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  1. Sawyer Yards

    This is a redevelopment of an existing building.
  2. Market Square Tower: 40-Story High-Rise for Downtown

    Hopefully, we have reached the point where a second round won't be necessary.
  3. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    I don't think he said the project is on hold. I think all he said was that there was "a last-ditch effort by northside interests to derail the entire project."
  4. Potential Mixed-Use Downtown Designed by Handel Architects

    Or it might be the recent Plan Downtown. Handel Architects does not appear to be mentioned as contributing to either the Plan Downtown or the Theater District Master Plan, so it might be something else.
  5. Houston Botanical Garden at The Glenbrook Golf Course

    There's obviously some qualifier missing from that statement. I guarantee there are more than two cities in the United States without a botanic garden.
  6. The Boulevard Project

    As I said earlier, read more. Type less. Naviguessor did not say two were being built.
  7. The Boulevard Project

    Read more. Type less. Hanover is currently building their second tower, as Naviguesor said. The first one is right next door. Are you in Chicago by any chance?
  8. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    I'm not sure why having families living in downtown Houston is suddenly so important, other than that someone wanted to move the goalposts... but here are some interesting facts: Downtown Houston + most of EADO has 7,812 households; 1,151 (14.7 %) of those have children (this is the area point2homes.com defines as 'downtown Houston').https://www.point2homes.com/US/Neighborhood/TX/Houston/Downtown-Houston.html
  9. Alltmont Building @ 311 Travis Street

    For a guy who talks about wanting to deal in facts, you put out a lot of nonsense (and falsehoods). People are coming to the apartments downtown, and pretty rapidly. Any market any where that triples or quadruples their supply over a short period of time is likely to have some temporary vacancies.
  10. The Boulevard Project

    This project is another step in support of the long term vision of creating a dense pedestrian-friendly environment. Contrary to the dishonest suggestion above, no one has said it will cause imminent (within 2-3 years) redevelopment all along the boulevard. Again, it's part of a vision for the long term. Contrary to the repeated dishonest attempts to diminish the project by referring to it as "buses and trees", the project consists of more than that: wider sidewalks, more shade, better lighting, better landscaping and art. And as everyone here surely knows, the buses are not just standard buses.
  11. The Boulevard Project

    Not sure that anyone suggested a wholesale redevelopment is imminent (within the next couple of years). This is about the long term
  12. The Boulevard Project

    AND Vy ignores the extent to which the market has already moved... BLVD Place for example. Also, The shopping center across POB from BLVD Place seriously considered a more dense redevelopment several years ago, but decided the time wasn't quite right. They made it clear that such a redevelopment is likely to happen in the future.
  13. It's not really indicative of weak demand so much as it is of (temporary) over supply. That might seem nitpicky but it's an important distinction. As I reported in another thread a while back, downtown saw net apartment absorption during 2017 of 1093 units. (Assuming 1.4 people per occupied apartment, downtown has been adding more than 125 people per month.)
  14. ^ WOW!! That looks extraordinary. Can't wait!
  15. The Boulevard Project

    They are coming back.