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  1. I would love to find out that the lot where that car wash is planned is on the market again.
  2. Well idk if this means anything but I simply commented on his page, "Prioritize people over cars" and I was blocked.
  3. Is this council member blind or…? And he represents District J which is one of the most underserved parts of Houston in terms of mobility.
  4. Hey at least the building is being saved. It will just continue to infuse life in to this part of downtown which continues to get busier and busier
  5. Ok I've been very critical of Urban Genesis but I have to give them credit. They basically took over the Warehouse District and made it a goal to redevelop it. So many developers have overlooked this area for years.
  6. I have no idea why this is going to take so long to actually start. Between this and the Inner Katy officially being announced Metro needs to hit the gas pedal a little harder.
  7. Concept Neighborhood is currently leasing space at 201 Roberts. I'm so excited to see businesses like this emerging.
  8. And West Alabama in UK. Imagine that with Lower Westheimer and Richmond Ave BRT.
  9. Wow that's a bit concerning if there is that big of a disconnect with what was presented and proposed originally. What ever happened to the proposed pedestrian improvements by Kamin across from the Whole Foods in Midtown? Getting rid of that turn lane, etc.
  10. Can anyone confirm if Google ever moved in? I figured there would be some sort of signage or something.
  11. Can anyone confirm if Google ever moved in? I figured there would be some sort of signage or something.
  12. I'm glad too. People complaining about their light being blocked need to move out of the city. The city isn't being built to meet your light needs, we're building to meet max density and land usage. There's a ton of light as you leave the city lol
  13. I'd say the last thing Washington Ave needs is longer turn signals. That road is overbuilt and is one of the main reasons Metro was going to place light rail down the middle of it.
  14. Because it's not Twitter, it's Instagram lol So I guess that throws her entire story out the window
  15. It’s nice that the city is finally repairing these streets. A lot of them are redone in Montrose, but plenty left to go though.
  16. I’m so excited about this. This project, along with West Alabama in UK and Shepherd from 59 to Westheimer will all be complete around the same time.
  17. Yo!!! Did this just recently get funded!? And what about the section from UPRR to 610?
  18. Oh yeah for sure. I think with time it will. They will continue to add tenants. Future additions to the building will happen as well. Pretty damn often. We aren't just talking about big names either. I'm sure it will host an array of artists continually. That's the whole reason they built it was to have a constant stream of people visiting the site and as an anchor to draw tenants.
  19. The concert venue is also going to help draw people constantly. When I was in SF and Seattle, both of their markets weren't always busy. It was usually big events that drew crowds but otherwise the amount of people was sparse.
  20. They pulled a fast one with that survey. It gives no alternative options. Yes this has been developing for over a decade but so has the city. 10 years ago we didn’t have half the bike lanes we do, we didn’t have Buffalo Bayou Park, etc. So the mindset of Houstonians has changed too. The desire for a better quality of life has become much more apparent. The Kinder Institute even did a study that shows Houstonians want better transit, more walkability, etc. Some people were caught off guard because TxDOT sold them an idea that they were willing to accept because for so long they just went along with it and questioned nothing. TxDOT is finally being cornered and they aren’t showing their good side. You’re def seeing how entitled and spoiled they are. And that’s the bigger issue. It’s not that this project couldn’t work or benefit Houston in the long term. It’s the fact that this government entity who is supposed to work with the city in developing this is showing they don’t really care. All they care about are the temporary jobs its creating and their bottom line. My buddy works for TxDOT in Midland and he tells me all the time how much TxDOT outsources so many costs that balloon the cost of projects like this one all in the attempt to ask for more and more money. Enough is enough already. We have every right to question the true motives of these guys. Especially when it affects people and they livelihood. I know this forum is all about development and our love for this city and seeing it grow for the better but at some point you have to ask at what cost are we really doing all of this? It’s easy to say oh this needs to happen because it won’t affect me, but say that to those in 3rd Ward and 2nd Ward.
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