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  1. And, CBRE has been doing these consolidations in cities with multiple offices for several years. FWIW, It's unclear from CBRE's press release what is to become of the Memorial City office. They give contradictory information in one sentence: "Professionals from CBRE’s downtown Houston and 2700 Post Oak Boulevard offices will relocate to Williams Tower, consolidating CBRE’s Houston operations under one roof."
  2. If that was their strategy, CBRE should have moved their Houston operations to 609 Main, where Hines has its regional offices from which they manage their Houston properties and developments.
  3. CBRE consolidating into Williams Tower offices.
  4. World renowned jeweler Fabergé will open a boutique, its first in Texas
  5. Sounds like the Main Street pocket park space is indeed going to be patio seating for the ground floor restaurant tenant.
  6. Were there every really that many oil wells drilled inside the Loop? (Realistically, to the extent there is any chance of ever building subways in Houston they will almost certainly be predominantly inside the Loop.) Regardless, I would imagine any abandoned oil wells could be dealt with fairly easily in the context of a subway construction project.
  7. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/exxon-mobil/2017/06/16/xto-moving-1600-jobs-fort-worth-exxon-mobil-campus-near-houston The Dallas Morning News reports that Exxon Mobil is moving their XTO subsidiary to the Houston campus. 1600 jobs will be relocated from Ft Worth to Houston. Shhhhh. Don't tell the Chronicle... Let's see how long it takes them to report this news.
  8. Let me Google that for you.
  9. From the web site advertising the available retail space: Additionally, there will be a 4,200 SF “pocket park” for that will open out onto Main street, which will offer restaurant patrons an exceptional urban restaurant experience. On the other hand, the Aris residential website also includes a "private park with direct access to Metro Rail" on their list of amenities. It may end up depending on the response they get from potential restaurant tenants. And I suppose there is no reason it can't be both a "private park" (in developer-speak) and al fresco restaurant dining space.
  10. The 1114 Texas building is 47' 6" wide. And the alley is 10' 10" wide. http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Commissions/docs_pdfs/hahc/App_Materials_2017/March_MATERIALS/1114_Texas_Alt_Windows_APP_Materials.pdf
  11. I don't think it looks any wider on the Capitol end. (and yes, I'm not at all sure a dumpster would fit in either end.)
  12. Wouldn't it make more sense to go in the alley from Texas?
  13. Not a stupid question at all. I don't think we really know. At least at one point there was some information suggesting it would be primarily outdoor dining space for a ground floor restaurant.
  14. They just need a couple of well-marked and signaled crosswalks with a safety island in the middle of the street, maybe with some shade structures, and well-marked and shaded paths from the street corners to the shop buildings. A bigger waste of money than pedestrian overpasses in Highland Village is hard to imagine.