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  1. Parking requirements are not necessarily just redundant to what the market would require. In many cases, they are a good idea (at least in theory) to keep business owners from imposing their costs on their neighbors.
  2. Blind Spot No. 1: Houston has no parking requirements downtown.
  3. FWIW, the store is still listed on Whole Foods' website as one of their "stores in development".
  4. My mistake. Here's an update: New Canton Street self-storage under construction, Downtown Dallas:
  5. Canton Street, Downtown Dallas
  6. Randall's was owned by the Onstead family, not the Randall family. In 1992, Randall's (a the time, still owned and operated by the Onstead family) bought Tom Thumb, not vice versa. Safeway indeed bought Randall's, including its Tom Thumb stores, in 1999. In 2014, the investment company that owned (owns?) Albertsons bought Safeway, including the Randalls/Tom Thumb chains.
  7. I think the answer is yes. http://catalyst.live/
  8. American's website says "early 2017"
  9. Doesn't seem very likely, except for maybe the Exxon Building, which I would love to see converted to residential. 1) We've already converted most of our truly older buildings to different uses. 2) Yes, Dallas has also been converting mid-century (and later) buildings to other uses, but the need to convert just isn't present in Houston like it has been in Dallas. Even in this current period of reduced economic activity in Houston, our downtown office vacancy is a relatively healthy 15% (13.1% for Class A space). By contrast, even having converting many many buildings to other uses, the much-smaller downtown Dallas still has an office vacancy rate of 22.6% (26.7% for Class A space).
  10. Doesn't look to me like it was caused by a vehicle. I suspect it was construction related and will be fixed very shortly, as the building approaches completion.
  11. If Whitmire wants to be in charge of the county, he should run for County Judge.
  12. And I've been there once (and apparently observed more than you did in two visits). It's hell being proven wrong, isn't it? The fact is, the Boston crowds are in the Esplanade and they limit the admittance, just as Houston did in Discovery Green for this event and for the comparable Final Four events. Facts can be stubborn and not that hard to learn.
  13. Ummm, a park can get full when it has as many people in it as can safely be accommodated. Pretty simple concept. Yes, I've been to Boston on 4th of July. Have you? They probably don't shut down the Boston Common because the celebration is in the Esplanade. And when the secured areas of the Esplanade reach capacity (imagine that, a park reaching capacity), they don't let in any more people. When the secured areas are full on July 3rd and July 4th, NO additional wristbands will be distributed.
  14. Yeah. It was full. That happens. Nothing prudish about if.