiting for that area to explode. There's so many large tracts that seem very underutilized, lots of potential around the 20th St bar district. Here's to hoping this is just the beginning.
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