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  1. They've already unloaded a bunch of their real estate (more than 40% of their owned locations and an even higher percentage of their valuable owned locations); that's part of why even they have finally been forced to admit they have little to no future. And they don't have many unencumbered assets left to sell off or borrow against.
  2. 2016 metro area population estimates were released today: July 1, 2016 population: 6,772,470 2015 population: 6,647,465 1-year increase: 125,005 Growth rate: 1.9% July 1, 2010 population: 5,948,174 6-year increase: 824,296 Percentage growth since July 1, 2010: 13.9%
  3. Getting closer. All that really matters (if they plan an office building) is whether they can lease sufficient space in a new tower to make construction profitable. That can happen even if the existing stock is 25% vacant.
  4. I think it's kind of kitschy. Not a fan of Austin's Frost Bank tower either.
  5. This is the property for which there was a replat for a townhouse development. It is somewhere in another thread. I'll try to find it.
  6. ^ Oh, see, now it reads just like a regular Chronicle article. ;-)
  7. Yes the original Foley's store was demolished, as was the original Lord & Taylor/Mervyn's. Lord & Taylor had two stints in the mall. The first structure was filled by Mervyn's and then demolished. The second one was filled by JC Penney when Penney relocated from Town & Country.' At one time (circa 2000) it was announced that Neiman Marcus was moving from Town & Country to Memorial City and that Nordstrom was going to build what would have been its first Houston store at Memorial City. I don't know what happened to those deals, but they obviously fell through.
  8. OMG Even more pathetic is that they never fixed it.
  9. I think a subway might be able to be routed to capture Greenway Plaza, most of the Westheimer corridor and intersect with the red line at Wheeler Station and continue on to UH/TSU (perhaps on the surface.) One of my fantasies for Houston is that during these years we've heard little about the University Line, they (Metro, city officials, etc.) have been secretly putting together a plan to put at least part of that line in a subway. ;-)
  10. One presumes a subway tunnel would go in below all of the existing sewers, gas lines and other infrastructure. Further, there is no reason to assume that building a subway would cause the same amount of construction headaches on the surface as building light rail at street level. In fact, quite the opposite. Modern subways typically are not built by digging an open trench. They are done by tunneling. The world has many subway tunnels that have been built below the water table, and in fact below water. Why do Houstonians continue to think this would be something new, unique or difficult?
  11. It should be noted that the article says the reforestation is "short-term"... "Long-term, removing [Timberloch tower] gives [Anadarko] more flexibility in the future to build something more efficiently."
  12. I think homestead exemption is based on whether you lived in the house on December 31. You can check on HCAD.org and see if you have the exemption.
  13. The one planned for the Polk/Clay/Chenevert/Hamilton block.
  14. Why would they need to separate the jurors any more than they currently do?
  15. "...the Chronicle is framing it..." That's funny stuff right there. The Chronicle merely parroted United's press release. (and only a week after every other publication covered this news.)