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  1. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    Good point. Those would be the 2 tallest residential buildings in Houston, no?
  2. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    I think maybe the writer might have been confused. Isn't the Caydon building that is under construction going to be 26 stories? And I'm pretty sure it is slated to be the shortest of the three planned Caydon towers. It seems they may have confused the current building with the next one that is under development (unless, of course, Caydon's plans have changed). For convenience, I'm reposting the FAA filing links: https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=335960229&row=2 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=335958451&row=1
  3. And their original (and apparently very successful) location in Dallas is also right next to a freeway, so I suspect they've got it figured out.
  4. Fortune 500

    Sort of. Actually, they merged with GE Oil & Gas to become Baker Hughes - a GE Company. My understanding is they were not eligible for this list only because they did not have three full quarters of financials. They should be back next year.
  5. Fortune 500

    Our count of 21, up from 20 in 2017, is without counting NRG (#229), which is listed as headquartered in New Jersey, but technically is dual-headquartered in NJ and Houston. The State of Texas has 48. D/FW has 22, same as last year. Here is the list for Houston: 1. Phillips 66 (28) 2. Sysco (54) 3. ConocoPhillips (95) 4. Enterprise Products Partners (105) 5. Plains GP Holdings (115) 6. Halliburton (146) 7. Waste Management (202) 8. Kinder Morgan (218) 9. Occidental Petroleum (220) 10. Anadarko Petroleum (257) 11. EOG Resources (270) 12. Group 1 Automotive (273) 13. Huntsman (282) 14. CenterPoint Energy (308) 15. Quanta Services (316) 16. Targa Resources (334) 17. Calpine (336) 18. Westlake Chemical (352) 19. National Oilwell Varco (388) 20. Apache (438) 21. Cheniere Energy (489)
  6. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    From the Rice Thresher: " Rice’s property also includes theFiesta Mart store located at 4200 San Jacinto St., but the store is not expected to be affected by this sale during the two-year remainder of itslease , according to the statement. "
  7. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    There is no question that, if cost were not a consideration, the post office site would be preferred over Northwest. TCR has said as much themselves. I don't think we end up in nearly as bad a position, compared to the Dallas station location, as you portray. For the reasons I mentioned above.
  8. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    Do you imagine that anything close to a majority of travelers from Dallas to Houston are destined for downtown Houston? Doubtful. Even less likely that anywhere near a majority of Houston travelers are destined for downtown Dallas. (Just over 5% of Houston's jobs are located downtown; Less than 4% of DFW's employment is in downtown Dallas). But even for those few who are destined for downtown Dallas, how do you imagine they will get from the TCR station to their destination (the vast majority of downtown Dallas destinations will be more than 1 mile from the station)? Not sure how you conclude that travel to Dallas will be better than flying but Houston will be the same as flying. Arriving in Dallas, you're still going to need to Uber to your destination (and for most DFW destinations, the TCR station will be a longer Uber ride than an airport; many Houston destinations will be much closer to the TCR station than they are to an airport). FWIW, I would have preferred our station be at the post office site (and it would have been a much better site than the Dallas station site), but it just isn't feasible, and after a closer examination of the two stations' locations, I don't think the Dallas site is much of an advantage vs. Houston's.
  9. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    I'm sure they would love to hear your proposals for raising the money to pay the additional cost to get from Northwest to downtown.
  10. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    Groundbreaking is expected to be in 2019.
  11. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    If anyone said Polk would end up getting a bridge, I think they misspoke or were confused. The depressed roadway is not (and cannot be) deep enough at Polk to allow a bridge in that location. What they changed from the original plan (and this was already done in the prior iteration), was to add the U-turn lane on the Lamar Street bridge, which, combined with the Leeland Street bridge, allows Polk Street traffic to continue through.
  12. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    There is an existing major intersection between San Jacinto and I-10? How so? Compared to the current situation, the new plan provides at least equivalent connection from San Jacinto to eastbound I-10; slightly better connection from San Jacinto to westbound I-10; Slightly better connection from eastbound I-10 to San Jacinto; Somewhat less good of a connection from westbound I-10 to San Jacinto (depending on exactly how it's constructed; it may be equivalent).
  13. The Pierce Elevated/I-59 Redesign Thread

    I think west of downtown benefits greatly, especially with these recent revisions. More connectivity, many fewer elevated structures and a significantly smaller footprint.
  14. whole house generator

    Except it looks like you are overstating the cost of natural gas generators and understating the cost of solar installations. There is no reason to spend anywhere near $10,000 on a natural gas generator (presuming that we are not talking about a 10,000 square foot house).