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  1. Train From Houston To Galveston?

    The default position of the bridge is the open position merely because there is a lot more marine traffic than rail traffic (more than double). It does not indicate one party having any particular right of way or that the bridge favors the marine traffic.
  2. Train From Houston To Galveston?

    Not suggesting we need or are likely to see commuter rail to/from Galveston any time soon, but I'm curious why some are assuming the implementation would require a new rail bridge. Commuter rail would likely be at most 30 minute headways... More likely an hour or more. Could not the current bridge could handle that amount of traffic?
  3. Train From Houston To Galveston?

    Again, the private rail service that ended in the 90s never attempted to provide commuter rail service as is being discussed here. It was a weekend excursion train.
  4. Near North Side Projects

    And there is a pedestrian entrance from Fulton Street.
  5. New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    OMG, who told the Chronicle?
  6. Texas Music Museum

    I think we'll be just fine not having a Texas Music Museum in Austin.
  7. New Dallas Suburban/Exurban Development

    McKinney National Airport?? That's funny.
  8. Veterans Museum in Texas

    You are correct, Rechlin. ExxonMobil donated 35 acres to the Museum back in 2004. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20041203005318/en/ExxonMobil-Donates-Land-Future-Veterans-Museum
  9. Not particularly. They started construction just a little more than 2 years ago. Seems like a fairly standard construction time-line. For a point of reference, the Bleu Ciel high-rise in Dallas has been under construction for 3 years and is not yet complete.
  10. Veterans Museum in Texas

    I believe it's south. At one time, they wanted to lease a site at Ellington Airport. Not sure if they've acquired a site. (They wanted to lease 40 acres for $1 per year, but FAA regulations would not allow the city to lease the property for below-market rates.) I don't think an EFD site would give them I-45 frontage, so they must have their eyes on some other property.
  11. Houston Center Redevelopment Plans

    Good news, Brookfield seems more capable of good urban redevelopment than the prior owners.
  12. New Development on the University of Houston Campus

    Hmmm... remember all the commotion a while back about one university encroaching on another and stepping on toes etc etc etc? I guess UH's motto is "Do As I Say, Not As I Do."
  13. Near North Side Projects

    This townhouse development was posted here on HAIF a while back. I wonder why they didn't name it Cavalcade Station, instead of Fulton Station. It is, after all, located right by the Cavalcade Metro Rail station. In any event, the streets have been poured and utilities are in. They are currently putting up fencing. I suspect townhome construction will start soon.
  14. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    Only if you assume that they would have built on their land the same thing that (and no more than) than they are going to build here at TMC3. While it is possible the UT System might have built medical research at their other property rather than invest in TMC3, it does not seem likely. One would expect they would want to keep their medical research facilities concentrated in one area. More importantly, there is no evidence to suggest that the other campus would have consisted of nothing more than the medical research facilities that will now be constructed at TMC3. Quite the contrary. Houston's chasing away of that opportunity was a dark day in our history. I hope Amazon doesn't hear about it. ;-) It doesn't particularly make Houston look like an open confident city that is eager to welcome all.
  15. It doesn't seem like that court case would be stopping anything. Apparently the Cosmo owners have not actually sued the 40-story developer. Instead, the developer has sought a declaratory judgment to the effect (to over-summarize) that the Cosmo owners cannot assert a claim that the development would constitute a nuisance. The Cosmo owners asked the court to dismiss the developer's suit. Cosmo owners lost. They lost again at the Appellate Court. They have appealed to the Texas Supreme Court. Oh, and also, it turns out there is an agreement between the two properties that requires the Cosmo and its owners to cooperate to some degree (Not sure exactly to what extent) with the development of a high rise on the adjacent property. Thanks for the link Urbannizer!