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    near that which used to be Sharpstown
  1. *now* the topic title can change (i told y'all this was going up 20 pages ago, ye of little faith...LOL)
  2. we haven't seen that view because the Comical building was in the way. Marvin The Martian used the illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator to remove it since it obstructed his view....
  3. the garage is done, they're working on the residential floors now. The columns are higher
  4. finally! My parental units live in Richmond, a half mile away from the big library. Train horns at 4am suck.
  5. hmm. I like these, and they're not much more than I'm paying now...
  6. well, the monitor adds 10 lbs, so.....
  7. lol
  8. it's coming down. I think it has it's own thread edit...
  9. I saw this little gem in the touristy area of Berlin. We tried what they called a margarita (it wasn't.. lol), but weren't about to try the food... lol
  10. the Embassy Suites has never looked better... LOL
  11. magic you plug in lights, you aim lights, you close shutters so they don't spill over onto the non-banner area, then wipe hands on pants.
  12. I'm thinking they stopped work on Marlowe for the Superb Owl Week because the barricades are gone, the sidewalk is open, and there's just a chain link fence around the perimeter of the garage area.
  13. I was also a regular at the Sharpstown Dream Merchant
  14. my first job was at #7 in 1980, Wilcrest and 59
  15. If they want to close off Louisiana St at night for this, they're going to need some of these things. It's a hydraulic road block in Amsterdam. When they want to close roads to vehicle traffic, these pop out of the ground about 3 feet. Amsterdam Girlfriend Nina said she saw one lift a car off the ground... lol