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  1. Timoric

    10 cool things about Houston in the 1980s

    Best 80s date would be: Bennigans - order the Monte Cristo A great 80s movie - Dirty Dancing, Red Dawn, or one of the 16 Candles directors chic flicks The putt putt go-cart place off the loop Make out in the car to Chicago's Greatest Hits 82-89 at IAH while the planes fly over
  2. What does the LuAnne Platter go for these days? Haven't had Lubys since the mid-90s
  3. Timoric

    Texas Medical Center - Main at Holcombe Property

    Energy Corridor is huge though, over 20M SF just spread out - during the mid 2010s boom I thought it would pass Uptown
  4. I always think that they raised Galveston after the 1900 storm so what can we do today? Raising the grade It's impossible to stand anywhere in the historical parts of Galveston and get exactly the same perspective a viewer would have gotten 100 years ago. Everything is higher than it was back then, and some spots are much higher. The feat of raising an entire city began with three engineers hired by the city in 1901 to design a means of keeping the gulf in its place. Along with building a seawall, Alfred Noble, Henry M. Robert and H.C. Ripley recommended the city be raised 17 feet at the seawall and sloped downward at a pitch of one foot for every 1,500 feet to the bay. The first task required to translate their vision into a working system was a means of getting more than 16 million cubic yards of sand - enough to fill more than a million dump trucks - to the island, according to McComb. The solution was to dredge the sand from Galveston's ship channel and pump it as liquid slurry through pipes into quarter-square-mile sections of the city that were walled off with dikes. Their theory was that as the water drained away the sand would remain. Before the pumping could begin, all the structures in the area had to be raised with jackscrews. Meanwhile, all the sewer, water and gas lines had to be raised. McComb wrote that some people even raised gravestones and some tried to save trees, but most of the trees died. In the old city cemeteries along Broadway, some of the graves are three deep because of the grade raising. The city paid to move the utilities and for the actual grade raising, but each homeowner had to pay to have the house raised. By 1911, McComb wrote, 500 city blocks had been raised, some by just a few inches and others by as much as 11 feet.
  5. Timoric

    Hanover River Oaks - 39 Stories

    Kind of looks like a really powerful aircraft carrier or the Star Blazers ship
  6. Fun game, count how many new towers in that pic
  7. Timoric

    Marlowe: 20-floors, Downtown Condo Tower

    I imagine him as a ST-TNG Holodeck version
  8. The question I have with one year left in the 2010s is will we beat the what, 80M square feet constructed in the 1980s?
  9. Timoric

    Randall Davis Condo 3723 Westheimer Road

    See Thomas Sowell, Stanford
  10. Dude, where is the mechanical bull from Gilley's? That would a be a good draw
  11. Timoric

    Texas Medical Center - Main at Holcombe Property

    The Latitude needs a companion tower called the Longitude
  12. Timoric

    The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Our defining features are muggy, mosquitos, hot and humid; it is pretty incredible the city has thrived despite these things, what is the secret?
  13. Big box retail extinction in Uptown creates so many opportunities for a better sim city Houston West