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    near that which used to be Sharpstown
  1. Cool! Micaiah and his dad Maston are old friends of mine, they played my first birthday jam at Reserve 101 a few years ago
  2. trains don't work in low density areas, especially in a place like Houston where people live 8 directions from downtown and work in 6 areas spread away from downtown. It's been said here before, and it's getting said again. if you take everyone in the world an put them all in the same spot, if the population density is the same as NYC, they will all fit within the borders of Texas. If you take everyone in the world an put them in the same spot with the same density as Houston, , it takes all the land west of the Appalachians to fit everyone.
  3. they started work on an outside elevator system for the workers on Caroline St
  4. trains don't run at night in this area. still.. train horn 5 feet away from your living room window.... no thanks.
  5. Jumping the crane
  6. I don't think some of those are renders. There are mock-ups of the hotel rooms on the 2nd floor of GS between the bowling alley and the TV station.
  7. they're going to need to jump the crane soon
  8. they used some of the UH buildings for Arlington Road. Robocop was filmed in Dallas, Robocop 2 was filmed in Houston.
  9. use the adblock browser for Android. it's a version of Firefox for Android with adblock built in.
  10. no
  11. *now* the topic title can change (i told y'all this was going up 20 pages ago, ye of little faith...LOL)
  12. we haven't seen that view because the Comical building was in the way. Marvin The Martian used the illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator to remove it since it obstructed his view....
  13. the garage is done, they're working on the residential floors now. The columns are higher
  14. finally! My parental units live in Richmond, a half mile away from the big library. Train horns at 4am suck.
  15. hmm. I like these, and they're not much more than I'm paying now...