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    near that which used to be Sharpstown
  1. there's not much left of this one. http://i.imgur.com/PMm8BPg.jpg
  2. this is Houston, it's going to rain, they need to rent Reliant and do it indoors.
  3. imagine a 1970's style elementary school with the grades separated into pods, with four or five classes in one giant room now have all those pods connected by a central area, but all the pods are two or three feet higher (or lower) than the rest. Lots of short ramps, lots of short stairs connected everything. It was an ADA nightmare. I only went in once and had to have someone show me how to get out.
  4. that was the Royal Coach Inn
  5. they jumped the crane the other day to get those last few floors
  6. whoa! I know Luigi
  7. you have to post them to flikr or imgur or some site like that, then post the link to the picture here. this website gives limited picture upload space to members
  8. is that what that is? It's across the street from the gym I go to.
  9. Rode by this site today in the passenger's seat of a wrecker. Man, that's a deep hole. Are they doing 3 levels of underground parking?
  10. since this building is supposed to look like a skirt, is this an upskirt photo?
  11. It was Fool's Gold, then it became Cardi's when Fool's Gold moved further out Westheimer
  12. I just came here to say I saw Henry's post, too, and nope, he's not happy with them at all
  13. the part about Houston was added by Ledbelly while he was serving in the TDC Jester Unit in Sugar Land
  14. retail isn't working there. F21 is doing ok, BCBG closed, Books A Million closed. A shoe store only lasted 6 months. Gatorade had a temporary gym for the super bowl. That's pretty much it for retail there.
  15. Cool! Micaiah and his dad Maston are old friends of mine, they played my first birthday jam at Reserve 101 a few years ago