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  1. If the stated deficiencies are true, you can be sure they will either be fixed very shortly or this won't be an Aloft Hotel for very long.
  2. I imagine you are correct that they had this contingency in mind all along. But it's not correct to say the money is still going to the same people. Camden does not own Midtown Park.
  3. I didn't post that information for you. You've made it abundantly clear you have no interest in facts.
  4. No one is griping about the measly story. The Flora lofts building (if it happens) will be a lovely addition to downtown Dallas. Just wanted to clarify. I knew you were aware 2121 Flora was not in fact a 40+ story building so I thought perhaps I had missed something. (FWIW, the 40+ in your statement was in fact in reference to both buildings. Otherwise the 45 story building wouldn't be "2nd 40+ story tower.")
  5. Here's an idea: Do some research. Make some attempt to actually know what your are talking about. The company building the 288 toll lanes is paying "us" for the right to use the right-of-way. It's all there in the development agreement.
  6. The best place to see HCTRA's revenues and "profits" is in their own audited financial statements. HCTRA's revenues and expenses are also included in the county's financial statements, because HCTRA is part of the county government. The $591 million spent on toll roads is the amount of expenses incurred by the HCTRA. Note higher up in the same financial statement, it shows approximately $703 million of charges for services. The vast majority of this is tolls. (Elsewhere in the linked report (page 175) it shows toll road revenues comprised approximately $689 million of the $703 million.)
  7. Again, 2121 Flora does not appear to be 40+ stories. 39 stories.
  8. What's the 2nd 40+ story structure possibly going up?
  9. Or one can just go to the HCTRA website and the Harris County websites and look at their audited financial statements.
  10. It's clear for anyone interested in looking at the facts. https://communityimpact.com/houston/cy-fair/news/2016/12/19/north-houston-association-calls-on-harris-county-to-use-more-toll-road-revenue-on-mobility-projects/ https://www.hctra.org/reports#overviewsection With regard to the $120 Million + transferred from HCTRA to the county every year, of course specific projects cannot be identified on which THAT particular money was spent. The money goes into the county's mobility fund, which is spent every year on roads, bridges and other non-toll mobility projects. There is zero reason to assume it is spent to build more toll roads.
  11. Actually, I'm pretty sure HCTRA does make money. In the early years BW 8 had to subsidize the Hardy but I'm pretty sure those days are past. I think the Hardy is self-sustaining now. And HCTRA contributes money to Harris County every year. HCTRA transfers millions of dollars every year to the county for non-toll transportation projects. From HCTRA's FY 2016 report: "Transfers consisted of transfers out of $124,031,107, which was for funding a county thoroughfare program to increase general mobility."
  12. The little cubes look like cabanas
  13. Posted 19 hours ago ยท 19 hours ago, Houston19514 said: They get to ride free on both systems during HOT hours. Period. No. No they don't. Stop lying. Quote You actually revised what I wrote and then used the fake quote to accuse me of lying? The depths of your dishonesty are truly astonishing.
  14. Didn't twist anything at all. Just quoted what you said, which was and is false ( as are so many other things you've said). And you CAN ride a motorcycle on the I-10 managed lanes during the HOT hours that are also HOV hours, just as you can on 290. The motorcyles-ride-free policy on both is entirely based on HOV policies. It has nothing to do with the HOT lane operations on either road. The fact that the lanes also operate as HOT lanes and the hours in which they so operate is completely irrelevant to the motorcycles-ride-free policy on both systems. I don't know why you think motorcycles should be entitled to ride free at times when all other vehicles are required to pay. Again, contrary to your original claim (and contrary to your revised claim) motorcycles are treated exactly the same in both systems. They get to ride free during HOV hours on both systems. They get to ride free on both systems during HOV/HOT hours. Period. They do not ride free on either system during non-HOV hours. The facts are neither childish nor mere senseless technicalities, but they are stubborn. By the logic of your revised complaint, we'd be somehow better off if HCTRA closed its lanes during non-HOV hours. I doubt even you would actually pretend that is true.
  15. LOL Senseless technicalities like the fact that the HOV motorcycle policies are exactly the same? Senseless technicalities like the complete falsity of your statement that HCTRA doesn't "allow motorcycles on for free" when they in fact allow motorcycle on for free under exactly the same terms that Metro does on 290? Stop posting lies and nonsense. (Yes, that effectively means you should stop posting.)