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  1. I believe Moxie's Grill & Bar is moving in to that space.
  2. I like the idea. Unfortunately, they pretty recently (9 years ago) moved into a new headquarters facility custom built for them (and part of a master plan that was said at the time to have been planned to handle their growth for 30 years). So that one does not seem at all likely. Waste Management seems to be scattered about in a number of different buildings (mostly downtown). They might be ripe for a consolidating move.
  3. That's what I thought. I doubt anyone is building city buses that are 10.7 feet wide.
  4. What kind of buses are they using that are 10.7 feet wide??? That seems unlikely.
  5. The properties in and near Allen Center seems to be the only thing Brookfield owns in Houston, so presumably, that is what he means. Very intriguing.
  6. Chronicle readers are always the last to know... HBJ reported more than 2 weeks ago that construction of the new Willie G's had started in late March. (And what's with the "38 story tower . . . and adjacent ballroom"??)
  7. What is HH? (Never mind. Just figured out you are referring to Houston House.)
  8. Pretty sure people started moving in back in January or early February.
  9. You may be right. If so, we obviously cannot move the I-45S to I-69S ramp to that location (or anywhere near there)
  10. I see what you are saying, but still wonder how much of an issue it really is. How many cars will be going from I-45 south to the Bell Street exit, especially when you consider that this will not be the only way to get there (the "downtown" exits from I-45 will be well upstream from this point). Your proposed fix is perhaps not as easy as you first suggested. The I-45S to I-69S ramp comes in along with the traffic from I-10. Not sure how easily the I-45 ramp can be moved without causing other problems. Having said all that, this is certainly the time to raise the question and look for a fix. As I look over these new designs, I don't see a ramp to go from I-69S to I-45S. Surely there is one in there somewhere? (If it's hidden under the surface streets in the new design, there's the answer for why the I-45S to I-69S ramp cannot be moved further downstream.)
  11. I did look at the rendering. I realize it is an office building. That does not change the path of the sun. You are wrong about their having sun in their faces from 10 am to 4 pm. That might be correct for a couple months in winter, but not so much the rest of the year. (Besides which, the vast majority of people working in offices do not sit facing the window.) South-facing windows are the most energy-efficient for buildings in Houston. (And are you really saying that our founding fathers built the downtown street grid so that office workers wouldn't have sun in their faces? That's a good one. Never heard anything like that before. Most historians believer they just laid out the streets roughly parallel and perpendicular to Buffalo Bayou.)
  12. This makes me wonder if you have ever set foot in this community. ;-) In Houston, south-facing windows are much less of a problem than east-facing and west-facing windows.
  13. I'm not sure how much of a problem this will really be... It seems likely that very few drivers will exit I-45 South so that the can weave through multiple lanes of I-69 traffic In order to get back on I-45 South a few blocks down the road.
  14. That is the existing building fronting on Post Oak (housing Whole Foods)
  15. I was looking for repurposed elevated highway viaduct or freeway that would be somewhat comparable to the Pierce Elevated. That 11th street bridge proposal in DC is getting kinda close.