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  1. The Chron is my choice for flipping through photo slide shows of party goers on a slow day - reading...not so much... Read somewhere no local print newspapers will exist in 5 years
  2. “In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” -Brennan Manning
  3. 609 should put a Texas Flag Lit up on that Blue Panel
  4. I was looking at the poles, is DT doing any 5G boxes yet?
  5. I like the cost aspect to this, so we can rank things like most expensive projects done this decade instead of height just for fun
  6. I used to think the back of downtown on the convention center side was ugly and old looking The gleaming 1980s office buildings seemed better Today it has switched and the older buildings are becoming hotels and getting complementary buildings built to fit in with them Putting up some contrast seems smart in the long-run
  7. Probably 100 good projects have been on here since 2012
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